Tank (The Hell Raisers MC Book 2)

second chance
childhood crush
first love

She's been back for 6 months, seeing him... is getting easier no matter how much she wishes she doesn't have to. He was the love of her life, high school sweetheart, personal hero, he was her safe haven. But that was years ago. Things were different, no matter if every time she tries to move on it all fails. He doesn't need to know her now, he didn't deserve to.

Every time she came into his clubhouse he knew, he watched her in camera, across the room. He watched her walk around as if she had still belonged here, and deep down he knew that she would have always been here for him, for the club, if he hadn't f****d things up. He wanted her back, but there was too much going on, she would get sucked in.

But one call and she's a target... which means that's his only chance to save her, and what they could have again.

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"Girl, you can't just keep staying here and working long hours. Go home on time tonight." I shook my head as my boss waited in my doorway for me. "I am leaving, you are leaving. Take some files with you if you want to have a horrible weekend. You need a man. Me and mine have a trip to go on." She waved me on to hurry up and I laughed as I grabbed the four files I sill needed to update and stuffed them in my black tote.

"Jenna, you know I love these girls." I told her as she pushed on me to leave.

"I know, and you know I love them too. But they're not our lives. They're our job and we help them as much as we can as fast as we can. I don't need one of my best counselors burning out." Jenna grabbed her own purse and helped me lock up everything.

"I won't burn out. I was made for it. I have candy to keep me going." I laughed as she shook her head with a smile on her face.

"You and your candy. You're a godsend to those pregnant girls with strong cravings, you know that?" She laughed and I knew that was true so I just started to dig around in my bag for my keys. I clicked them and smiled as my Jeeps lights came on. I headed that way as Jenna locked the front doors and I made sure she was in her car before I took off.

I headed to a small taco truck, smiling as a few kids were waiting for their order and I sipped my Mexico Coca cola before I took my five steak tacos and slid back into my car. I was headed home, full of greasy food and I settled on my couch and messaged the neighbor down the street that I was home. I kicked off my heels, smiled as my favorite reality show started last weeks episode and I headed to the kitchen to get a beer.

Just as I was taking my first sip there was a knock at the door and I jumped up, ready to get my Brutus. I smiled wide as I opened the door only, it wasn't him... it was my worst nightmare.

"What are you doing here? How did you find out where I was?" I asked and he just smirked as he looked me up and down.

"As if I haven't known for a while." He laughed and I rolled my eyes.

"What do you want Travis?" I asked making sure that he couldn't see inside and that he didn't think he could just march in.

"I got a call sweetheart, someone has your address and wants to make sure I know it. Piss anyone off lately?" He asked me and I glared.

"No. Have you?" I asked wondering what he meant by they had my address. And a call?

"I have a couple people pissed off with me. Let me in." He nodded and then looked around as if he was looking for danger and I huffed and pushed the door open a bit and let him follow me in. "Sabrina is always with Johnny, she's safe. You got your brother here with you?" He asked me and I shook my head.

"Nope. Just me." I looked around as he did and I had to wonder what he was looking around for.

"No man?" He asked me as he looked back up at me and smirked.

"Why would I need a man with me when I can get them whenever I want?" I challenged, it was a complete lie, but he didn't need to know that. Even after all this time he was the only man that ever had that pleasure, the only man I trusted enough with my body.

"Expecting anyone tonight?" He asked me and I rolled my eyes.

"Plan on staying to watch?" I asked and moved to grab my beer, I had it up to my lips and he came towards me, his chain on his belt rubbing against his jeans as he got closer and closer to me. I pulled back and as soon as it was level in my hand he was taking it from me and he took his own sip and I huffed and turned. If he was going to take my things I needed candy.

I looked in my cupboards, finding a single kitkat and the sad part was it was only a fun-sized one. I opened it and chewed it slowly as I went to my sour candy stash but didn't see anything there either. I sighed and he watched with amusement from my doorway when I went down to my hard candy drawer. There were a few jolly ranchers and one single sucker left so I went for the sucker.

