Soren's Blackfire Luna(Breeder#5)

one-night stand
age gap
female lead

"Tell me you want me," I ordered.

My tongue rolled over hers, tasting her sweet freshness, like the nectar from a honeysuckle and a splash of water in the desert.

"Um… I want you,” she moaned lightly and started to kiss me back. Her body formed to mine.

She was liquid fire in my arms, burning me with desire.


I'm Soren Black. Twelve years ago, I came to the Dark Realm to start over. Living in the rogue zone had its perks... until a mysterious young woman showed up in my bed—on fire and in trouble.

What I didn't expect was that our one-night stand turned into an entanglement that I couldn’t resist.


“I didn’t ask you to save me, Soren.”

“That doesn’t mean you didn’t need saving.”

She put her hand on her swollen belly and looked at me fiercely. “So, what do you want from me now?”


“I’m sorry,” I could feel the heartbreak and regret she carried. “I can’t be your second prize.”

She turned and walked away, taking my hope with her.

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Chapter 1: Is This a Dream?
Chapter 1: Is This a Dream? *Soren* “Boss, what a victory!" someone shouted from across the inn. He stood up and raised his glass to me. I raised my glass back as others cheered and added to the toast. “Cheers for the boss!" others chorused together. “Soren! Soren! Soren!" They all went wild and the bartender came around with more pitchers of beer and hard liquor. The party was really getting started now. Why wouldn't they celebrate and be happy? They might be unwanted outcasts, but they were alive. I listened to the sound of the wind outside. It had died down considerably and pellets of sand weren't pelting against the outside of the inn anymore. Every day, these men were alive was a blessing from the Moon Goddess. Today, it was even luckier. Not everyone had escaped the sandstorm. On top of that, they had finally secured a large territory for themselves. A place to build on—a place they could always return to. “Have another one, on me," I declared and smirked. I nodded to them and tipped my glass back. They called me “boss." Not because they worked for me but because they had the freedom to come and go and not be beholden to a pack, as long as they followed my two rules. One: don't ask about others' pasts. We all had secrets and none of us wanted them spread around. We respected that about each other. Two: don't commit any new crimes. I didn't care what they'd done in the past. That wasn't important. All that mattered to me was they didn't do anything to disturb the area where I lived. As a result, we all stayed out of each other's way but were there to give each other a hand when needed. They could live their lives and I could live mine. My men didn't hold back their rambunctious drinking and hollering. They didn't have to worry about putting on a “decent" show. No one else was coming to stay at the inn. They were all secured inside their homes and other buildings, waiting for the sand to clear. The chatter started to die down and I scanned the bar, seeing that several of my men had passed out drunk. They were draped over the bar and over tables. Some of them were just flat on the floor. If it was a hard surface, someone passed out on it. I smirked and raised my own glass to my lips, finishing off the amber liquid inside. Immediately, I went to the bar and refilled it. My senses were hardly numbed from the drinking and on a night like this, I wanted to forget… The picture in my other hand crinkled and I glanced at it. Brunette and beautiful, Rosalie smiled out of the picture at me. Today marked the thirteenth year since I had said my goodbyes to Ethan and Rosalie. I'd left their realm and come here, to make my own future. Over the years, I'd returned to my home realm several times to check on them. Ethan and Rosalie were happy. Their children had been growing up and were doing well. So many times, I had wanted to tell them I was back and talk to them. But then what? I couldn't stay in that realm, not with Rosalie so close… It was too painful. The inn was completely quiet now and stank of sweat and booze. I wrinkled my nose and headed outside for some fresh air. The air was gritty with sand particles that were still unsettled from the storm. I lifted my collard at my neck and covered my nose and mouth with it so I wouldn't breathe them in. From the porch, I could see the yellow sand dunes had filled the streets. It would take some work to clean that up. The sun was getting low and the air was cooling rapidly. Stars started to glitter in the sky and the air was frigid with nighttime, desert cold. I shivered and took another large swig from my drink and headed back inside. Carefully, I stepped over the passed-out drunks on the floor and headed to my room. Already, my eyelids were heavy and I felt like I could have fallen asleep standing up. I tossed my shirt aside and stripped off my pants before sliding under the covers. The moment my eyes closed, someone gasped beside me. Before I could move, a soft, trembling body threw themselves on top of me. Her scent filled my nostrils and her hands curled around my shoulders. Too stunned to move, I felt her lips on my neck, kissing and sucking. Instantly, my c**k twitched. “What the…" I grabbed the woman's arms and tried to push her away. “No…" she panted. She whimpered in protest and clung to me tightly. I relaxed my hands on her when I saw her soft, brown hair with a