Not Playing by the rules

contract marriage
second chance

Their destiny had been set in stone by their parents in the correct path. But Leon broke his promise and fled only to find his fiancee eleven years later who had only one thing in her mind. To create a new life for herself and take revenge on the man who destroyed her hopes, dreams and family.

But will she be able to take revenge?

Or destiny have another plans for both of them?

This is the story of broken promises, and the woman who never played by rules....

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It was the middle of noon on one fine autumn day on earth. Although the place they were residing did not mark any change of seasons, it was just beautiful spring all year long unless of course Zeus and Hera had their disagreements and they had to suffer from the howling winds and the claps of thunder along with the torrential rainfall for quite a few days. But all was well at the moment. The three sisters were happily spinning their yarns of thread and cutting them off with a snap with an invisible pair of scissors. Their blindness had never been a deterrent to what they did or they were supposed to see. Rather the sisters saw everything better than others and felt all the human emotions much more than any of the other celestial beings. That was their curse, that even though they could feel it, they could not, rather they could never act upon anyone of them and were destined to spinsterhood their entire existence for they were the Fates. And their responsibility was too great to be taken lightly at all. As Lachesis was dispensing the thread of two lives she found a knot in between them after which they had sorely missed and such a mistake should not have happened. The middle sister gasped in outrage and exclaimed to the elder one,”Clotho, how could you make such a mistake? These two are the live threads of two soul-mates and how could you not see that they needed to meet in their lives one more time?” “It was your job to dispense their paths of life and you missed it so now you cannot blame me for your faults. So you find a way to change that,” said Clotho in a calm voice, not taking the blame at all. Lachesis knew that she could never find love for own self but that did not stop her from being a hopeless romantic. She tried to bring love in the lives of the puny and petty humans whenever she got a chance. Her sisters of course did not share her feelings at all. “There are something and there are always decisions which has to be taken by those humans specifically for their own lives. They are given a choice always, everyone has a choice and is it our fault that they deny to act upon them, that they run away from the happiest moments of their lives supposedly like cowards?” asked Clotho indignantly. “Now if you two do not do anything about it, they are both going to live miserably lonely lives and I have to end their lives early,” said Atropos in her usual morbid voice. “And all because of what? Because of a promise which was broken…This is not in my hand anymore. When that boy took that decision he went against destiny and now it needs to be handled with extreme care,” exclaimed Lachesis. “That is what I have been trying to say for such a long time sister, that this was a decision that they had already taken, made their choice, this is not in our hands any more,” replied Clotho, her hands never stopping from spinning of the yarn. “You do not get to tell me what we have in our hands and what we not, if we did not have this in our hands then this Gordian knot would not have been placed utterly in the middle of the two threads,” said Lachesis. “Is it always necessary for the two of you to bicker like those fisherwomen at the human docks?” asked Atropos bored to be a part of this quarrel all eternity. “It would not have been so if you took at least one of our sides. Some one needs to understand that all the things are not in our hands. And Gordian knot, you say? Then the best way is to cut it off from the middle, you know? Just like Alexandar did,” said Clotho. “Listen Sisters, I do understand that my intervention would be highly appreciated in all the quarrels that you have but my job is not to keep peace between you and despite whatever you both say I have to give a chance wherever a Gordian knot appears for that was the sole purpose of that knot. A second chance at something which is bygone. Now Alexander did not understand that does not mean I am going to make the same mistake over and over again,” replied Atropos very calmly. “The knot needs to be handled with extreme care,” said Lachesis softly. “What needs to be handled with care?” came the voice from the doorway. And the voice had an unmistakable lilt to it, which meant that it was Aphrodite who had come to visit them. The three sisters were blind which meant that they needed to understand and feel much more sensitively than others. “Your intervention at this point of time Aphrodite would be highly appreciated,” said Clotho. “What needs to be done? Make someone hate or love?” asked Aphrodite in her usual callous manner. “For the love of Poseidon, Aphrodite, you are the Goddess of love. No hatred business, we just need two lovers to cross paths in such a way that they can find their way back to one another,” said Lachesis exasperatedly. “Well that should not be too tough, finally I get to visit earth after such a long time,” sighed Aphrodite as she vanished into thin air. “Clotho…” started Lachesis wanting to chide but was interrupted. “Already sent their histories and identities to her…. Aphrodite is known for not making mistakes Lachesis..Go back to dispensing and please let the lovers make their promises right this time,” said Clotho. “Oh I really hope they do sister,” muttered Lachesis as she started once again. The three sisters of Fate went back to their spinning once more and all of them indulging themselves in the different versions of the daydream of the tow humans whose Fate now rested in the hands of the Goddess of Love.

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