I had a hell of a time unwrapping it and he finished off my beer for me before setting the bottle on the counter. "Talk." I told him as I slowly got pieces of the wrapper off.

"I told you I got a call. An MC must have known you were some ones sister, living alone, unprotected..." he looked around again and I huffed. "They probably think we have a thing going on with how I reacted... so now I am your live in guard. Here for anything you need, 24/7."

"Why didn't you just lie and say I wasn't anything to anyone?" It was a major lie, I was his Ex and my baby brother was in the MC, so I was someone's family.

"They wouldn't have bought it." He sounded so sure and I huffed before stuffing the sucker in my mouth, and when I looked up I was hit with so many memories I wanted to spit the sucker out... but I didn't. I did however slowly pull it out to talk.

"Get Ryder here. I don't need you." I told him and he licked his own lips as he watched me put it back between my lips.

"Oh no... you have me. When I can't have your back then that's when Raid comes in. He's going to be a little s**t but that's going to be dealt with." He was telling, not asking and I hated that. There was no arguing with him, but there was going to be teasing, lots and lots of teasing.

"Oh yeah? You think so?" I licked over the sucker and looked him up and down. I wasn't sure what he looked like naked anymore, but he was fit. Huge. That's why they called him Tank now.

"Fi, it's me here with you, or you're in the compound every night." I made a face, I didn't want to hang out with men all the time.

"Which MC is your enemy right now?" I asked wondering what I should look out for when I was at work.

"A couple." He was now being vague and I hated when he used to treat me with kid gloves... I thought that part of my life was over, being kept in the dark, worrying when he left. Looks like I am right back to being 18 and in the dark.

Well... if we were back there, I guess I could tease like I used to. I made a few sucking and slurping sounds as I played with my sucker and when he groaned I held back my smile and decided to pretend to be annoyed.


"What?" She flicked her tongue against that f*****g sugar stick and wrapped her lips around it to taste it. She knew what the f**k she was doing. Same s**t she did when I first kissed her.

Teasing and licking that pink candy and creating those sucking sounds. I remember what she would do around my c**k. She would suck and tell me how I filled her throat and how she could taste me for hours after and she loved it.


"It's just a sucker." She whispered and smiled before she wrapped her lips around it and made a loud sucking sound.


"I'd offer you a taste but you don't look like you wanna suck." She waved it at me and I took my chance and snatched it, placing it in my mouth and crunching it down so it was nothing but bits. "That was my last one!"

"You want it? Come take it." Careful with what was left in my mouth I stuck my tongue out and her eyes went wide. "Come on Fiona... my tongue isn't that bad remember?" Her shudder was the answer I needed. She still thought of what I did with my tongue all over her body. She was still mine.

"Jerk." She turned to get something out of the drawer and I moved in, getting my crotch against her ass and rubbing my hard c**k against it so she could feel it. "Travis-"

"You used to love what I could do with my body, how I'd make yours-"

"Stop." She begged and I inched my hands closer, going from her hips to her belly and pulling her flush against me. "It's been years-"

"Yeah, and I bet no man has compared." I told her because for me no woman was her not even when I had two at a time. She had always been the pillar I couldn't rise above with other women.

"Travis there haven't-" she cut herself off and I felt my c**k swell even more.

"Haven't what? Been other men?"

"We shouldn't be-" she was cut off by the door bell and she smiled slightly. "That will be Brutus." I sneered and headed to the front door just in front of her. I opened and glared and looked down when I felt a cold nose. "Thanks Emily, tell your mom that I'll get that cash to her on Friday for you."

The preteen smiled wide, handed over the ugliest dog on a leash to my woman and she bent down and scooped the thing up and gave it kisses. "That's Brutus?"

"Yes he is. My big boy."

"Woman if it was a dog this entire time why would you make me think it was a man. And more than that you don't name an ugly little thing Brutus. You name it cupcake or something. Brutus is for big dogs." I watched her unclip the leash and then the harness and hang them up near her jacket.