reddish hue. I couldn't deny her anything now. Euphoria, disbelief, and the alcohol from earlier had me feeling like I was in a dreamy haze. Was this really happening? “Rosalie… Is it really you?" I asked, pushing some of her luscious hair out of her face. Her hair was so soft and silky I wanted to bury my nose in it and breathe her in. I couldn't remember the last time I'd touched her so familiarly, if ever. “This is a dream," I whispered, leaning in and pressing my lips to her forehead. Her skin was cold and she leaned into my lips. Her hands slid up my shirt and around my neck, fingers locking together so I couldn't escape. Her breath tickled my neck and she pressed against my lips, preventing me from breaking the kiss. “Rosalie," I murmured against her cold skin. My groin heated and my pants tightened. This was a most enjoyable dream. I tried to pull away from her but she whimpered again and wrapped her arms around me, locking her body against mine. She slid into my lap, wrapping her legs around my hips and locking her ankles, refusing to let me go. My c**k ached and I leaned in, nuzzling my nose against her neck. “I missed you," I groaned, squeezing her hips. She mumbled something and pressed her lips to my cheek. I lifted my head and she pressed her lips to mine, her eyes only half open. I didn't remember Rosalie being this forward or passionate. She leaned harder against my lips and all doubts and conscious thought left my head. I kissed her back fervently, wrapping her tightly in my arms. I rose on my knees and laid her on her back, thrusting my firm erection against her. Rosalie groaned and tightened her legs around me. She kissed me urgently, like my lips were the air she breathed. I ran my hands up her sides and she arched into my touch, moaning into my mouth. Heat pulsed from between her legs, sinking into the fabric of my pants until I could feel the heat against my c**k. “Rosalie…" I gasped against her lips. “You have no idea… I've missed you so much… I've wanted this for so long… I have loved you since the moment I saw you…" She kept interrupting me with more, needy kisses, her hands pulling at my shirt like she couldn't get my clothes off fast enough. I pulled my shirt off and tossed my pants aside. Gently, I pushed the woman's dress up her legs and body. She moaned and writhed on the bed as I pushed the dress over her head and tossed it away. Immediately, she reached for me again and pulled me down to her. I sighed and caressed her sides as I started kissing her again. She rolled her body against mine, my c**k throbbing with need. Guilt swelled in my heart. The real Rosalie would never act like this, so needy, forward, and passionate. Especially not with me. I could convince myself that this was Rosalie, to ease my years of loneliness. It was all a dream, a fantasy, and I could do what I wanted. I kissed her neck, sucking and nibbling gently as I ran my fingers down her stomach. She pressed into my hand and moaned wantonly as shivers ran through her. I moved my hand lower, between her legs, where her p***y was already sopping wet. My c**k twitched and I kissed down her throat and to her breasts. She shuddered as I sucked on her n****e and coaxed her legs open with my fingers. I slid my hand between her folds, exploring her swollen womanhood. Moaning and panting, her fingers curled in my hair and tugged at me with desire. I stroked until I found her swollen clit. My thumb ran over the bead and she shuddered, crying out in pleasure and want. Her creamy scent filled my nostrils and I wanted to devour her completely. I rubbed her clit and sucked on her n****e as she writhed around and moaned loudly. Her moans turned into sobs and her legs clenched around my hand as a trembling orgasm took hold of her. Groaning, I moved my lips to hers and pushed my tongue into her mouth. She met my tongue with hers, breathing heavily as she practically tried to swallow my tongue. I pulled her thighs apart and pressed my swollen, throbbing tip to her slick entrance. She shuddered and I pushed inside of her. Her insides tightened around my c**k and pleasure shot through me. I gasped and moved my mouth to her neck, sucking and nibbling. I wrapped my arms around her body, pinning her to me as I thrust into her. Years of longing, years of waiting! No dream or fantasy before this could have prepared me for how amazing she felt. Her eyes rolled back and I grabbed her arms, pinning them above her head at the wrists. She rolled against me, matching my thrusts, sucking me deeper into her tight, twitching p***y. I kept her arms pinned with one hand and looped the other around her waist, holding her right against me. She wrapped her legs around me, squeezing tightly as another release overpowered her. My c**k quivered and I held her as tight as possible as I came hard. “I love you, Rosalie," I groaned as my release sent tremors of pleasure through me. Sweat coated my skin and I felt heavy, too heavy to move my arms from around her. She kept her arms around me and I rested my head against her breast, listening to her heartbeat. Copper filled my nose. The scent of blood. I creased my brow and looked down, seeing a glimmer of blood between her legs. She was a virgin! What a strange dream and fantasy… I rolled onto my side and tucked the young woman against me. Gently, I kissed her forehead and her nose. I held her securely and caressed her sides and back until we both fell asleep. *** *Mila* A thousand needles