The Crippled Billionaire Is My MATE


I hear the sound of the wheelchair getting closer to me and my uncomfortable feeling also gets warmer and increasing. Now I started to sweat also.

Slowly the wheelchair came closer to me and I don’t know why and how I stood up from my place and turned to see him. I was not on my own I feel like I was drawing toward him and it was the moment the first time our eyes met!

“Lexi!” I hear Brie’s voice, which is soft and shaking like never before.

“Why?” I gulp and my heartbeat rhythm change for a moment.

“He is our mate!”

Lexi Cronus - The female werewolf protagonist with hazel eyes and waist-length brown hair. She is twenty years old and a kickass biker girl who loves to ride motorcycles. She is the daughter of the Alpha of the Guardian Warrior pack and she trains the pack’s warriors. She is beautiful but is not interested in a mate. She doesn't care about male wolves and is only focused on her duties to the pack and the security firm run by her dad, the Alpha of the pack. Her wolf’s name is Brie.

Chris Stark – The billionaire crippled human male protagonist with blue eyes who spends his life in a wheelchair. Chris is the owner of their family business and a billionaire at the young age of twenty-four. Later on, secrets are revealed and he finds out that he is adopted. Determined to find his true identity, he goes snooping and discovers that he is the son of the Alpha of the Silver Sword pack which was erased from the face of the earth twenty-five years ago by a rival pack.