"He is my dog, I named him. He is a big dog at heart." She was speaking bullshit.

"Brutus is ugly." I told her and she glared. She put her hands on her hips and looked down at the ugly gray fuzzy thing still sitting and waited for love.

"He is not! You're not baby. I promise." She cooed down to the thing who immediately seemed to want all her attention when she brought out that high voice and gave her kissed as she gave kisses back.

"It's a dog."

"He's my dog. I love him." She told me and I just worked my jaw as the dog then turned its head and growled. "He doesn't like seeing me upset and he gets defensive." She told me and put him down with a pat to the head and neck.

"He's not even at my knee!" I said seeing how he just looked up at me and seemed to watch me for movement.

"He can jump... wanna see what those pretty teeth of his can sink into?" She looked right at my c**k and when it filled again she smirked and walked off. I moved to follow and Brutus the Ugly growled and bared it's teeth.

"Ugly, we're not going to have problems." I told him before bending down. He smelled over my hand while still trying to look scary. "I'll be around for a long time. Got me." He sat for me and I scratched behind his ears and he got his leg going for me. "Up." I slapped my thigh and he jumped right into my arms.

"How did you-" she turned not seeing Brutus in my arms until she did and then she narrowed her eyes. "Traitor." She still came up and gave the thing a kiss on its nose before glaring at me.

"What kind of ugly is he?" I asked as he wagged his tail.

"Part Pitt bull and part poodle." She beamed and I felt a little happy.

"So he's going to keep growing?" I asked and looked down at the little guy.

"Yeah, I only got him a few months ago, he's not fully potty trained. Which is where Emily and her mom come in. She is a dog trainer who lives a couple houses down." She told me and I nodded and looked down at the little guy. He wagged his tail when he caught my eyes and leaned up and back to start licking my face. "Apparently he's not as scary as I thought."

"Why do you need scary?" I asked and she shut her lips and turned. "Fiona-"

"I'm headed to the store so you can lock up after you leave." I caught her arm. Holding her dog with the other and pinned her against the doorway. "Get off me."

"I know you heard what I told you when I got here Fiona. I'm your guard. I go where you go. No exceptions. Now get the mutt in his harness or whatever and then you're sliding your ass in my car."

"I have my own car. And Brutus isn't coming, he's also being crate trained." She told me and then she reached for him so I let her take him. I stuck to her like glue and watched as she put him inside a cage with a bed and a small water bowl that was filled and the bottom was covered in a white pad. She got up as soon as the cage locked and went right for some bag.

"Poor pup." He watched her every move and cried when she was farthest away.

"Poor pup my ass. He chewed through my carpet, my bed spread, ate my shoes and then s**t in the others. He needs a secure place until he is trained." She snapped and I watched her take out a medium sized bone that actually smelled horrible and slipped it in the cage.

"No doggy door." I pointed out and she slit her eyes at me.

"Because this is the nicest neighborhood to have a doggy door." She added and I just bit my tongue.

"Then move." I told her and she took a deep breath, glaring and then we heard another knock. "Stay here with him." I told her pointing at the pup who dropped the bone and was ready to bark and growl.

I got to the front door and opened it fast while one hand went to my gun. "What are you doing here?" Ryder asked me and I smiled.

"Catching up. Get." I went to close the door but her hand caught it and I just glared down at her as she elbowed me and made me let go until it was opened.

"Come on in." She grabbed her brothers wrist and he kept his glare on me as I looked down at the fucker.

"Why is he here?" Ryder was a little b***h. If he wasn't her brother I'd have something to f*****g say about his attitude.

"He said something happened with a rival MC and they knew about me." Ryder Aka Raid knew exactly what was going on.

"Who knows about her?" He asked and I worked my jaw. s**t might as well all come out now. I had been trying to keep her from worrying but it was better that she took this seriously.

"Dark." I told him and he cursed and looked down. "In high school he went by Danny. Daniel Yeager." I saw the way Fiona tensed by the name and she shook her head. "Yeah babe, he remembered you and I and he called with a threat two hours ago with this address and told me how easy it was to follow you around town." 

