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Adrian grew in a loving family, but he had to grow up without his real father. His dad's best-friend married his mom and adopted him when Adrian was ready. When Adrian turns 18 he finds his world turned upside down. He is doubled over in pain in the middle of a patch of forest. He's never experienced such pain.Then she appeared and touched him. All the pain melted away. Something was drawing him to her. He only caught a glimpse of her green eyes as she stared at his feet. She broke free of his grasp and ran away from him. He couldn't find her for 10 years. Later that night Adrian changed into a dragon of which he had no idea he was. His world changed forever then. He had to find other dragons he had to learn about a world he never knew existed before. He came across his best-friend Collin Bell shortly after his first change. He was running scared too not knowing he was a dragon as well. They fought, but they realized they were just scared. Jax Greystone took them in and taught them how to be a dragon. When Adrian offers land he inherited to help prevent deaths from a rival dragon clan attacking Jax's Red Rock Clan Jax changes plans at the last minute. Adrian can't abide Jax's need to stay and leaves for his land.

Robyn has been on the run from her foster father since she was 17 after he tried to attack her. She wandered into a small town and was taken in by Big John and Julie. It was the first time she had a family. Everything was going fine until Adrian Chase and his friends wandered into Big John's bar and restaurant where she worked as the head cook. Robyn was terrified of him telling his mother who she was. It would mean her foster father could find her. She struggles with the fact that she was attracted to him the moment she saw him in school when she was 15. The feelings he evoked in her when he found her in the forest never went away. She ran from him to hide away.

Adrian didn't know that when he inherited his adopted father's businesses that the land he inherited with it had a small town called Black Moon. He builds his clan of Black Moon. He is intrigued by the cook Robyn. She runs away and that is when he realizes who she means to him. She saved him from his pain all those years ago. He had an attraction to her and she fought it. When he finds Robyn shivering in his bedroom closet things change. Robyn isn't in his bed the next morning. He learns why she's running and vows to protect her by taking her to his clan revealing his world to her.

Soon Adrian is in the running for the dragon throne in North America. All alphas had to participate in the challenges set forth by the dragon council. Robyn is kidnapped and beaten almost to death. She suddenly appears outside of his clan's gate. They stop denying their attraction. But they never find peace for long. Adrian is tasked by the fae king Oberon to find his missing daughter. She was spelled by a fairy witch as a child to hide her true self. What Adrian doesn't know is he already found her. He wasn't the only one looking for her though. The dark fae king and prince are searching for her too. If they gain her they gain entrance to the fairy realm of Faylinn. If they gained the throne through her all fae kingdoms are at risk.

Follow their story of a love so true it transcends space and time. They were always fated to find each other.

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Chapter One- A New Life
Adrian’s POV I am perched on the steepest cliffside this small port town has. It is lucky no human can see me because of our natural magical barrier. Those that can see and try to speak of any magical creatures are seen as telling stories, or even some who obsess are seen as crazy to whatever degree their obsession takes them. I was one of them ten years ago. I knew nothing of the magical world that lives among us daily. Of which I am now a part of. I have my massive wings spread wide, allowing the salty ocean air to flow through my black and red scales. I enjoy looking out across the Atlantic Ocean as well. Even when the ocean isn’t calm, it is beautiful to me. I had just finished having fun scaring off some humpback whales heading towards possible whaling ships. It may be largely illegal in most places around the world, but some from countries where it is still illegal to capture whales illegally. I would still turn them away even if the country still allowed whaling. I pretended to be circling the humpback’s calf to eat, and the mother dove deep with her calf. I could still see them a little bit and I made sure to remain in the area where the whaling ships were waiting not too far away. I love nature. I have always liked it, but now I love it. I can’t stop all the people hellbent on wiping out every living creature on Earth, including themselves. I can do what I can when I can. I needed this day. I have been too stressed about our clan’s moving. I was left a few hundred acres by my stepdad close to where I grew up. It is a largely forested area. I discussed it with our clan leader Jax on moving and settling our clan there. Little did I know how something I thought would alleviate stress would add so much more stress to our clan. Our Red Rock Clan has been fighting constantly with the other dragon clans and other magical creature clans close to where we have been staying so far. Everyone wants to rule the territory. My acres of land will solve the fight over