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CHAPTER 1 – Bedtime Story
Lexi’s POV *15 years ago* “And that is how the lineage of the Silver Sword pack ended,” Mom said, bringing my bedtime story to a close. Since she didn’t have a book to close, she just adjusted my duvet and tucked me in, providing me with the warmth my body needed to sleep through the cold night. “Mom, I have a question,” I asked as I snuggled comfortably inside the duvet wrapped around me, making Mom flash me her beautiful smile. “Lex, don’t you ever get tired of asking me so many questions every day about the same story? You don’t even allow me to tell you another story,” Mom complained sweetly as she maintained her genuine smile. Cuddling my teddy bear close to my body, I prepared myself to sleep. “I don’t know why, Mom, but I never get tired of this story and it somehow makes me sleep peacefully. In fact, I see a wolf every day in my dreams just like the one in the story.” “Is that so, Lex? You haven’t told me about this before. Anyway, Sweetheart, why do you want to listen to the same story every day? You already know what happened to the pack. Plus, you are just five years old and other kids your age love to hear fairy tales about Snow White, Cinderella, and others. They want stories where the charming prince finally marries the beautiful princess of the story.” Mom kissed my dimples. Even though Mom was caught by surprise when I mentioned seeing the wolf in my dreams, she quickly masked her emotions and changed the topic. Still, I noticed it. “I don’t know, Mom, but the story pulls me towards it. No matter how many times I hear the story, I still feel that it has not ended. The Silver Sword pack shouldn’t have ended like that and I will find out what happened,” I declared with a childish determination that made Mom giggle. My eyes narrowed at her with a questioning look. “Did I say something funny, Mom? I don’t want prince charming bedtime stories, because I don’t want to get married. I want to be like Dad and Brian.” Mom’s eyes sparkled as she listened to me carefully and looked at me with adoration. “They are all males, Sweetheart. Your dad is the Alpha and soon your brother, Brian, will hold the Alpha title. When you find your mate at the age of fifteen, we’ll see how you reject your prince charming.” Mom stood up from the bed with a smile. “Mate? What or who is a mate, Mom?” I asked curiously since it was a new word for me. Plus, if I didn’t clarify what she said immediately, I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep the entire night. “Hmmm… don’t you think that you need to sleep now, Lex? You have to wake up early tomorrow morning for your camping trip,” she replied and turned to leave, but I stretched out my arm from the bed and held onto her hand. “Mom, please, just five minutes more. Tell me, who is this mate?” I insisted. Mom knew very well that I wouldn’t let her go without an answer to my question. My persistence probably made her regret allowing the word ‘mate’ to slip out of her mouth. With a sigh, Mom shook her head and pressed her lips into a small smile. “Lex, you are truly your father’s daughter. You both never stop asking questions until you get a reasonable answer.” “Exactly! That’s why I always say that I am better than Brian!” I exclaimed bravely with pride. Sitting on my bed, Mom finally clarified herself, “Baby, a mate is a partner and is someone who is decided by the Moon Goddess. We cannot change our mates and we have to accept them. Together with our mate, comes a complex feeling of love and desire, making it impossible to live without your mate even for a second. It’s the strongest and the most beautiful bond in the wolf world.” “So, is Dad your mate?” I asked softly. Exhaling, Mom raised her eyebrows and her face glowed as she recollected her memories of Dad. “Yes, Sweetheart. I met him when I was hunting and accidentally trespassed on his pack territory.” “How do you know when you have met your mate, Mom? I mean, does someone tell you that this is your mate or—” Mom caressed my face lovingly. “You will feel it, Lex, your wolf will feel it. The day you turn fourteen, you will shift into your wolf for the first time, and then, at the age of fifteen, you will find your mate, and then—” “So, basically, our wolf will tell us? Oh, and Mom—” “No, and no more buts. That’s enough for today, Lex. You need to sleep now, baby.” Before I could ask her yet another question, she cut me off and kissed me goodnight. *Fifteen years later (Present Day) * Walking across our pack grounds, I passed by the Omega apartment. However, when I heard a mother telling a familiar story to her children, I froze in place. The single sentence that reached my ears was enough to take me back fifteen years to my childhood. The little girl inside the apartment was also asking her mother endless questions, just like I used to do. After letting out a short sigh, a smile appeared on my lips. Time passed and I was eventually twenty years old, yet nothing had changed. I still loved to hear the story of how the Silver Sword pack vanished from the earth almost two centuries ago. What happened to the Alpha’s son? That was the question that always kept bubbling in my head. I didn’t know why, but there was a faint voice screaming from the corner of my mind, urging me to find a better ending for the story and to get justice for the story. Unfortunately, that was not the only thing bothering me. I was still mate-less. If I couldn’t even find my destined mate, how was I going to find a better ending for a pack that I had never seen and that have been erased from the earth almost twenty five years ago? According to tradition, I should have found my mate on my fifteenth birthday, just as my brother, Brian, did. But, that didn’t happen and soon I was twenty years old while Brian was twenty-two. His mate was our Beta’s eighteen-year-old daughter. Interestingly, people around me thought that I boiled with jealousy whenever I saw Brian and his mate canoodling or when I saw the other mated wolves around me. Mind you, some of the wolves who had mates were younger than me while some even had two mates. Still, that was their destiny. But, the truth and the best part of it all was that I loved my single life. I thanked and worshipped the Moon Goddess from the bottom of my heart every day for not pairing me with anyone because I knew that no one could be compared to me. I was not a mere helpless girl or she-wolf who was waiting for her mate to come and hold my hand. Instead, I was the brave Alpha’s daughter and the kickass heroine of my own story. I was not a slender weak girl, but a powerful leather jacket biker girl! “Lexi, Alpha’s daughter, do you need anything, Ma’am?” I snapped out of my train of thought at the sound of a lady’s voice. Looking up, I realized that it was none other than the Omega mother who was narrating the story to her children. “No, it’s nothing. I was just having a night walk and thought of checking up on the Omega quarters,” I replied with a sharp exhale as I slid my hands into the pockets of my leather jacket. The Omega nodded and I gestured toward the window of the children’s bedroom. “Are they sleeping?” “Oh, yes, Ma’am. They have so many questions and it is very hard to deal with them before bedtime. They would do anything to keep awake,” she replied with a smile and I responded with a smirk. “Lexi, where are you? I need to meet you now,” Dad mind-linked me. “I need to go now. Good night!” I greeted her and left the Omega’s quarters immediately. Since it was 10.45 at night, I assumed that Dad was already sleeping. What is bothering him and keeping him awake? Why does he want to meet me? I was sure that it was nothing related to the pack, which meant that it was something possibly related to our security firm!

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