"Who the f**k was he in high school?" I looked to my woman and she bent her head and shook it trying to come out with it. "Fi, who was he?"

"He bothered her. A hell of a lot. I didn't see it or stop it until we were together and I caught on what was happening." I started but she pulled her head up and looked at me and shook her head.

"What did he do?"

"Raid, calm yourself and your sister will get it out, if she can't then I will." I ordered and he stood there, arms tight and fists clenched and I just waited until he relaxed a few levels. "Should I Fiona?"

"I need candy-"

"How bad?" He asked and she gulped and kept walking away and I caught Raids shoulder. "What the f**k did Dark do?"

"I was with her a week, she was still skittish with me and I thought because it was all new she was worried what I would do with her. Then I f*****g skipped class and saw he was f*****g with her. She had her uniform on, the f*****g skirts." I paused and shook my head thinking back. "I always thought she wore shorts under because she was cold."

"He touched her?" Raid was seeing red and I nodded slowly until he was basically vibrating with anger.

"He grabbed her skirt, pulled her back, she pushed him off, told him no, told him about me. He laughed and said if I had her she was already broke in. I flew down the stairs but he still got to f*****g grope her in ways I hadn't even asked permission about yet and I slammed into him and beat him. He was bloody and his nose was broken. He was blind sided and before I could keep going she was crying and pulling at me and I took her home and left him in the dirt like trash. He is trash."

"And now he's in a rival MC."

"He left after 10th grade. He never told anyone what happened. She begged me not to because I had handled it." I told him and he looked from me to her as she slowly came back. "We'll get Dark, we'll get his f*****g Prez, and if that doesn't work we take the entire club to the ground." I grabbed the back of his neck when I saw he was spacing out and thinking about the things we would do. "Calm, collected, and ready."

He took his breaths and nodded before he rolled his shoulders and nodded. "She can't stay here."

"It's my home."

"You're not staying here Fiona!" Ryder snapped and I gripped the back of his neck again.

"She is and we're keeping watch. She now wasn't to go get more candy from the store, you either take her or you watch the piss ugly dog." I told him and he seemed to get angry. "You're not driving like this. Watch the mutt, calm down. Don't let him s**t or eat anything he shouldn't." I told him and he nodded slowly and turned to head into where we left Brutus.


"He'll be fine. Just needs some time to calm down." I told her and she still seemed to want to say something. "What Fiona?"

"Why didn't you say it was him when you got here?" She was shaking just a bit and I shook my head and walked closer to her until she had to look up at me. "Danny-"

"Is a dead man walking for even thinking about you again." I cut her off and she looked like she wanted to say something but she just clamped her lips shut and looked down. "Get your purse, get in the car, let's get your candy."

She did as I asked and I looked around as I stepped out first to make sure it was safe and she stepped out behind me and touched my back so I would step up and she would have room. I let her lock up and I headed for my car out front. I opened her door and still looked around before closing it after her and getting to my door as fast as possible.

"Which store?" I asked and she told me how it wasn't far and that she could just tell me.

We were fortunate to get one close by the front entrance and when she got the cart she pushed like she was on a mission. I kept up and grabbed some stuff for myself since I would need clean boxers and shirts and s**t. She kept pushing the red cart around and I grabbed stuff for dinner and she seemed to be on auto as she followed me until we got to the candy aisle and then she was grabbing at her suckers, her sour candy, she made some chocolate choices and then she was looking at the hard candies.

I saw her eyes cut to me before she grabbed the cinnamon and tossed it in. "You do remember." I smiled and she laughed before shaking her head at me.

"I remember feeling it in my mouth the first time you pushed your tongue into my mouth and we fought over it until it was gone." She whispered and smiled softly before taking a deep breath.

"I remember after each time together we would share a piece like that." I added and she looked back into the cart and I saw the battle she was having. She didn't want temptation. "I won't touch you Fi, not until you beg me to." I knew I would get her there... and if I didn't I didn't deserve her anyways.

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