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It's the time when humans get to know about the existence of werewolves. They only want peace among them.

What will happen when a human will be mated to a werewolf and not to mention the king. He is the most feared alpha among the world. He is a beast, monster with dark secrets.

He is King Hayden Black. No one wants to be on his bad side. But what will happen when an incident will bring him closer to his mate. And the mate is human and not ready to submit. She doesn't give a damn of him being an Alpha of all the alphas, she is stubborn and sarcastic.

She is Crystal Kingston.

Both of them have their own secrets, pasts. They can't stand each other. But her one sight is enough make him go crazy.

Will they ever consider fate and love each other? Will they accept each other's past and make a beautiful future?

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Chapter 1
They seem to make two ends meet. She was the world of chaos and he was the perfection but her chaos made his perfect world go all crumble. Haze ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥ I sat across my window and looked at the sky. It was dark, maybe midnight but sleep was nowhere in sight. I sighed as I plopped on my bed trying to get some sleep but no avail. I still remember my mother's last words. Crystal honey, no matter where life takes you, don't give up. You are a warrior, a fighter and you'll fight till the last breath of your life. I would be lying if I said I don't miss her, cause I do. I terribly miss her. It's been three years past that incident and every time it feels like yesterday. I massage my temples as my head starts throbbing. Sighing, I get up and take sleeping pills to get some peace, even if it is for few hours. ****** I woke up with sunlight glaring at my face. Groaning I made my way to washroom and get myself cleaned up. I have brown hairs which reached till my collarbones, I have dark bags under my black eyes. My pale skin revealed my current state, stress. I headed downwards to the kitchen to see Nathan, my half brother sitting on the chair devouring his french toast and I rolled my eyes at him. He eats like a pig. I sat in front of him and poured myself a cup of coffee. "Good morning, Crys." He said while eating and I made a disgusted face. "Oh god, Nat. Either you eat or speak. Don't do both the things at the same time. Gross." I said as I sipped the coffee. He laughed at me and a small smile slipped on his face. He is four months older to me, but surely he forgets that sometimes. He is more than a real brother to me. Even though we don't share the same mother, we share a bond higher than that. "What would you like honey, pancakes or french toast?" Amanda, Nathan's mother asked me from kitchen. "Toasts will do, Amanda." I said while reading the newspaper. Nathan winced as I spoke Amanda's name but I couldn't help with it. She isn't my mother. She is really a good woman but surely not mother. I have only one mother and she is dead. At first I hated her but again it wasn't her fault for my dad being a jerk. Amanda never knew dad was married when she got pregnant with Nathan. He cheated both the women and his face didn’t even hold any guilt for his sins and I hate him for that. "Good morning, Am." Speak of the devil. He kissed Amanda and I tensed. Nathan saw it and his hand squeezed mine. He has blue eyes and blonde hairs from his mother. I gave him a small smile of reassurance to him. "So how are you kids?" He asked as he sat on his place and drank his black coffee. I scoffed at his question and he glared at me and I gladly returned his glare back. "We are good." Nathan replied for us and I rolled my eyes. We surely were good until you came. "So Crys, have you decided what you'll wear for your prom night?" Amanda sensed the tension and quickly changed the subject. "I am not going to any prom night." My word came out harsher then I wanted and I winced at my tone. I looked at Amanda and saw her hurt, I love her and I only have her for the sake of mother and I keep on upsetting her. I got up from my seat and hugged her tightly. "I am sorry. I didn't mean it like that." I mumbled as she stroked my cheeks lovingly. "I love you honey, you know that right?" I nodded as she said placing breakfast in front of my father. "King Black is holding a party for conquering another land." Father spoke in a bored tone and I knew we were invited. Why wouldn't we be? My father was a rich businessman and I hated attending parties. I groaned and it again earned me a glare from him. "Is something wrong, Crystal?" He asked clenching his teeth and I scoffed at him. "I guess, someone is wrong rather than something." I said with a sly smile and his glare increased. Truth stung, father dear. "I am your father Crystal, show some respect." He said clenching his fist. "Oh, so now you remember that you are my father, great." I said sarcastically. "I know I made some mistakes but I am still your father Crystal and I should be respected." He said with a sigh. "Of course." I muttered taking a bite of my French toast. Nathan kicked me under the table and I glared at him. I can't help it if I am outspoken. I have been like this when I saw my mom crying her eyes out when my dear Dad said he is working late and was with Amanda. I closed my eyes as her lifeless body flashed in front my eyes. I stood up abruptly and left the dining table. This was our morning if I and Dad sat together which we both try to avoid at any cost. I came in my room and slammed my door shut. I looked at the picture of my mom on the bedstand. Her black eyes were sparkling as she held me as a baby in her arms. Her brown long hairs were tied in a ponytail. She looked so happy, so perfect. "Crys." Amanda said softly as she sat beside me on the bed. "Why she had to leave me, leave this world?" I asked as I closed my eyes trying to get away from the pain. "I don't know honey." She said stroking my hair soothingly. A small smile appeared on my face. "You know Amanda, she always stroked my hairs whenever I used to stress out just like you do." "I know, you don't consider me as your mother but you will always be my daughter Crys." She said as she embraced me in her warmth. I had nothing to speak so I kept quiet and let the sleep consume me peacefully for the first time in a while. ******* Next day, they all were getting ready for King's party. I personally have never seem him but always heard about him, about his terror in werewolves and humans. Nobody knew where king lived or where did he work. He was just spotted in meetings and parties he held. It was not the first time he held any party and we were invited but I wanted to keep myself away from him and werewolves as much as possible. So I never attend such parties. "You sure you don't want to come honey?" Amanda asked me with a slight smile. "Ya, I am sure." I said hugging her goodbye.                             Chapter 2

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