POSSESSED 2:The evil king

supernature earth
first love

Part 2 : Lisa finally finds her lover. She finds out that Tan is a demon.

He's the heir to the throne of Satan.

His name is Lucifer.

But right after her memory was wiped and couldn't remember anything.

Yet still finds herself between heaven , earth and hell

Lisa leans about the differences between heaven, earth and hell.

She's got a choice but can only choose 1.

She can be either a queen of either earth, hell or heaven.

She fights the biggest war of her life.

will she survive ?

Will she remember her true love it it's just not meant to be.. Read more to find out.

N please do leave a comment I beg.

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This is the second book of my first story Possessed Tainted Love. Hope you enjoyed my first book. And please do leave a comment about what you think and what I can try to fix in the future. If you're nu reader thank you very much I wouldn't have made it this far without you. Lisa stands in front of the ice cream truck buying herself some ice cream. She was taking a walk by herself and decided to get something cold. She really needed some fresh air. " Cookies and cream ice cream please." She told the guy behind the counter.  He smiled and nodded preparing her ice cream. As they handed her , she goes back to her walk. She spots two man standing next to a girl , in a deep conversation. As she spotted the two man she felt shaken the exact moment. She didn't feel right about them , like they were hiding something. She tried to avoid , but the feeling kept leading back to them. At the same time she felt an attractive force towards them but wanted to ignore it. She thought she was leaving but know she was staring at the two man. They were fighting with each other and it seemed very serious. The girl just stood in the middle confused. Lisa thought maybe she was cheating on one of them and now they are fighting. But didn't know why she was so interested in them because it's none of her business. The girl finally said a word and started walking with the guy wearing a black leather jacket , leaving the one with a white half buttoned shirt. He glanced at them before walking away in disappointment. He got into his very expensive car and drove away. The one with a leather jacket was driving a motorcycle and he drove away with the girl. "He must be very lucky hey?" Lisa thought. After all both guys looked rich and both very handsome. Maybe she's just a sucker for bad guys . Lisa just went back to her walk , eating her ice cream enjoying it very much. Though she consecutively kept thinking about the two guys. She tried to shake it away but kept coming back.  Lisa is sitting in a bench under a tree in some park pressing her phone. Then again spotted the two guys walking across the park to the other side. This time she decided to follow them. She followed closely behind but sure not to be spotted. The went into some place quite where there were no people. It was an old building already beaten down. They both walked towards it and so Lisa followed. She was wondering what exactly are they up to. And she was both scared at the same time.  "It's time to go." The leather jacket guys said. The second guy nodded. Very serious they both waited for a moment and a golden light emerges around them. It starts spiraling around them and just like that they disappeared into the light. Lisa was so scared , she couldn't believe her eyes , moreover she couldn't run away either. She got more scared as she was sucked into the light right a minute later. She immediately lost balance and was pulled in.  "Ahhh!" She screamed as she spun around like in a hurricane. Then like that she was sucked in. She could barely see anything around her , she was moving faster than anything. She closed her eyes in fear , praying for it all to end. Finally she landed on ground and she opened her eyes happily. She thought the horror was over. But she nearly dropped her eyes when she saw where she was. Standing on ground surface but surrounded by clouds. She thought she spun too much she's starting to see her own things or maybe she's just dreaming. Possibly she just passed out. "Help!!" Either way she cried for help as she didn't know what to do. As she screamed two guys appeared in the light riding a sea dragon and landed right in front of her.  "Hello Lisa my name is Ariel and this is Jinnah" A guy wearing all white clothes stood in front of her. The other only wearing black clothes. "Who are you?" She cried. "I thought he already introduced us." Jinnah sneered.  " Well then where am I?"  "The Pseudos are so fustrating." Jinnah got back into the sea dragon. " Please don't mind him." Ariel smiled. " Please follow us."  " What? I'm not going anywhere with you especially in that. " She pointed at the flying dragon.  " Okay suit yourself." Jinnah said already ready to leave.  " Look I know you're confused now , it happens to everyone. Just come with us we will explain everything."  " Everyone ? Actually what is this place?"  " Look if you want to know everything you'll follow us or else just stay with no where to go. When you come back to your senses you'll call us. Ariel let's go."  " You don't need to be rude Loki she's just scared. Don't be scared Lisa we are not here to harm you, we are only here to help.  "Actually how do you even know my name and I how can I trust someone I just met?"  " If don't come with us , unfortunately none will answer your questions."  Lisa after all was in the middle of nowhere. She didn't even know where she was it she was even there. She was scared and helpless. Though he still didn't trust them she saw no other way but to follow them. She sat in between the two man as they led her away. They flew above the clouds some through them. Then the clouds started fading away and a very beautiful place appeared. There were floating cliffs down below forming beautiful water falls. Some covered in beautiful flowers and trees. The all looked so beautiful glowing in the light. She felt like in some fantasy. Then the dragon landed, she didn't even notice arriving in the big palace as she was mesmerized by the beauty. The palace it's self look extremely beautiful and so big. The big gate in front of them self opened and the two guys started walking in. Lisa followed behind scanning the whole place. To her this was all just a dream.  They walked inside into a very big glamorous hallway. Beautiful chandeliers hanging above , poles covered dexterously with gold and silver patterns. The floor below looking to be made of only marble . They they walked upstairs and then to the hallway on the left. Right after Lisa saw many rooms like in some hotel. Then they immediately stopped in front of the first room one the right.  "This will be your own room." He pointed out to the room. " Are you going to explain what's going on because now I think I'm losing my mind." Lisa was confused all of the sudden getting a hotel room where she has her own house. Why is she even getting a hotel room?  Then wings suddenly appeared in Jinnah's back and Lisa jolted simultaneously scared."I don't have time for this." He flew away making sure he doesn't hit anything on the way. Then another guy flew behind him. Lisa stares at Ariel.  "Did he just grow wings? Did he just.."  "Yes he's a demon." " what!?" She screamed. " Then what are you?"  " An angel."  "Ohh my goodness. I'm really going insane."  " I'm sorry to tell you this but you're dead."

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