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"Mine." He growled. My eyes widened. I dismissed the growling sound and ripped away from his grip.

"Yours? I am no one's property!" I yelled, getting angry. He looked surprised for a moment before a hard stare was set on his face.

"You are mine! Understand that?" He said lowly in my ear. A strange feeling was set at the pit of my stomach at his closeness but I stood my ground.

"I belong to no one! Does it look like I have a stamp plastered on my forehead that says 'Property of Nickoli O'Connell'!? I don't think so." I said, getting worked up. He growled again but his eyes were black. Pulling me by my shirt, he backed me up against the lockers.

"Say my name again." He demanded resting his body on mine. I bit my lip from letting out an embarrassing sound.

"Why?" I asked, confused.

"Because you would be saying my name a lot."

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It was cold and dark with only the street lights giving any kind of guidance for me. The wind blew, picking up the remains of the leaves from the ground, making my body shiver. The only piece of clothing that I have on is a tank top and shorts. I don't think it was a wise choice to wear this outside. But who would think I would be out at this time? Not me, that's for sure. Suddenly, I heard a noise coming from the woods. I don't know what my parents were thinking, moving close to a forest or halfway around the world per se but I didn't have a choice really. The noise sounded like an animal ready to kill. I had a weird feeling in the back of my mind telling me to get back in the house, but I didn't acknowledge the thought. Walking into the woods has probably been the most ludicrous thing I have ever done in my life. I have no phone, flashlight or anything. I could barely see where my feet were landing or my hands in front of me. As I walked deeper into the woods, it seemed more absurd that I would walk out here alone. The only audible sound I can hear is the owls hooting and a waterfall not too far from where I was heading. The night sky wasn't giving me any sort of contentment as I walked through the woods. The full moon gracefully followed me as I walked and that was probably the only source of light I seemed to have. A snap of a tree branch had me whip my head around to see what was following me. Looking around frantically, I didn't seem to find the culprit behind the noise. I slowly turned around and walked forward to who knows where.  All of a sudden, the same noise came again, along with a growling sound. I became even more scared and couldn't turn around to go back home. I didn't know my way around the woods, so it would be impossible to find a different way to leave. I could feel the air around me change to an unpleasant feeling. Taking small but quick steps forward, I didn't dare turn around because I knew I wouldn't believe what would be standing in front of me. Have you heard the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’?  Well, here I am all alone in the woods with no guidance from anyone. You would think that would be the only mistake I've made tonight. No. I turned around and my eyes widened. There standing was a wolf. A wolf! What the heck!  I mean, I know anything creature like can be lurking among the woods, but a wolf was out of the question. I took a step back only for the wolf to bare its teeth at me. I froze, not knowing what to do. The wolf was big with grey fur. What stood out to me though was its eyes. They were a light brown color. It was beautiful. The wolf took a step closer to me. I stiffened.    What am I going to do? Would this wolf hurt me? I looked around widely. Would it eat me? "S-Stay wolfy. Don't hurt me." I said, backing up against a tree.  The wolf stopped and looked at me, tilting its head to the side. Could it understand me? That's ridiculous. I thought. "Are you going to hurt me?" I asked. The wolf whined, taking a step forward towards me as if it weren't going to hurt me. Now I'm going crazy. I'm talking to a wolf for crying out loud!  I cautiously moved towards the wolf with my hand out. I didn't know whether I should or shouldn't. I hesitated to take another step towards the beautiful creature. The wolf moved along with me, noticing my hesitation, and rested its head on my outstretched hand. I smiled at the sudden movement and slowly patted the wolf's head. It stuck its tongue out wagging its tail. I knelt down and the wolf followed. I rested my arms on the wolf while laying my head on my hands. I know I should be scared of this wolf because at any given moment he could snap and kill me. But something about this wolf told me it wouldn't hurt me. I felt safe with it. As of this moment, I knew moving to England would change my life for good.

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