A Princess Among Omegas

second chance

It was Mala'a 18th birthday. The day she would meet her mate. She had four older brothers. As true to being a pack of werewolves they were over protective of their baby sister. She was to be attending the Pinewood Harvest Ball this year for the first time.

Nilo was a warrior of the FlintWood pack. He was preparing to attend the Pinewood Harvest Ball. It was an annual event for area unmated pack members to gather.

Mala is the princess of her pack. Nilo is warrior in his pack. The moon Goddess paired them together. Will they have a happy ending or will Nilo fighting be the end of Mala?

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Introducing Mala
Hi! I'm Mala Pinewood daughter of Alpha Ruby and Luna LeRoy Pinewood. Today is my 18th birthday. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I graduated valedictorian this past spring. I was the head cheerleader as well. Most people would think I would be a snob. Truth is my parents raised us to be kind, humble, and respectful. Anyhow, I guess some may think I am spoiled. I have no personal life and have been guarded my whole life. This weekend is the Ball and I will be allowed to attend as I am now 18. I desire to meet my mate, not likely as I have 4 very overprotective older brothers. To be clear I am not a princess in human terms. As the daughter of the alpha, the pack calls me princess. I am a member of the Pinewood Pack. Because the other packs in the region hold my parents in such high regard, we hold the annual Pinewood Harvest Ball in our territory. Hence the name of the event. I wonder if I will be mated to anyone that is friends with my brothers. I hope not Nilo, Thomas's friend. He gets in fights frequently. He has a quick temper and they say he's lazy. Too bad Vaughn is already married he is dreamy and I thought I felt something when I was younger than Bam! there's Ella. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for him I am. It's just this feeling I got when he came to my 12th birthday party. So let me paint a picture for you. The Pinewood pack territory lies in a heavily forested area in what is referred to as the northwestern part of the country. A large portion of our territory is covered in pine trees, along with oak maple, and poplar. We also have an abundance of apple trees and berry bushes. There is a large clearing in the center of our territory about 50 yards from the packhouse. So as you come in the front gate of the packlands you are greeted by a long circular drive to the left which is a massive parking garage. To the right is a large horse stall with a few horses. The horses have a large paddock to run in when not in the barn. There is a pasture with a small herd of cattle next to the horses. In the center is the packhouse. It looks like a majestic log cabin meets a Grand hotel. Out behind the packhouse house to the left you have a ballroom with a massive picnic Pavillion. In the center after you walk through the small apple orchard you have a greenhouse. To the right is a riding trail that leads to a large lake. In the center of the lake is a small island you can only get to by boat. There is a boat house next to the lake that looks like a quaint log cabin. In the middle of the very long circular drive is a small shopping center that has all the basics pack members may need without having to leave packlands. Throughout the rest of the territory are log cabins for families. We have a small apartment building where unmated wolves can live. Next door to that is the orphanage library and daycare. The packhouse is a combination of the log cabin with rock walls on the sides and the bottom half of the front. There are double wooden doors that you enter in the center. The first floor has a community dining hall and kitchen in the center. To the left, you have offices and a small gym. To the right, you have a clinic and conference room. The second-floor left wing is the Delta residence right wing for visiting warriors. The third floor is the Gamma family to the left and guest rooms for security personnel of other packs. The fourth floor is the Beta family and guest rooms for visiting betas. The fifth floor is the Alpha floor. Which is where I will live until I become mated. Mom has been staying in the Luna quarters for the past eight years. Mom and Dad will move into a family cabin when Mom hands the pack over to Mauro. My best friend Mary will be helping me prepare. My best friend is also my youngest brother's mate. Mary is 5'9" and a year older than me. Now as wolves go I'm a bit short at a mere 5'2". My youngest brother the shortest of the 4 is 6'4". knock knock "Come in Mary, " I yell as she is here to help me get ready. I have long brown hair and sapphire blue eyes. I have smooth creamy colored skin with dimples when I smile. "Mala!, Mary squeals. Are you excited about tonight?" "Yeah, I just hope my brothers behave and don't scare my mate away." "I'll keep my mate in check but I can't say the same for your other sisters-in-law. " Mary replies to me. My sister-in-law Cora has come to do my hair. She put ringlets in it. " Don't worry about Mauro I already warned him," says Cora ' is my oldest brother and Cora is his mate. She is pregnant with their first child. She lives here in the packhouse as Mauro is the next Alpha. My parents are handing over the pack once I am married off. Cora will then be Luna. She is anxious about the change in status. Cora was an omega in her pack. A story for another time. I am wearing a sapphire blue taffeta dress. I have minimal makeup on. I am wearing sapphire blue shoes that have diamonds along the edge. Well, wish me luck with my first Ball. "Good luck," they both chime. We leave my room and are ready to head to the Ball. My brothers give a bid of approval when they see me. My parents are already at the ballroom as they are Alpha and Luna the hosts of the event. My brothers and their mates will escort me to the Ball. It is about a 2-minute walk as the ballroom is just a short distance to the left behind the packhouse. It is a cool evening as it is the beginning of fall. The moon is full and bright. The night sky is clear and the stars are twinkling brightly. We walk in procession from youngest to oldest. I am between Thomas and Mary. I would not be allowed to walk alone as I am unmated, for now. As I've already stated they are overprotective of me. My brothers from youngest to oldest are as follows: Thomas,19 years old, mated to Mary,19 years old, future Gamma, Dale,21 years old, mated to Patty,21 years old, future delta, Micky,23 years old, mated to Cindy,22 years old, future Beta and Mauro,24 years old, mated to Cora,23 years old, future Alpha and Luna.

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