INDEBTED To A Tyrant King

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“Then what the hell do you want?” I snapped, standing up, unable to sit.

“Everything. I want everything. Your every desire. Every thought. Every want. I want to own you, every inch of you. Inside and out.” By the time he finished, his blue eyes were like dark storms, and they seemed to look deep inside me as if he could just snatch out my thoughts from my mind just by his will.

“You can have it.” The words were out before I could give them another thought. He sat still, almost frozen as he looked up at me. And I smiled, inwardly, knowing I had made him speechless, momentarily if not more. “Except my heart.” I added at last.

The fervor in his eyes dimmed. They flashed silver. Calculating, plotting his next move, he regarded me for a long moment and it doesn’t matter that he was sitting and I was standing, he still managed to intimidate me with the way he eyed me. Then finally he said, “Alright. I’ll give you your freedom, but with certain conditions. And in exchange, you’ll obey me, no questions asked. For the entire world, you’ll play my dutiful wife.”

“And in bedroom.” I added.

He flashed a wolfish grin as he agreed, “And in bedroom.” Then he held out his hand for me, “A deal, it is then?”

I placed my hand in his my whole body coming alive as if it knew what I was agreeing to. “Deal.”

The next second I was on his lap as he tugged me down sideways with his arm around my waist. “Now, why don’t you make me believe that you’ll truly stand by your words.”


First time I met him,I befriended him.Second time,I wanted him to kiss me.Third time,I imagined marrying him.But when next time I saw him,I realised how wrong I was.He wasn't a prince but the Tyrant King.He wasn't a hero,more like a villain in everyone's story.He wasn't meant to be a loving husband.He was more like a predator who lures virgins to be sacrificed at his altar.

Instead of letting him trap me in his alluring web,I decided to run away.

But now I'm in need of a favor.A huge one.And there's only one man who can help me.The man from whom I'd ran away in the first place.Bcoz he wanted something that I wasn't ready to give him then.Me.

Standing on his turf, I'm waiting for the infamous mafia king of New Orleans to grant me an audience.I've a deal to make.

But the rules have changed.He just doesn't want me.He wants my submission.Mind.Body.My thoughts.My heart.My soul.As he said Every-f*****g-thing.


Since I saw her,I wanted her.My obsession made her run away.She thought I wouldn't find her.She thought I'd forget about her.She thought that she could be safe away from me.But she thought wrong.

I'm a predator,a dangerous one.The one who could keep her safe from all the other animals in the wild.

I am Gabriel Wolfe.The most powerful,feared man in the city.I own New Orleans.There's nothing that happens without a nod from me.I'm as ruthless and cruel as they say.I won't stop until I get what I want.And I want her.

I’d waited for her to come to me.I've a plan.To give her what she want and have her in my debt.She shouldn't have run away.And if she did,she shouldn’t have come back.Bcoz now,just having her isn't enough.Now, I’m going to make her mine.In all ways that matter.