territory, but as Jax put it, many have to uproot their lives they have created in the towns nearby. I am going to finally suggest that I take myself and a handful of other dragon warriors with me that also work for me, and begin building and developing some of the land to allow easier moving when everyone can be ready. I heard the tolling of the bell just then. Sh*t its noon. I was supposed to meet Jax and my best friend Collin for lunch. I flew as fast as my wings would let me go. Even though I am twenty miles away, it only takes less than ten minutes to get to the main hall of the Red Rock Clan’s main building. I landed in front of the building and quickly shifted back into my human form. I still tend to impress some of the other members of our clan whenever they see me in my dragon form. I am one of the largest dragons in North America, let alone the US. I ran inside the building and up to the second floor where Jax’s office is. I knocked quickly and opened the door. “Ah, Mr. Chase late as usual.” Jax said and smirked. “I made it at least.” I said. “And how many creatures' lives did you save today?” He asked me. “A mother humpback and her calf.” I replied. “Yes, well that is important I suppose.” As he made his way over to the sitting area. “Where’s Collin?” I asked as I took the chair opposite him. “Mr. Bell will be here momentarily. I wanted to have the chance to speak with you alone,” Jax said. Great. I am sure it will have some other delay, or issue with moving the Red Rock Clan to my lands. “What about?” I asked. “See, that is one of the things I admire about you Mr. Chase you like to get right down to it. Marcus Greenwood of the Green River Clan called me this morning to offer a truce. He wouldn’t go into much of a reason why he wanted a truce with us. I suspect it is because he is fighting off the clan of dragons from Canada that are encroaching on his territory from the north.” He told me. “So, what does that mean for my lands? Are we just going to stay here and fight off other rival dragons and magical creatures that want the land Red Rock has?” I asked. “With Marcus not attacking anymore, there will be no reason to leave. We can fight off the other clans and creatures,” he said with a lighthearted and confident tone. He is acting as though we only buried our own due to the Green River Clan’s attacks. It is so not the case. I know deep down this is good land and one of the best areas to lead from, but at what cost to lives? I am sure Jax is just trying to take the political side because he is in the running to claim the dragon throne in North America. “Have you asked the clan about this? You do know Marcus wasn’t the only one killing our clan, right?” I asked. “I know this, but now we can train more warriors and better protect ourselves without the Green River Clan’s constant attacks. That is why I called you this morning to have lunch with me.” He said. There was a knock on the door and the door opened before I could respond. My dragon is pacing on the inside. He has the urge to hunt something as he is listening to what is being talked about. Has he hunted? Yes, but even he realizes the balance that needs to take place. He agreed with me to only hunt once every three months. Shortly after, I changed for the first time. He doesn’t have a full conscious without my letting him take over, but he does have primal natural knowledge that every living creature has from the tiniest of bugs to the largest of beings living on Earth. He cares most about the essentials usually, and because I have always respected life, he developed more of a respect too. It has allowed us to not have conflict with each other when we agree on these few issues. I respect his ingrained need to hunt, and the other primal directives he has built in, as I have most of them too. I’ve been letting my mind wander too much, I realized. Collin entered the office, and I smiled. Collin was the first other dragon I found after my first change. We almost killed each other, but something happened, and we just connected though he had his mouth open ready to send another stream of his fire breath at my head. We locked eyes and we both could see we were scared of each other. I got up and made my way to him and took his hand in mine before pulling him into a hug. Collin has been away for a few weeks visiting his family. I have missed him a lot while he’s been gone. “Its good to see you.” I said in his ear. He patted my shoulder a couple of times to let me know the feeling was mutual. Before I took my seat again. One of the main house kitchen workers knocked and Jax had let her in to set the food on the coffee table between the chairs and couches in Jax’s office. “I don’t think this is going to be good.” I mind linked Collin as he sat on the couch to my right close to me. He gave me his look and I knew he was on board with my thinking. We are grateful to Jax for taking us in all those years ago, teaching us to become better warriors, and about dragon laws and rules. Jax was all smiles as he reclaimed his seat. “Why did you call us here?” Collin asked Jax. “Well, as I just informed Mr. Chase Marcus Greenwood has agreed to a truce with us. Isn’t it wonderful? No one will have to uproot themselves and we can maintain this key territory.” He said with too much glee in his tone for my liking. “What about Adrian’s land?” Collin asked him. “Now that we no longer need to leave, he can do with it as he sees fit.” Jax replied