Awakened: Reckoning of the Moon & Sun

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Book 4 In Children of the Sun&Moon Series

Kazmiyah's and the gang are back! And with more twists and turns than before!

With her mother being newly awakened, Kazmiyah and Falcon, as well as the others realize that it will not be too long before Christoph is out for his reckoning.

Having just gotten through a harrowing loss and yet another battle against an enemy, things are finally trying to calm down but tension is bubbling below the surface; as everyone knows that this small space of peace is the calm before the storm. Can the Children of the Sun & Moon handle what will come next?

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Family Matters & A Long Awaited Kiss
    He stood there in the bathroom staring at his mismatched gaze through the reflection of the mirror while he brushed his teeth. The morning was dim but he still found himself in a glad mood. He looked out to his right at the large bay window that looked over the forest in the distance.     He'd made himself a home in Crescent Falls, finally deciding, with the permission of  Warren Crescent, to build a packhouse on the west front of the town. That way, not only would his pack have their own partial territory but, they’d also cover the blindspot of Crescent Falls.     Outside of the window, a light rain began to trickle down the glass as he rinsed his mouth and checked his elongated incisors to ensure that they were clean.     He left the bathroom and walked into the extremely large master bedroom. When he saw her sitting there in the middle of their bed, her legs crossed as her eyes distantly faced toward the television while eating her favorite cereal. It suddenly dawned on him at that moment, why he felt so good...why he was so happy on what others would consider a gloomy day...her.     Her hair was messily held up, her usual indigo eyes, now pure in its shimmering white. She’d been talking to her mother and grandmother for the greater part of the morning. He was alright with that though; so long as she was near. Still, he noticed the stress on her face as she engaged the conversation that she’d been having through her mental connection with her mother and grandmother.     “No, no mom-I-well grandmother, I am not sure how but I do believe that she’s-”      She sighed as she was obviously cut off in conversation by both Muñyirah and the Goddess Moon’s frenetic state.      “Well mom, I doubt Christoph would make a replica of the daughter that he is trying to rid the world of-” Yet again, Kazmiyah was cut off by the worries of both Muñyirah and Alariyana. “Grandmother, I-if you’d just meet her you’d know-well I know that you can’t meet her but mom can! It’d be perfect timing honestly. Surely, Christoph is not-”     Falcon watched from the doorway of the bathroom with his large tatted arms crossed while Kazmiyah stressfully sat there, biting her bottom lip anxiously.      “No...no mother, I do not think you should rush back. You have gone through...through something traumatic. I’m sorry, I certainly did not intend to imply that you should move too fast. You are still weak after all.” Kazmiyah apologized. Shortly after these words, she rolled her eyes. “I know that mom- does not mean that you are not subject to an apology from me every now and again. I will say that even dad seems to be convinced that she’s...well...legit.” Kazmiyah rolled her eyes. “I know. I know that but...well would it help you to know that I think that aunt Abigail is who she says she is? How else could you explain how you were awakened if there was no blood connection there?” Kazmiyah asked. “If...when,” Kazmiyah corrected. “You are ready to come back maybe...you and she can meet and...well you could be on a direct path to figuring out how to reverse grandmother’s banishment.” There was silence for a moment and then Kazmiyah sighed. “Yes, yes. I understand. I will...I love you both.”     When Kazmiyah’s eyes returned their exotically bright blue she dropped her face into her hands stressfully.     “So…” Falcon sighed. “Does not sound as if that went so well,” He approached the bed and sat down on the side of it a few inches behind Kazmiyah, and waited for her to get herself together.     Kazmiyah dropped her hands, and just looked forward in silence. She had forgotten that she had even had a bowl of cereal resting between her legs. It had gotten soggy at that point, and she no longer even wanted it. She telekinetically set the bowl on the entertainment stand a few feet away.     “Miyah?” Falcon called to her when she didn’t respond. “Baby, are you-” He paused when he saw her turning around to look at him. “You alright?”      Kazmiyah was a kind soul but she wasn’t overly affectionate even in showing Falcon endlessly how she felt about him. Still, she crawled across the bed and towards him, he was quite surprised and didn’t know what to think of the action.      “Miyah-” She crawled into his lap and wrapped her legs around his waist while he sat there and draped her short arms over his shoulders. before locking them at Falcon’s nape. Kazmiyah buried her face in his neck. It was hard to contain himself as well as Nox when his mate was so close to him.      