pricked my skin all over. Like tiny little pins, they stabbed into my flesh, ripping through my clothes and burning me down to the bone. White hot, searing pain burrowed through my skin. Every nerve screamed in agony, burning like I'd been lit on fire. My skin felt like it was being shredded by jagged shards of glass. I wrapped my arms around myself, trying to hold myself together or I might shatter into a million little pieces. Every step I took was like walking on a bed of razor blades. Each breath was agony as my lungs spasmed from the pain and heat. Blistering heat poured down on me and my skin cracked and burned. My lips were so dry and chapped, I tasted blood every time I licked them. Tears streaked my face, evaporating so quickly that they offered no relief from the pain. The street I shuffled down was empty. The town was deader than a graveyard. There was no way my pursuers would follow me here, not in a raging sandstorm. Thank the Goddess for the sandstorm. It would cover my trail and keep me safe. Otherwise, I never would have escaped. I could deal with the heat, the pain from the bullet like grains of sand, and the sunburns all over my body. I would endure knowing that I was free. But I wasn't safe, yet. I needed to get inside, and fast. The sun was setting quickly and if I was outside when night came, I'd freeze to death. I'd barely survived a day in the heat. There was no way I could survive the night, too. Maybe if I was at full strength… “Please, Goddess, help me," I prayed, my voice cracked, sounding alarmingly hoarse from how dry and rough my throat was. One step at a time, I dragged myself forward, looking for a place to find shelter. All the houses were closed and boarded up tightly. It didn't feel like the kind of place that would respond if I knocked on doors. People would think I was crazy for being out in the storm. They'd ask too many questions. I just needed a place to survive. On the edge of town, I saw a building with the lights on. Even from down the street, I could hear the music and voices inside. There were people there, maybe they'd let me stay with them. With a deep breath, I gathered my strength and shuffled along. My legs trembled and my knees gave out. I fell on all fours in the sandy street. Groaning, I pushed on. I crawled through the burning hot streets. I couldn't die yet. I had to live! I crawled onto the porch, the laughter and voices inside had faded to just a few voices left. They sounded really, really drunk. This close, the music thumped and pounded through my head. My brain rattled inside my skull painfully. I knocked on the door, my arm nearly dead and my fist raw. It hurt so much but I tried to knock again and again. No one answered. “s**t!" I cried, hoarsely, kicking the door. No one could hear me over that pounding racket. Scoffing, I slid down on the porch and hugged my arms around myself. At least, the porch sheltered me from the wind. I could feel the warmth inside and knew that I had to get in there. Gathering my strength, I pulled myself up and moved around the side of the building. I found an open window and lifted myself inside. I fell through the window and collapsed on the floor, warmth flooding me. The pounding music thudded through me rhythmically. I was exhausted and in so much pain. If this is where I was going to die, I wanted to fall asleep and forget about the pain. No, I couldn't die here! I saw a blurry set of stairs and dragged myself to them. On my hands and knees, I crawled up the stairs and into the nearest room. There was a bed. Suddenly, I felt a surge of energy. I jumped on the bed and threw the blankets over me. So warm, so soft! I closed my eyes. In a half-asleep state, I rolled over and found something warm and firm beside me. It was like a space heater. Shivering, I threw myself on top of the warmth and clung to it, kissing anything I could reach, begging that warmth to wrap around me and keep me safe, to take my pain away. Half-conscious, the first thing I noticed was that I wasn't in as much pain. Sighing, I leaned into whatever it was that was taking the pain away. I felt like I was being rubbed down with cool ice, and it took all the blistering, stabbing pain away inch by inch. Something else touched me too, something soft and warm. It took away the bite of cold and made me feel perfectly comfortable from the inside out and pain free. My eyes fluttered open but I couldn't see anything. I was so lost in the feeling of relief that washed over me that I hardly cared where I was or who I was with. And I was with someone. I heard their voice off in the distance. They sounded a million miles away, but I knew they were right next to me. Then the voice was in my ear, whispering a name. It wasn't my name… at least, I didn't think it was. I hardly had any concept of who I was or what was happening. I just wanted to keep feeling that amazing relief and painlessness. Suddenly, that name was shouted louder, and I knew it wasn't my name! The object that was making me feel so good tried to leave me. I clung tighter, holding it close and as hard as I could. I never wanted it to leave. I never wanted it to stop touching me and making me feel like that. I wanted to touch it and hold it and kiss it. I kept begging it not to leave and not to go, but I didn't know if I was thinking the words or saying them aloud. Tighter, I clung to it, willing it with my mind to stay with me.

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