Legacy of Rhea: Revival.

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Ancient Legacy of Rhea. A country in the past that disappear due to a failure in their system. Left a massive wound in the world.

Alfredo Hagane, is a Gold Rank Adventurer and Treasure Hunter. The man set journey to go to the Rhea Island by himself... In order to discover whatever the Ancient Legacy of Rhea left.

After he make his way to the Ancient Legacy of Rhea. He finds something that mankind of the Ancient Legacy made. And that finding is called, Rhea Absolut. With it, Alfredo is determined to make his future the best future. And he set his sight, on rebuilding the Ancient Legacy of Rhea. With the help of Rhea Absolut.

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Chapter 1: The Ruin of Ancient Legacy.
What is the best job in the entire world? Is it being a knight? No! Being a teacher? No! Is it being an Adventurer? YES! But what if, you Adventure the world with the hope of finding some ancient Knowledge. Hoping that you can inherit it legally? YES and YES! That's exactly what I'm doing... At this day and age... Knowledge is easily spreadable. But, Ancient Knowledge is just something only nerd like me can love... And honestly, it's their mistake... "Haaaaaah... Haaah... It's damn tiring rowing a boat..." Truth are, my Machinery broke down during a storm... So I'm forced to row my own boat to the Island that is formerly known as Rhea. Which is now in ruins because the malfunction of their energy source... It is pretty safe that it only blow up the kingdom in ruins. Not the whole world... And there are no radiation because it is a Magical Energy... But still... It's a 40 day journey by boat... With Engine, it should take around 30 days. But my f*****g machine broke down two third of the way!!! Now I'm left rowing to the island. Fortunately! My boat is pretty good... I don't need to worry about it breaking down to the water current or the wind... "THE WATER GOD HAS DELIVERED!!! THE CURRENT IS PUSHING ME INTO THE COAST OF RHEA!!!" I scream in happiness whenever the water is pushing me in... Which does makes sense because of the science of the world. The wind will push you into the island... But strangely, in Rhea island. It's constantly pushing you, into the island. Never pushing you away into the island... Which is something intriguing in my part... Not only that I'm a Treasure Hunter / Adventurer... I'm also a geek. I like to know how things work... And because I'm poor as hell! I have no way of doing anything in the main land... "Hmm?" I look my surrounding in wonders... I definitely see a lot of fishes surrounding my boat... This fishes looks really scary. But they're not attacking me... Instead, they're guiding my boat... "This is nice... But why does they do this?" I look at the massive Rhea Island. The Island has been covered with natural forest. Because of the intensity of mineral that was given to the Rhea Island... The island is really fertile... "The Wind is pushing me into the island, the fishes are guiding me, the Island is looking beautiful... This might have something to do with the way Rhea was built... From my Knowledge of Ancient Legacy of Rhea... They're the most advanced country in this entire world... All of great things are developed first at Rhea... Before it was shipped into other country where they learn the way Rhea do it and make a weaker replica... I know for a fact that there's something called the Stone of Life in this world. It made it that all Natural being in this world is working together with the Stone... And the stone is obeying the order of the King of Rhea... Deduction was made by me toward this Island... "Because the blast of energy come at the worse timing... The King can't command anything to the Stone of Life to keep anything away from the island... And it still left like how it is..." Stone of Life is known as the Gift from the God... So it should be unbreakable... It's probably the thing that I can think that sounds correct... "Ooh?" Before I notices it, my boat has reached the Shore... I stand up from this painful journey and then walk on the sand... I turn around and look over the horizon... The sun is coming out in front of me... So the way I'm facing right now is East... I need to remember that.... If I want to go back to my boat, I need to head directly into east... "Okay, Okay... Let's go then!" I grab a blank piece of paper specially made for mapping area... And the first thing that I do is to X mark the spot way on the right side of the map... I'm planning on making quite a big map of Rhea... But for now, this is the best that I can do... Fitting All of Rhea island into one piece of map... Let's hope it's enough... Now, I'm no cartographer or map maker. I'm just... An Inexperience Adventurer / Treasure Hunter that take chances in life... I'm still 18 Years old, It's the best age to take risk... But I don's want to Risk my life on doing something like this. I want to die a happy life. Leaving a descendant at least one... I can't afford to die! With determination backing my spirit. I go straight into the thin part of the forest... Exploring all the things that I can explore. Making sure that the map is open for me... After I search the Area around my boat... I can confidently go deeper into the forest... And I need to actually do that because the Sun is right over me... It's 12 o'clock... I need to be careful so that I won't get heat stroke and sun burn... It's mankind natural enemy... "Huuuft... I've explored quite a lot huh... And I've map all the area that are safe to go to..." There's two area that I deemed safe to go right now... The outskirt of the Forest, and a bit deeper into the forest parallel from the Boat... So straight from the boat, quite deep into the forest, is pretty safe... The beach is a no go. Because there's a possibility of a thing called the 'Sea Crawler' come out from the sea to attack you... And since they're a water creature... They need to constantly go into the water to breath... That's why the outskirt of the forest is pretty safe... Nothing deep from the forest will bother checking it because they don't want to possibly fight the Sea Crawler.... And the Sea Crawler doesn't have enough power to walk toward the outskirt of the forest... The area that I'm in right now is actually right on the outskirt of the Ancient City of Rhea... But it's still far away from the main thing... This is probably where commoners stay... There's a lot of untouched ruins around me... Even though the Ancient Knowledge is right around me... I'm not hasty enough to explore it just yet... Instead... "Let's see what is inside this ruin first... Preparation and Knowledge is mankind best tools and friends!" Only idiots would get excited over this and jump into a possibility of danger... I can't afford to waste this knowledge that no one has touched for over hundreds of years!

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