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Ten years ago, an accident caused the Cameron family and the McLean family to break up and become enemies.

Ten years later, Lance, the Cameron family's young leader, was told he was going to marry Evelyn, a McLean family girl.

"What? Anyone in the world could be my bride, but not a McLean woman. I will NEVER marry that Evelyn."

However, when Lance learned that the girl he embraced at the party is his bride, his mind began to change. On the wedding night. He pressed on her and started kissing and touching her as he always long for. Oh, damn, the sensuality makes him unable to stop, he just wanted to release his desire in her body. He slowly kissed her lips and neck, and then came to the breast that heI thirsted for day and night, and bite one and suck it vigorously.

What Lance doesn't know is that he lost his heart when he became sexually attracted to Evelyn. He began to care about her feelings and dreams, and he came to see her as a true wife.

Lance can't control his love and desire for Evelyn, but the family hatred makes Lance feel guilty. How to choose between love and hatred? How will Lance face his forced wife?

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Chapter 1
“Love blurs your vision; but after it recedes, you can see more clearly than ever.”  – Margaret Atwood   Evelyn’s POV   Was I still in my dream?   I was not sure. I felt as if I was floating in an endless sea, and it was complete darkness without a lighthouse or star. I couldn't shout or move anymore.   In my dream, it seemed that a man was walking towards me. He approached me with an irresistible feeling. I tried to escape his eyes but failed. I could only watch him walk up to me.   I could only see his face in the dim vision. It was an attractive but cold face. His blue eyes like the shining stars but show arrogance. The perfect body lines are reminiscent of the exquisite sculptures of ancient Greece. I could felt the power in him as if he was a born manipulator. He bent down and lifted my face with his long fingers, forcing me to look him in the eye.   I quickly searched the face in my mind, but nothing came of it. As a member of the McLean family, I grew up going to upper-class balls and meeting as many as handsome men of power and wealth, but no one was as memorable as him.   Who are you?   I opened my mouth, but no sound came out. He bent down and approached me again, forcing me to look up at him. He touched my face carefully as if I was a piece of fragile porcelain. I closed my eyes and felt the warmth of his palm. Then I felt his kiss again, dense and full of emotion, just like I was his lost love.   In his kisses, I felt a sense of sadness gradually. Did we ever fall in love? I still can't make a sound. I tried to catch this man because my sixth sense told me I loved him and needed to keep him.   Suddenly the man sighed. He stood up and turned slowly away from me.   Please don't leave me.   I cried out but still cannot make noises—a great sadness wrapped around me. I straightened up and ran in the direction he has left, but I could no longer find him.     5:00 AM, Private Garden Villa, Richmond, London   I waked up as if I had had a nightmare. It is was a strange thing that didn’t happen very often. I touched my face, and it was full of tears. Who is the man in the dream? Why do I feel so sad? My head started to hurt. I looked around and recognized the bedroom I'd known all my life, but I still felt a little out of breath, so I got up quietly and went downstairs to the garden.   The whole villa was a black hole in the night. In others' eyes, we are the enviable McLean family, with hundreds of years of family property and glory, but only I know that the glory of our family is long gone. For our family's future, my grandfather once cooperated with the Cameron family, a Mafia family who had immigrated to America. However, an accident that happened ten years ago caused a break and hatred between our two families.   Actually speaking, it wasn't an accident. An enemy of the Cameron family was planning to murder them, and my grandfather found out the secret by chance. Then my father and mother were kidnapped, which acted as a threat to my grandfather. The poor old man chose to remain silent, and the car of Cameron's family exploded.   Since then, Grandpa has been in a state of remorse, often touching my head and sighing. If he had chosen to deliver the message, he would lose his children. Grandpa doesn't want anyone to get hurt, but no matter how he chooses, the result will be sad.   Since the Cameron family broke up with us, our film business has become even more difficult. Although we still have artistic vision and creativity, we lack financial support. After graduating from the School of Theater, Film, and Television of UCLA last year, I had a lot of ideas but couldn't realize them. And my uncle, the head of our family, has been getting more and more irascible lately.   When sitting on the bench in the garden, lost in my thought, Suddenly I heard a burst of sobs. Who is crying? I followed the sound, turned the garden full of roses, and saw my cousin Debby crying in the moonlight.   Debby is the daughter of my grumpy uncle and grew up with me. There is a deep feeling between us that can't be replaced. She is kind and straightforward, like a princess who grew up carefree. She loves to laugh, but she also likes to cry when she is in trouble. However, every time she calls, her lovely appearance always makes people want to protect her more.   "Debby, why are you crying? You can tell me. You know I will always be there for you and protect you."   Debby looked up, and I saw her crying red eyes in the moonlight. She must be in some big trouble, or she wouldn't be crying so much.   "Evelyn, do you remember the Cameron family?"   "Yes. What happened?"   "My dad asked me to marry the new Leader of the Cameron family, the ruthless Lance Cameron." What? Does Uncle still want to work with the Cameron family? Or, to put it another way, he wants to use his daughter to re-ingratiate a new Cameron.   "Calm down, Debby. Maybe that Lance Cameron is a gentleman --"   "No! He is not! Since his father and brother were killed in the explosion ten years ago, he has become ruthless! He is said to have killed his power-seeking uncle after returning from Italy last year. He's a monster. He must hate our McLean family. If I marry him, I can hardly imagine how miserable my life will be."   I frowned after hearing Debby's words. Lance Cameron had taken over the family last year. He is said to be vicious and decisive that all the Cameron family had to obey him.   Debby's body began to shake. I took her in my arms and stroked her back gently. A lovely girl like Debby should have a husband who loves her with all his heart. She should blossom like the most beautiful rose and not wither away in fear.   "I need to confess, Evelyn. I already have a lover." Debby said shyly to me.    "What? Debby, why are you keeping this secret from me for a long time? We are relatives who tell us anything."   "I was afraid. I could not bear my father's anger, so I kept it a secret."   Suddenly, a tall and muscular body flashed in my mind.   "It’s Diesel, your personal trainer. Am I right? "   Debby nodded with her face turned as red as an apple.   Oh, my God. I should have known. I thought Debby's sudden interest in fitness was due to her health. Poor Debby has been sick ever since she was a child, but there is another surprising truth.   "You know, there are a lot of people chasing me now, but they don't mean it. They want a McLean daughter for a wife. But Diesel is different, he loves me only because of who I am. Whenever I'm with him, I could feel that he loves me with all his life and passion."   Well, it looks like Debby is totally in love.    "And we have already--"   "Already what? Oh my God, did you give him your virgin?"   Debby's face went red.   "My God," I said, holding my forehead. "Now that your father has asked you to marry Lance Cameron, what are you going to do?"   "I, I don't know. If I had to leave Diesel, I think my heart would have died of heartbreak." Debby cried again.   "Oh my dear Debby," I hugged her again. "Remember the bride game we played when we were children? We had agreed to be happy brides together when we grew up. Anyway, I hope you will always be that carefree little princess."   "Can I? Can I choose the happiness I want?"   "You can. Happiness is attainable."   Then I led Debby upstairs, and we slept in the same bed as when we were children, talking about our dreams of being a bride as a little girl. It was as if we had gone back to our innocent days.   But the next day, something happened that shocked the whole family and made me realize that I could not go back to my old days.   Debby ran away with Diesel.

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