After they had shared themselves so intimately with one another that evening, his attachment and attraction to Kazmiyah had multiplied tenfold. Not in a way unbearable, however, but one that only intensified their connection to one another.      Still, Falcon would have been lying to himself if he said that the mere memory of her soft bare skin against his didn’t arouse him. Nevertheless, Kazmiyah wanted to wait before they were intimate again and so begrudgingly and yet gladly Falcon would oblige.     He found amusement in her child-like attachment, and found a smile tease at his lips as her warmth mingled with his before he started to ask “Do you want to talk about it-”     “No, I just...I need some big man arms wrapped around me right now...and silence,” She exhaled. Kazmiyah’s words were not harsh but simply tired and overwhelmed.      “Ah,” Falcon chuckled and wrapped his large tattooed arms around Kazmiyah’s tense, significantly smaller form. “Okay,” The large alpha cooed in a low voice, careful to oblige her with as little noise as possible. He knew that she was stressed but Falcon was still quite amused by her request.      The two there entwined in one another’s embrace in silence until Kazmiyah was ready to move on or actually talk about the situation that she was in. Kazmiyah groaned against Falcon’s neck and tightened her embrace for a moment before she finally relaxed enough to actually speak.     “They...they are not taking this well, Con,” She lifted her head and looked into the open door of the bathroom and out of the rain-drenched window. “Grandmother is in shock, unable to fathom...how Christoph could have even hidden such a thing from her for so long.”     “She has no clearance to this world anymore, I imagine that it would be quite easy to hide this from her. Especially, keeping in mind that we are talking about the father of all the Zodiac and maybe even sorcerers alike,” Falcon returned with reason. “And...well, I mean with all due respect to our goddess moon...it is not like the two were necessarily on talking terms.” He further reasoned.     Kazmiyah looked at him, her expression stifling a chuckle as she replied. “I tried to bring that to her attention but...I guess in such situations, logic does not make much sense.”     “Right,” Falcon simply agreed, knowing that there was some truth to that. With Goddess Moon’s powers, he understood why it was so hard for her to understand the ‘why’ in not ever knowing about Abigail.     “This whole thing just...it sucks,” Kazmiyah mumbled.     “It does,” He agreed, his eyes never leaving her as his thoughts juggled tending to Kazmiyah’s concerns and appreciating her as well. The lycan was simply obsessed with the woman in his arms.      "Why are you staring at me like that?" She asked, her eyes still distant for another moment or two before she looked at him with a curious grin.     "It is hard to keep one's eyes off perfection," He gave her a wry smile before he winked at her. He loved how she chuckled when he commented on how enamored he was with her. Falcon was always a hard-hearted Lycan-made harder after the ordeal with Christoph and losing Kazmiyah. However, it was this woman innocently wrapped around him that would weaken him each time. He relished in her smile a moment more before he added. "Also...your unworldly beauty distracts me so much...that admittedly, sometimes I forget how remarkably wise you are.”     “Ha, I guess.” Kazmiyah sheepishly shrugged off.     “I don’t think she’ll ever be used to accolades,” Nox said in Falcon’s mind.     “You’re probably right about that, Nox,” Kazmiyah replied as her gaze returned to the distant view out of the window of the bathroom.     Nox chuckled in the back of Falcon’s mind. “And I do not think I will ever get used to that,” He remarked teasingly in reference to the fact that Kazmiyah could openly communicate with him even when she wasn’t transformed.     “Me neither, buddy,” Falcon said aloud in agreement with his beastly counterpart.     Kazmiyah snickered and shrugged. “You two,” Her smile was short-lived, however, as it faded into something a little more morose. Her chipper mood immediately declined again.     Seeing this, Falcon had a feeling that there was something else on her mind outside of her mother and grandmother giving her a hard time. So he asked the question that had been on his mind for a while now.      “You miss her don’t you?”      “Well-of course, I miss her, Con,” Kazmiyah returned. “She’s my mother, and I really think that if she would just meet aunt Abigail then everything would be better. I mean honestly...can clones even have kids?" Kazmiyah stressfully reasoned as she thought about her mother and grandmother's outlandish notion of Abigail being a clone. She didn't give Falcon a chance to even try to rebuttal before she kept on with her worries. "And well then there’s dad, and well-of course Christoph...and,” She sighed. “Well honestly, I just miss her, Con.” Kazmiyah dropped her head back onto his shoulder. “And I don’t know what to do,” She expressed, her voice muffled by her face being pressed to his bare skin.     “I know, baby, I know. But I wasn’t talking about your mother.” Falcon said.        Kazmiyah lifted up and leaned back to look Falcon in the eye. “What? Who are you talking about then?” She inquired in slight exasperation.     “Aurora, Miyah,” Falcon replied. “You miss her.”     Kazmiyah was caught off guard by his assumption, but she didn’t deny it. Aurora, after being told by Bellarossa that she’d left a trail of vampires in her wake, felt an immense amount of guilt. Not knowing how they were coping, nor whether they were running rampant or leading close to normal lives, she felt an obligation to find them all. Shortly, after everything had settled down and she knew that her mother was alright, she and Godfrey went off to track them down and find them.     “I hate it when you do that,” Kazmiyah muttered.     “Do what?” He grinned. He knew what she was talking about because she’d said it plenty of times before. But he liked to hear her say it.     “You know what I am talking about,” Kazmiyah rolled her eyes.     “I do,” He confessed, Falcon mused. “I doubt you hate it though.”          With a tilt of her head, Kazmiyah stared at Falcon. “No...I don’t,” She admitted. “Though it is something that I don’t think I’ll ever get used to,” She remarked of him knowing her so well.     “Me neither,” He confessed. “But then I’m okay with that.”     “I don’t know if I am yet...the idea may grow on me though, eventually,” She teased.  After they shared a lighthearted moment with each other, Kazmiyah dropped her head suddenly self-conscious. “Is it weird that I do?” She finally looked at Falcon. “Miss Aurora?”     “Miyah, no, that is not weird. Not at all,” Falcon defended her from her own self-doubt. “She’s your family, and I imagine you’ve connected with her in ways that you could never have with others.”     “Yeah, true. If she were here, I’d feel like I wasn’t doing this alone.”     “Oh! Well, I guess...I am chopped liver? Then-” Falcon said jokingly.     “Oh, no, no, no! No, that’s not-” She sighed. “I just. I feel like I’m having to make big decisions without my big sister around,” Kazmiyah chuckled; saying that aloud almost seemed a little surreal to her. “She’ the Roj to my Falcon,' Kazmiyah simpered.     Naturally, Falcon found this funny. They both did and after they shared a laugh, Falcon returned to trying to make her feel better. “Listen, Miyah,” Falcon pulled her hands from around his neck and gingerly caressed her arms. “It is alright to feel that way. Still, it does not mean that you are not capable of making these decisions by yourself. You were doing it before she showed up. Do not forget that you are an Alpha goddess-made of the same stuff as she.”     “Yes, but I am also barely in my twenties, and...it feels like I was just pushed into a position of...well...this.” Kazmiyah expressed. “My cousins being here...it just made me feel secure in this...this family thing,” She said. “Now Aurora’s off to fix and focus on her problems and Jeriko is off to find Darvin. And I feel selfish for wishing that they were still here to help me with my problems-”     “Miyah, the keyword in all that you have just said, is family, baby,” He said. “The goddesses are not just your family but theirs as well, so they are just as obligated to this as you are. And they know this. Sure, it is not the same but that is the exact reason why the Vales decided to leave Jacobi as well as a few of the other members of their pack in Crescent. And even aside from all of that, if you miss your cousins that much...call on them, Miyah. You certainly have the power to and they have the means to receive your calls, whether it be telepathic or through a simple phone call.”     “I’d feel clingy in doing that,” Kazmiyah admitted.     Falcon laughed. “You...are adorable to me, you know that?”     She rolled her eyes. “Whatever.” She sheepishly laughed.     “Call them, Miyah. Besides, we both know that if no one else, Aurora and Godfrey are going to be regularly checking in on Crescent Falls.”     “Yeah, that’s true,” Kazmiyah realized. “Guess it wouldn’t hurt to intercept a call every now and again.” She said, knowing that Aurora would probably try to communicate with her mother before anyone else.      “Right,” Falcon replied. “You’ll be fine. We’ll be fine,” Falcon then wrapped his arms around Kazmiyah’s waist and pushed her back against the bed to lay down while he hovered over her. He kissed her forehead. “Now that you are semi-done worrying...can I kiss you now?”      Even with them being together now it was still a new thing for Kazmiyah to feel so...affected by the little things about Falcon Alvaro; one of those things being that smile of his. It made her weak in the knees and a heat of desire would rise in the pit of her stomach every single time he’d look straight into her eyes with his own heterochromic gaze.     With a small smirk, Kazmiyah lifted her arms and rested them behind her head. “How long have you been waiting to ask me that, Falcon Alvaro?” She curiously remarked.     “Since I first laid eyes on you, Kazmiyah Crescent Moon,” Falcon readily admitted to her before pressing his lips to Kazmiyah’s and retrieving his kiss.

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