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“Thank you, Mr. Xavier,” I told him while looking into his eyes. He shakes hands with me and as soon as our hands got touched with each other a spark went all over my body. What the hell just happened to me, it was like a current went all over my body, and the next thing, I saw I got more shocked.

His eyes went chocolate brown suddenly and within a moment it came back to the normal eye color. I shook my head and looked clearly. He didn’t let go of my hand and he squeezed it. I quickly pulled my hand and said thank you and got down from the stage.

Are you a crazy reader of werewolf stories? Does your every nerve filled with werewolf romance?

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Hi to all my readers, I hope you all are doing good during this pandemic situation. I am bringing you my fifth book, which is a werewolf one. I hope my all werewolf fans would love to read this. This is my second book in the werewolf genre. My first book is I AM HIS HUMAN LUNA, which is a great success with a huge fan base. If you want to swim deeply in werewolf romance, I suggest this is the book you were looking for. I highly appreciate your comments and trust me, those are making my day. I love you all, read my books, follow me and my books. God bless you all! stay safe! Introduction to the characters Hazel Forbes is a 23 years old brunette and 5 3’ in height. She is a high school teacher and teaching social studies for high school students. Her parents are both working in a bank. She doesn't have any siblings. She has done her master's in sociology. Her hobbies are reading books and writing books and she is good at her cooking too. She loves to do adventure and would love to explore the world. Xavier Duncan is at the age of 25 and 6.4’ in height. He is a multi-billionaire in the USA and one and the only true heir of the Duncan Group of companies. He is a successful businessman to the outer world, but there’s a deep secret in his life that no one knows. He is the true alpha of the Goldcrescent pack, which is the largest werewolf pack in the USA including 800 pack members. One thing is missing from his life, the important thing to every wolf is a mate! he is desperately waiting for his mate, his Luna, his other half. He has a Greek god-like body which every woman licks their lips when they see him. Every girl who looks at him wanted to have a one-night stand. Hazel's parents carry a huge secret in her life, which is later revealed by Xavier. What will happen when Hazel knows that Xavier is a werewolf? Read the story with twists and steamy romantic moments. Love you all Nimnsandu Author CHAPTER 1- Handling the chief guest Hazel’s POV “Good morning, class,” I greeted them as soon as I entered the class. “Good morning, Ms. Forbes!” the students replied, no, screamed back actually. It was Monday morning and they were all enthusiastic and active. As was I. “Today my class is looking very enthusiastic and fresh. May I know the reason?” I asked with a cheerful smile. “Ms. Forbes, there are two reasons actually. The first one is that it’s Monday morning and the first period is your subject. So, we are all certain that we can spend the week full of joy and energy. The second thing is that we are having the annual prize-giving ceremony this Friday. So don’t you think that we should jump around with joy?” a blonde hair girl explained on behalf of the class. “Hmmm, so you all are excited about the upcoming event. I wish you all the very best and I’m sure that you all will win something,” I said with a bright smile. “So, what did you all do last weekend?” I asked, leaning my b**t on the edge of the teacher’s table. “It was rocking, Ms. Forbes! I went to a club on Friday night and banged a chick all night long,” the stubborn Hunter said. The whole class broke out in laughter, cheering for the boy. What is wrong with today's kids? They didn’t have manners and didn’t know how to speak with a teacher. But, it was not their fault; our relationship was more like friends than teachers and students. Plus, they were in high school, and having s*x all night wasn’t something new to them. “I meant did anyone do something decent?” I asked seriously, my eyebrows tense as I looked around the class. The class turned silent. Who am I kidding? No one here is decent. “Anyway, let’s move to today's lesson.” I stood upright and picked up the teacher’s textbook from the table. “Ms. Forbes, you look pretty hot today in your tight dress,” a boy voiced out as soon as I turned my back towards them to write something on the board. “Ooooh…” The whole class said and I turned to locate the source of the voice. “Who was that?” I demanded, my eyes scanning the class. “Me.” The mischievous Max stood up proudly, flashing a devilish smirk at me. “I’m giving you a first and last warning, kid. Behave yourself with teachers and the class. Now sit down and concentrate on the lesson.” My voice was stern yet polite. “She is a decent teacher, man! Show some respect,” Miles advised. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Hazel Forbes. A 23-year-old, 5ft 3in brunette. I am aware that I am short compared to other girls, but my curves are perfect in all the right places. I did my Masters in sociology and now I am a high school teacher, specializing in social studies. My parents both work in a bank and I don’t have any siblings. My hobbies are reading and writing books, plus, I excel at cooking. My heart’s desire is to go places and create adventures. One of my dreams is to go to Egypt and trace a mummy! I have never had a boyfriend and frankly, it doesn’t interest me. I’ve seen how people keep changing their partners like they change shoes. So I don’t have much faith in love and partners. My usual weekday routine is nothing more than going from home to school and returning from school to home. When needed, I conduct some extra classes for students who really need my support in their studies. On the weekend, I spend time with my family and friends. If I have any spare time, I go for a solo picnic because I love to enjoy nature alone. “Ms. Forbes, who is the chief guest for the prize-giving ceremony?” Lucy asked. She wore a mid-thigh skirt and a blouse that highlighted her large b***s. “I’m not aware of that, actually. I’ve been busy concentrating on the preparation and all I want is for it to end successfully. Why are you suddenly asking about the chief guest?” My eyes narrowed at her curiously at her sudden interest. “Because I prayed to God to send a hot and sexy guy,” Lucy muttered, biting her lips with a naughty smile. What is wrong with all these kids today? I shook my head disapprovingly and continued with the lesson. Eventually, I finished the lesson and gave them few questions to complete as homework. I quickened my steps to the principal’s office since she requested to meet me after my first class. As soon as I reached her office, I knocked on the door hurriedly. “Yes, come in,” she invited. She was a kind-hearted woman and had sacrificed a lot to develop the school, rising it to the position it is today. “Mrs. Horthone, why did you ask me to meet you as soon as I finish my first period?” I questioned, taking a seat opposite her table. “Ms. Forbes, I have an important duty to assign you for the prize-giving ceremony. I’m positive that there’s no one else in the school who is more suitable for this task other than you,” she explained while removing her glasses. “What is it, ma’am?” I requested with a smile. I tried my best to maintain a smile on my face all the time since it was a good exercise for my cheekbones and muscles. “I need you to handle and accompany the chief guest during the ceremony. The last time Mr. Harry handled the chief guest, there was a big commotion since both the chief guest and Mr. Harry had an arrogant nature. I don’t want that to happen again,” she clarified the situation. “Who is the chief guest, Mrs. Horthone?” I asked because I needed to know about the person with who I was going to deal. “Mr. Xavier Duncan. The New York City multi-billionaire,” she replied, with a serious look.

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