My Human and Abused Mate


Blake Parker is the soon to be Alpha of the Shadow's pack but still has not found his mate, with his father pressuring him to take a random she-wolf as his luna, time is of the essence.

Maia Johnson is a human, not knowing the existence of werewolves. Other than that, Maia is constantly abused and tormented at home by both her mother and father.

What will the outcome be when fate decides to put the pair together?

The Broken and the Hurt, The Light and the Dark, The Supernatural and the Human.

And what happens when something much bigger and much more dangerous is after Maia?

Will Blake get there in time? Or will he let it be?

Stick around to Find out more

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Blake Warning: This story is real. Every fact and detail written in this book is a 100% true. It may seem unbelievable at first but trust me, you will be convinced, if you haven't been already. All the stories you have heard since your childhood are true; The boogie man? true although he has been lacking in his duties lately. Zombies? Ghosts? Werewolves? Yup, Yup, and most definitely. Vampires? Unfortunately also true. Justin Bieber and Nikki Minaj? Those are said to be only myths so do not worry my fellow loves. If unfortunately you still don't believe me, then please do continue. I envy you and your life for being able to think that supernatural creatures don't exists. Now you may ask the question that has been on your mind; How do I know that these dark creatures exist? You ask, well that's rather easy. I know, because I am one (cue the screams). A werewolf more specifically. My name is Blake Parker. I am eighteen years old and I'm the soon to be Alpha of the Shadows pack. If this is your first time finding out about werewolves then I know what you're thinking 'Wow! An alpha?!?... What the heck is that? Don't Worry. Mr. Blake will explain. First things first. A werewolf is not a monster that eats human beings and whatnot. A werewolf is a shapeshifter, derived from the Greek mythological myth about a guy named Lycaon who decided to be a bigger i***t than me in math. Zeus, the God of the sky (otherwise known as the guy who basically had the chicka chicka boom boom with almost everything) decided to go and eat dinner at this King Lycaon guy, along with his wife and children. When the god arrived, Lycaon didn't believe that it was really him so instead of normal food he gave him human flesh. (Talk about taking drastic measures) The second Zeus found out he got so angry that he condemned Lycaon, his family and the rest of their descendants to Lycanthropy, a slave to the moon. Still don't know how that is a punishment since being a werewolf is awesome. There are different variations to this story so don't attack me with your historical wisdom please. My brain and I can't take it. Before you start getting confused with other facts about werewolves, I better start by telling you the real ones. We are not the monsters you see on horror movies. We shift when we want to. The only time we shift unwillingly is on the full moon, that's when our wolves take over, our human selves aren't aware of what we're doing. That's when turn into a 100% werewolf, angry and blood thirsty. Now I know how fangirls can be, (I am one too, but well....a guy) but please refrain from approaching one in that situation. Werewolves aren't immortal but age slower than normal humans. We live longer than humans too so if you open the world book of records and find the oldest person alive... Yeah that's a werewolf. Werewolves can be killed by silver, other werewolf bites, vampire bites or wolfsbane and sometimes even ordinary items if the damage is severe it would be fatal. Now don't you go all hunter on me and stalk my pack or myself. I am entrusting you with this information my dear readers. I, as the alpha know that neither of you are crazy and obsessed stalkers that know about werewolves. Who am I kidding?!? You're on this site aren't you? I'm too young to be held hostage! Okay moving on to the story, the first time a werewolf shifts is on its twelfth birthday and I can tell you from experience that it hurts like hell. Fortunately unlike the stories you read, when werewolves shift back they are fully clothed, things would seriously be awkward if we came back n***d as the day we were born. (Do not even try to think about where the clothes go during this time. You do not know the answer. I do not know the answer. No one knows the answer. I like to think of it as when I end up losing one of my socks after laundry, and it suddenly comes back. Maybe the clothes move to a black hole in outer space? who knows? Moving on) And lastly and most importantly. We have a mate, a mate is the wolf you can't live without. Your other half, the one that can make the whole world shine in the darkness. She/he is given to us by the moon goddess. The mate of an Alpha would be a Luna and together, they would be the leaders of their pack with tiny little baby wolfies. There is no way of knowing when or how we meet our mate that's up to fate (hey that rhymed!). This brings me to my current problem. At the age of eighteen, becoming an alpha is kind of rare but I do not have a choice in the matter. My father has gone beyond his years of ruling, and although he could have had a few more, this would not have been possible without his mate. Ever since my mother died due to a rogue attack, my father hasn't been the same. Which is the reason to why my father is resigning as Alpha. He doesn't want to rule the pack without his mate and for that I couldn't blame him. The problem is that for an alpha to take on his position, he has to have a Luna by his side and my father has decided to take matters into his own hands. If I do not find her, another random she-wolf will take her place and I don't want that. I don't want to mark or love anyone else but my mate. I remember how much they used to love each other. It is amazing how the one thing that gave you life, just so easily took it away. I unfortunately was there when she died, she died protecting me and I have been taught to know that it was my fault that she passed away, thanks to my father. I remember every single detail of my moms funeral. I was fifteen and my sister, Elena was fourteen, my dad had erupted into fits of despair and refused to let go of my mother's coffin After that he had been so devastated, that he went to our packs local bar and started drinking, completely dismissing the fact that he has two children and a pack to take care of. I took on his role. My real father died the day my mother passed away, the person living in my home now is just a vessel which once contained my fathers spirit and joy. Anyways I really shouldn't get carried away. I really hope you enjoy this story. It's about one, if not the best thing that's ever happened to me. My mate. There has never, ever, EVER been a human as a werewolfs mate. Until Now. My name is Blake Parker and this is my mate and I's story. Stick around to find out more.

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