The rogue


I was rejected by my mate at age 13 and then again at 16. He was the alpha and I'm a nobody an outcast. He banished me from my home and I have no where to go or anyone to turn to. Then he showed up the rogue.

*Editing for this book will be completed May 1st, 2021. If by chance there seem to be mistakes please let me know/

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*I have finished editing this book, and hopefully, it updates on your guy's end. Please let me know if it does not correct, and the grammar and name change still r incorrect. As always, thanks for reading and the support. The updates were made again on May 1st, 2021. I was ten when the rogues attacked my parents. I was picking wildflowers when I heard my mother scream for me to run. So I dropped the pink and yellow flowers in my hand and ran to the closest tree and climbed it. I could see my parents fighting seven rogue wolves. My mom was a white wolf, and she had three wolves attacking her. I could see her fur starting to turn red, and I began to cry. My dad had four rogues attacking them. I watched the rogues tear my parents apart. I kept silent because I did not want them to get to me. When they left, I climbed down and ran to my parents. I knew they were gone, but I tried to wake them up. When they didn't move, I laid between them and cried. The alpha, beta, gamma, and several warriors finally showed up, but the fight was over. My family was gone. The alpha tried to talk to me, but I wouldn't respond, and after, a while they had to drag me away from my parents. I was kicking and screaming. I had no place to call home, and since I had no family, the Beta and his mate Debbi took me in. Debbi hated me for some reason and started to hit me. She would verbally and physically abuse me, and she wasn't the only one. Many pack members began treating me like dirt. When Debbi was discovered by the luna beating me one day, she was removed from the pack and rejected by her mate. After that day, the Beta adopted me as his daughter, and we never saw Debbie again. When I turned thirteen, the alpha's son Justin approached me. We were at school, and the look in his eye had me scared. His ordinarily grey eyes were now black. I had no clue why he was walking towards me, but I hope I didn't do anything wrong. Justin had just turned sixteen and could now find his mate regardless of her age. He was about six foot two and had sandy blond hair. Every girl wanted him. He was now standing in front of me, and I smiled at him, but his face showed no emotion. Instead, he looked at me and said, " I Justine Michael's reject you, Katharine Reed, as my mate." I didn't feel the bond break or any type of emotion, but I didn't understand why. 'Why?" I asked. "Because I can not have a weak ass w***e as a mate, let alone a Luna." With tears in my eyes, I looked at the man who was supposed to love and cherish me and said, 'I'm not a w***e, I'm strong and not weak, and I can't reject you back, but the day my wolf arrives, I will reject you back, alpha." He walked away and grabbed a girl that was near us. He pushed her up against the wall and smirked at me before kissing her. As I grew up over the next three years, and watched as Justin slept with any female. He didn't care about my feelings, and heaven forbid anyone asked me out. Justin would have them punished. Today, I'm sixteen, and at any time, my wolf would arrive. I ran to the clearing my parents died in because I felt close to them here. I remembered all the times my mom and I would pick flowers or my dad playing chase with me. I missed them and wished they were still here. "I figured you would be here, sweetheart." My dad said, pulling me out of my memories. "I feel close to them here." "I know, honey. Don't forget Kelly is making your favorite dinner." He said while handing me a gift. Two years after dad rejected Debbie, he met Kelly, and they have been dating ever since. I am waiting for them to mate because they act like an old mated couple. I opened the gift, and it was a beautiful moon-shaped pendant on a chain. "Thank you, Dad," I said as I hugged him. "Don't forget about dinner." " I won't. Love you." "Love you too, kitty kat," he said as he walked away. My dad knew I need this time to be alone, and I appreciated that he understood that. So I put the necklace on and just sat in the field and waited. I sat in the field for about another hour, and I felt it. My wolf was waking up. We wouldn't change till the next full moon in two weeks, but she is here. 'Hello.' I hear in the back of my mind, and I smile. 'Hello, and who might you be?' I asked with excitement. 'I'm Star. I smell him, our mate. We must find him." 'Star, he rejected us three years ago, and I plan on accepting that rejection today. He is a man w***e. He should have loved and protected us, but he didn't. We will find another.' She began to whimper in my head, and I felt terrible for her. Nothing like waking up and finding out your one and only doesn't want you. Suddenly, someone grabbed me by the waist, causing me to scream, but then I felt the tingles. "You smell amazing." I heard Justin say. I turned my head so I could look at him. ''Want him.' Star said. 'no,' I said back to her. "You. I rejected you. How are you still, my mate?" He said with anger lacing his voice as he shoved me away. "Justin, I just turned sixteen today. I just got my wolf star." "I want you to accept my rejection and leave my pack and never return. Do you understand?" He said as he used his alpha command. "I don't want to leave. This was my home. I'll stay out of your way. My family is here. Please," I begged. He grabbed me by the throat and pushed me against a tree. Tears began to stream down my face. "I Justin Micheal's reject you, Katharine Reed, as my mate and future Luna. At this moment, you are banished from the crescent moon pack as of today. So accept my rejection now, you worthless piece of scum." "I, Kathrine Reed, accept your rejection. But, my family, please let me say goodbye and gather my things. One hour please, alpha." I said while crying. Star was howling in my head, and the pain of the mate bond-breaking was making me want to throw up. My heart hurt. I didn't understand why he hated me so much. "Get off my land, you waste of space." He said while smacking me hard. I could taste blood in my mouth, and with the next hit to my head, my world went black. My head was throbbing, and as I open my eyes, I notice it's dark out. I'm cold and alone. As I look around, I see I am no longer in the field but in the forest. I can still smell the pack close by, but I'm on the outskirts of the territory. If I walk a few minutes to the left, I can speak to a guard. I need my dad. 'Star, are you up?' I waited for an answer, but none came. I hope she ok and what a birthday this turned out to be. I walk to the border of the pack land. I said, "I'm not going to cross the border, but can you please summon the Beta, my dad. We never got to say goodbye. I want to say goodbye, and I'll leave peacefully." So I said into the night sky, knowing the warriors would hear me. One of the warriors stepped into my line of sight. "I'm sorry, Kat, for what has happened to you. Your father is on his way." He crossed the border and hugged me. I cried into his shoulder. "Kit Kat what happened?" I heard my father scream as I watched Kelly, Alpha Horsely, as he runs towards me. "Justin and I were mates. He rejected me at thirteen and again today. He banished me because I am weak. I know he won't let me back on the land. I just wanted to say goodbye, dad, and thank you." I said with a long stream of tears running down my face. "Oh, honey, I'm so sorry. What the hell happened to your neck and face." My father said as he noticed the marks around my neck. He shut his eyes in pain. "Did he do this?" I looked down to the ground and whispered, "yes." "My sweet baby girl, where do you plan on going?" Kelly said. "I'm not sure. Alpha Horsley, do you have any suggestions?" "The blood moon pack will take you. I'll call them. Do you have your phone on you?" I shook my head no. "Ok, get to town and call your dad. We won't be able to drive you anywhere. You will need to be watchful for rogues. I'll give your father the info for you to meet up with alpha Cort of the blood moon pack." "Thank you. I should go. It's a far walk. I love you guys." They all gave me hugs, but my dad hugged me super tight. I could feel the anger and sorrow radiating off him. "Be careful, my sweet girl. I love you." "Love you too, dad. Bye " Before I disappeared, I heard my dad say, "I refuse to be Beta any longer. I want to move to the blood moon pack as well. Your son hurt her, and I won't be a part of a pack like this." "I agree," Kelly said. "I will talk to my son, and of course, you go where your little girl goes." I walked away with tears streaming down my face. I have lost my home and family. I'm a rogue.

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