with a grin. “You know we are not safe here even if Marcus honors a truce,” Collin stated. “We will be safer, and my warriors can handle other magical creatures and keep them out of our territory and off our lands.” He responded. “Your warriors? Meaning do you mean for us to continue to protect this territory when I have land no one can set foot on because it legally belongs to me and me alone? Where is the sense in staying here where the land is fought over constantly as to where each territory’s borders really are?” “This is prime territory and once I become king no one will dare to set foot in our territory.” He said. “You were right, this isn’t going well.” Collin said in a mind link. “Come let’s eat.” Jax said. “I am not hungry right now. I think I am going to take my leave.” I told him as I got up from the chair, I was sitting on. “What is wrong, Mr. Chase?” He asked innocently. “I would’ve thought it obvious. I am trying to help our clan and you just want the throne. You don’t care that Red Rock lives can still be lost as long as you maintain a territory that will always be fought over, no matter what. I am grateful for all you have done and taught me Jax, but I think I am going to leave and move to my land. I’d rather be alone than to watch innocent lives taken for a chair” I said. He had a look of shock on his face. I know it is more than a chair, but the throne has been fought over for almost twenty years. Not since the old king died of a broken heart when his son was killed by one of the southern dragon clans about thirty years ago. He held on for a decade, but his misery of losing his only son consumed him in the end. “You can’t leave, we need you here.” Jax burst out. “I am leaving. I have more than repaid my debt for taking me in so long ago. You can’t make me stay and we both know your dragon may damage me, but you will never kill me if you try to make me stay. Just let me go. I will go quietly, and you can keep your face,” I said. I walked to the door and opened it. I need to get out of here. It is not time to hunt yet, but collecting my things and leaving quickly may help to calm my mood. I promise once we get to our land, I will let you hunt early. I kind of thought in my mind. My dragon stayed on edge, but his pacing subsided enough so I could collect my thoughts. I made my way to my truck. I live in a cottage on the edge of the territory so I could keep a better eye on the land and act as an early warning call. I am so glad I don’t have many belongings to pack. Most of the furniture was already in the cottage when I moved in. It belongs to Red Rock, and though I could’ve decked it out, I didn’t mind the simplicity of the furniture. It was comfortable and that mattered more at the time. I parked my truck and made my way inside. I grabbed my bags from the closet and opened them. I went back to the closet and in one grab gathered all my clothes on hangers. If it wasn’t a suit, I would need for work I stuffed everything else in my bags for my clothes and items. I was all packed in an hour. I began to bring my suits to my truck so I could hang them in the backseat. I went back in for my bags after taking one last look at the place I have called home for the better part of these ten years. I stepped out into the afternoon light, and I saw Collin leaned against my passenger door. “Did you really think you would leave without me?” He asked and smiled. “I can’t ask you to come with me,” I said. “Tough sh*t I’m coming whether you like it or not.” He said. Several of the young warriors we were still training walked up, flew up, or drove up over the next few minutes. “What is this?” I asked. “I mind linked them and told them we were leaving and wished them luck. I guess they decided to come with us?” He said. “No, no, you all can’t come. You need to stay here and protect the clan.” I said. “There are plenty of experienced warriors to continue to protect the clan as they have for most of their lives. We want to come with you. We will never gain the respect we earn as a warrior with them outranking us always. I, for one, would like the chance to earn my rank and protect a leader I believe in.” Sean said. “I’m no leader.” I protested. They all gave me looks like I didn’t know what I was talking about. Sean was right, though as long as Jax was in control he would never let the new warriors gain the respect they earned in battle. He largely sees the young warriors as expendable. It didn’t take me but a second longer before I lowered my head in a nod. I can’t make them stay here. “Now that that’s settled let’s split off into the vehicles we have available to us.” Collin said. “I assume you are riding with me?” He grinned and threw his bags in the back with a thud. I put my bags in the back as well. I waited to see if anyone else needed to ride with us, but they were all in the vehicles waiting for me to get into the driver’s seat of my truck. I didn’t make them wait much longer. “We are going to need to find accommodations for us close by to my land.” I said to Collin as we drove away. “On it.” He said as he pulled out his phone and, I think, began looking at towns close to the area. I pushed the button to turn on my radio. I am glad I have satellite radio for my truck. I love all kinds of music and I pressed the button for the popular station that played a variety of music from the past and which is currently premiering. Summertime had just begun playing by Will Smith. Collin