2.10 The Sudden Change of Treatment

1638 Words

When he came into the station ten minutes late, this time not because of his supposed to be character traits, but because of the sudden out of gas of the car which he just realized why Senior Merit had permitted him to use his car, he wanted him to take care of his car by giving him a free full tank. Fortunately, the car slowed down to a halt near a gas station, he only had to push it for a few meters. He came rushing inside of the station, saluting immediately right after seeing Deputy Commissioner Sergio who seemed to be waiting for him to arrive. His hands were on each side of his waist, his lips quirked up to one side, and looking at the saluting man expectantly. "Sorry, I'm late, sir! Something came up." He apologized in a strong, police-like manner, like those of what he had watche

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