Break Down The Door (Sequel To Perfect Promise)

friends to lovers

All the girls have arrived safely back in the United States. Noah and Charlie have finally realized their love for each other and have started dating, and Jordan, Maia, and Amber are loving every moment of it. But soon things change drastically for these five girls once again. Soon they move to L.A. to record their new album. But what happens when Rudy, Gavyn, Erys, Hakim, and Quinn come back into their lives? What happens when someone gets pregnant?

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I was in a room so large, it seemed endless. There was nothing in the room. I was alone with Charlie. She seemed huge, and I felt so small. "How could you?" she asked, "How could you do such a horrible thing? Noah, we're over."  My world felt as though it was crashing down around me. Charlie, the girl it had taken me so long to realize I had feelings for, was leaving me the moment I finally had her. How could this happen? What could I have possibly done to hurt her? I needed to fix this somehow, but before I could respond she was gone. My eyes flew open and I shot up. I was sweating. I realized that it had only been a nightmare, and that everything was okay. "Noah, what's wrong?" Charlie asked from beside me. I remembered she had spent the night cuddling with me until we both fell asleep. “As long as you’re here, nothing is wrong,” I told her as I rested my head on her chest and wrapped my arms around her. "Get dressed,” Rowan called out as he entered my bedroom, “Mom said you have plans today." “Coming!” I called back. Rowan left my door wide open as he left. Thankfully, Charlie and I had fallen asleep in the clothes we were wearing the night before. I quickly changed into something casual. I offered Charlie to wear some of my clothes as well, but she was more comfortable staying in her outfit from the night before. "Okay Noah, your agent wants to webchat with you now,” my mom announced as we came downstairs. “How come?” I asked. “I guess we’ll see,” she shrugged, “Oh hello Charlie, I didn't know you spent the night." "Hello," she sounded so sweet and awkward, it was adorable. While Charlie remembered to let her parents know where she was, I set up the webchat. As she returned, I was connected to our agent, Amber, Maia, and Jordan. We were all eager to see each other. "Charlie, Noah, glad you two could join us," our agent said, "So I wanted to talk to you all about your album. You girls will be putting three of the songs you recorded in England on your album, including the one from the contest, in order to give your album some traction publicity wise. I would like you to have at least seven more songs, which means you would have to come to L.A. When would you girls like to start?" “Yesterday,” Jordan joked. “Very soon would be nice,” I laughed. “How does next week sound?” he asked. "Next week?" Charlie and Amber squealed in excitement. "Yes, yes, next week. I'll pay for you and your families accommodations, and I'll meet you girls at the airport.” Our agent signed out of the chat, leaving Charlie and I with Maia, Amber, and Jordan. The five of us were so excited.  "This is going to be amazing. First London, now L.A.? We’re on fire," Jordan said. "Imagine we get to move there together," I said. "Party everyday!" Carlie exclaimed. “Party is one way to describe it, sure,” Maia laughed. After chatting for a little while, my mother called us back to the kitchen. She asked what our agent had wanted to say, so we told her eagerly. To celebrate, my mom decided to take us, along with my sister, Jasper, out shopping. Jasper, Charlie, and I hurried into our favourite store the moment we got to the mall. Everyone in the store looked at us as if we were crazy as we were practically taking the entire store to the changing rooms to try on. How could we pick just a few items at a time when we loved everything? I found the best top for Charlie. It was a simple white blouse with a large black bow on the chest. Charlie loved bows. I handed it to her in the changing room as my mom approached me. "Are you two dating?" she asked me.

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