leaned over and turned it up. I smiled. It is fitting as we just started summer last week. I turned it up louder because I opened my window for some fresh breeze as we drove on. I rested my arm on the door at the window and tapped my hand along with the beat. I would sing along if I was alone, but I am too judgemental about my singing ability. Collin had no problem as he was singing along loudly and not quite on key, but nothing that makes you cringe. He is still happily scrolling through his phone. He would make noises of excitement when I think he thought he had found the right place, but then decided against it. I am trying so hard not to laugh right now. “Whoa, yes!” He exclaimed. “What?” “You’re going to love this. Did you know there is a small town called Black Moon that resides within your land borders?” He asked. “Are you sure? That can’t be right? I didn’t think the land had any developed land on it.” I said a bit confused. “Nope, apparently your stepdad owned a town too.” He said. I still haven’t been able to survey the area properly, nor have I had time to look up anything about my land. I wanted to refuse the land and told my stepdad to just sell it and give the profits from the sale to mom to continue to take care of her, but he refused. I knew my stepdad was rich, but I never realized how rich and continue to be amazed by it. He always took care of my mom and me. He even got adoption papers when I was a baby apparently. He never filed them until I was old enough to understand and wanted him to be my dad. I asked him if I would have to change my name and he said I would not. He even said he liked my name as is because it was mine. Many don’t know that he legally adopted me until he passed away from cancer five years ago. I grew up in a decent-sized, normal home. I didn’t want for anything, but I had to earn things as well. I am so glad he raised me that way. My friends treated me like I could get them whatever they wanted just because they were friends with me. It made me popular, but that came with a heavy price. Layla Boone was the head cheerleader and most popular girl in our class. She dug her nails in me and I followed blindly because every guy wanted to date the most popular girl. She made the last half of our senior year miserable, telling everyone I got her pregnant and when she told me, I broke up with her, telling her to get rid of it. This was because I wouldn’t sleep with her. As well as when I was making plans for college, I wasn’t planning on taking her with me like she wanted. I later found out that she was planning to coax me into marrying her so she could get her hands on my money, and she wouldn’t have to do anything but live a life of luxury as my wife. I told her the joke was on her. I said I had to live in the dorm because I couldn’t afford anything else. She threw a fit telling me that I was being selfish because she knew I was going to have a lavish apartment for us because I could afford it. I explained to her that it wasn’t my money. My mother had saved up enough money to pay for college and I had saved money to pay for my books and other fees. I was going to have to look for work to just be able to feed myself. That was when she threatened to tell everyone I got her pregnant and I was abandoning her and our baby. I spent weeks avoiding people because the pressure was getting to be too much. I was exonerated a few weeks later when she was in cheerleader practice. She was wearing white sweats and apparently her period began during practice. The other girls freaked out thinking she needed to go to the hospital because she was losing the baby. Her best friends offered to drive her, and she refused them. Their panic was evident that she was in real danger of something very bad happening to the baby or her. She finally confessed in front of all of them and some of the basketball team that she wasn’t pregnant. That she had lied. She gave them a sob story of stress and half-heartedly apologized to me to save face with her friends. She started dating someone else and continued her rule as the most popular girl after that debacle. I just kept my head down for the rest of my senior year. I even retreated from the main light as best I could once I turned eighteen. That was when I first changed into my dragon that I didn’t even have a clue that I was one. “Earth to Adrian.” Collin said as he turned the radio down some. “Uh, sorry what were you saying?” “I said that there is a motel that should give us a place to sleep until we can decide what to do with the land.” He said. “Fine. Here.” I said as I pulled my wallet out of my back jeans pocket. Use my visa to make reservations,” I said. Collin had to call because they didn’t have a website to reserve the rooms. I heard him asking how many rooms were available and, with luck, they all were. He booked all the ten rooms they had available for us. We’re going to have to share rooms, but I don’t think that will be an issue. It was going to be another four hours on the road before we got there. I spotted a gas station with a McDonald’s attached. I pulled in and went to one of the pumps. I quickly got out and motioned for the others to find a pump. “Hey, pump the gas please so I can set up and pay for their gas too.” I said. Collin jumped out of the truck, and I swiped my card so he could begin fueling my truck. I began to make my way to the others, but each refused me to pay for their gas. Technically, I kind of was as they all work for me. I asked them instead what they wanted to eat because it was going to be another four hours and maybe we could grab dinner once we got to Black Moon. Collin had texted them all the address of the motel in case somehow, we got separated along the drive. I went in and ordered all the food. It seemed like a lot, but it was only because I was ordering alone. Once the vehicles were filled, they made their way inside to wait so they could grab their drinks and food when it was ready. Collin grabbed the bag with our food, and I filled my drink before we went back out to the truck. I’m glad Collin moved the truck so it wouldn’t prevent someone else from using the pump. I climbed in and started the truck up. Collin was laying the food out on the seat between us. He set it so I could easily grab my food and eat while we continued to make our way to Black Moon. I forgot how I was really hungry because I didn’t eat lunch with Jax. I scarfed down my double quarter pounder with cheese in a few bites. It was still so hot because they had to make everything fresh. Our order was so big. Collin grinned. “Hungry?” I looked at him and he laughed. We reached Black Moon by six thirty. We checked in and decided to walk to the only bar and restaurant across the street from the motel. “That’s convenient,” Collin said. “Please let’s be on our best behavior. We don’t want to scare the locals.” I said to everyone. “And I was planning on being naughty way to ruin the mood.” Collin joked and laughed. I chuckled at his response. I’m looking forward to grabbing a beer after the day it has been. It was surprisingly pretty full. We had to wait a few minutes so one of the waitresses could clear some tables and join them so we could eat together. I approached the bar while we waited. There was a big burly looking middle-aged man standing behind it staring me down, probably to try and intimidate me with his size. I can’t be intimidated by someone who has a receding hair line and his hair seems to be thinning in the back. “What can I get ya?” He asked. “Can I get a beer, whatever you have on tap, and would you start the bill with this please? I asked as I handed him my credit card. He attached my card to one of those little trays that hold the receipts and set it to where only he could see it, and could keep an eye on it. He grabbed a glass and went to the tap to pour me my beer. He set the glass in front of me, and I drank about half of it down quickly. I really needed that. “What about me?” Collin asked. “One for my friend, uh I’m sorry what is your name?” I asked. “John, but everybody calls me Big John I am the owner.” He replied. “Some of your party doesn’t look old enough to drink so I will need to card them if they try to order alcohol.” He stated. “Trust me, Big John, they are. They all work for me, but I understand your need to be sure and protect your place of business.” I said. He gave a slight nod. He poured Collin’s beer and I had finished my first. “Another?” I nodded. “Looks like your table is ready.” Big John said. “Indeed, it does.” I responded. Collin made his way to the tables, and I waited for Big John to hand me my refill. I made my way over and found a spot to sit next to Collin. “Hi, I’m Amy. I will be your server tonight. What can I get you?” She asked. We started to grab for the menu to see what they offered. “Amy, can you just tell me if you have steak?” I asked. “Yes.” She replied. “Give me your biggest and thickest cut medium well.” I said. “What would you like for your sides? We have baked potatoes, rice.” “Baked potato is fine smothered with all the toppings.” I cut her off. “You get two.” She said. “Do you have house salads?” I asked. She nodded. “With ranch on the side please,” I said. Amy went down the table taking everyone’s order. We can eat a lot. I suppose I am going to need to hire a cook or two once we decide where we want to build the main house and other housing. I can cook, but I am better at barbecuing both like a human and a dragon. I thought to myself and chuckled. “What’s so funny?” Collin asked. “I’ll tell you later. Remind me.” I said. The guys were happily chatting and some of them went and got themselves a beer while we waited for our food to be ready. I went back for my third beer. Big John eyed me. “Don’t worry, I can hold my alcohol, besides we are staying across the street at the motel so we will not be driving.” I assured him. He nodded at that and poured me another. It takes a lot to get me drunk. I could probably finish three pitchers of beer on my own before I even begin to feel any effects. “So, you all reserved the motel at the last minute. Well, we appreciate your business. Things have been slow here this summer so far,” Big John said. “We’ll be here for a little while at least until I survey my land and can begin developing it.” I said. “You? You own Black Moon?” He asked. “Yeah, I guess I do.” I replied after thinking about it for a minute. “Don’t worry, I won’t be a nuisance.” I said. “Matter of fact, I may need some help when I can get to building with some extra hands. I’ll let you know, but put the word out I may have some jobs becoming available soon.” I said. “Will do Mr. Chase.” He replied. “Call me Adrian.” I said as I extended my right hand to him. He took it and shook it with a firm grip. I liked that. I knew he was a big teddy bear protecting his people at heart.

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