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Please take the warning seriously, this story is not about your everyday romance. This will at times turn DARK with explicit contents that you may not be comfortable with. And if you don't like sensitive subjects this may not be good book to read for you. It's for above 18 and especially for the readers who think that they can handle such Hero. Gabriel Wolfe is definitely not a safe hero and is hard to love. But you know, how we love to hate them!!!! No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without written permission of the author. Indebted To A Tyrant King © A. Gupta 2021. All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. .  Prologue Past Gabriel The house was huge, immaculately designed, like one would see in movies with wide staircase in the middle and a chandelier above my head as I waited for the man who I have come to have a meeting with. Somewhere in the house I could hear the girlish laughter and Justin Bieber’s song blasting. “Ahh… He sent you to make the deal…” I turned around at the words to face the man I had come here for. For my first deal. It wasn’t a question but nonetheless I answered, “Yes.” “Let’s go then…” He gestured toward a narrow corridor and I followed assuming that he was going to his office. The man was fine looking, with an expensive suit decorating his almost six feet stature, but still shorter than me. He looked fit, except for the small beer belly that extended from his frame. As he opened the door, we entered in a lavish office, which confirmed the fact that there was no lacking of money in this man’s pocket. The man settled behind his desk and gestured for me to take a seat. “Would you like a drink?” He asked. I would give anything for one, but instead I shook my head. It was my first deal. I had to make the man who had raised me proud, not smell like alcohol when I get to him with the contract. “Let's look over the contract. I have things to do.” I said, levelling a glare on the man who seemed in a jolly good mood and it was getting on my nerves. “Sure, sure…” It was after about forty five minutes later that the man extended his hand to bid me farewell. “I believe we’ll become good friends and regular business partners.” I looked at the hand and then at his face, I didn’t tell him that he looked too soft for such kind of business, but I shook his hand and said, “Let’s see, Mr. Cavanagh.” As he started to withdraw his hand, I tightened my grip and although my words came out soft, no one can misunderstand the warning in them, “I hope everything goes fine in here, because this is my first deal and I won’t sit and smile if something goes down.” The man looked at me with wide eyes blinking and then he smiled. “Of course not.” We exited his office and he chattered about mundane things while I thought about how I would tell Bosh that I would like do something more exhilarating than having deals signed in closed office rooms. As we turned the corner, a small red haired girl came barrelling toward us with her skinny thin arms open and curls bouncing on her shoulders. “Daddy!!!” I couldn’t see her face as she bypassed me and jumped the man beside me. “Hey, Cinderella…” Mr. Cavanagh laughed, picking up his daughter. “Daddy, you said that you’ll take us to Disneyland. It’s my birthday!!” The little girl shrieked. I could hear the adorable pout in her voice. “Oh, we’ll go there, Cinderella.” The girl put her face on her father’s shoulder and looked at me when Mr. Cavanagh said, “Say hello to Mr. Gabriel, he is father’s new friend.” The girl shied away but murmured softly, “Hello…” It took me sometime to respond back as my eyes were transfixed on hers. They were the rare shade of purple with grey outlines. Her plump cheeks were rosy as she looked at me, blinking and waiting. Looking at the man who was her father, no one would believe that she was in fact his daughter. The man was ordinary while this beauty was exceptional. With flaming red hair framing her small cute face and eyes like those purple gems…. She was… beyond my words. I cleared my throat and replied, “Hello. What’s your name?” My fingers itched to touch her hair to know if they were real. “My name is Summer, but my Daddy calls me Cinderella. She had blonde hair though,” The girl answered. “Summer.” I repeated, testing the name on my lips. “Its suits you.” It did with her flaming red hair. “My mommy named me!!” She blurted out and then, “Today’s my birthday! We are going to party in Disneyland, you can come…” I smiled genuinely, a first as long as I remembered. “I would love to. But may be other time.” Summer pouted adorably and leaned back on her father’s shoulder. “How old are you?” I asked, unable to quench the curiosity to know more about this little beauty. “I turned twelve today!” She answered, with her purple eyes twinkling. I bit back a disappointment that I didn’t know where it came from and gave a nod to the man who was patiently smiling at his daughter. He should be careful with her daughter around the men like me. And I should be f*****g escaping before I asked something else.  Nine years later Summer I heard the shouting voices coming from my father’s study. I heard my father pleading for sometime and I also heard Gabriel Wolfe. Although he wasn’t as loud as my father’s pleas but I could still hear the deep timbre of his voice. And the warning hidden behind them. “Please, you can’t do that.” My father’s words were clearly audible courtesy of the empty house. Everything that had belonged to us, that had any value had been sold out to pay my father’s debt. Everything. So now the bare walls and floors bounced back my father’s words. “I thought you cared for her…” Her. That her is me… If you don’t know. “I do. And she won’t be living here for long.” My breath hitched. My heart thumped. And every cell in my body was confused… because a part of me had always wondered and liked something in Gabriel, when he was just Gabe to me. But now, since that horrible night when I had seen the real Gabriel Wolfe in all his glory, a big part of me was afraid and wary of the man that he was. “I gave you three f*****g years.” Every word from him sent shivers down my spine, and I swallowed as fear crept up. “You should’ve prepared her for it, and now you have only six hours before I come to collect what is owed to me.” I didn’t understand about what they were fighting and what I did understand, I didn’t want to believe. Today was my birthday, my twenty first birthday and all I felt was dread creeping up on me as I heard the heavy footsteps as my father’s study door opened and closed with a bang. I gulped down and backed away from the corridor, to hide from him. His blue eyes were like a burning inferno, they gave me chills and turned my insides in molten lava with just one glance. But I was a second too late, my foot slipped and a squeak left my lips as I closed my eyes shut waiting for the impact of hard marble floor. But instead, I slammed into a hard, warm and sturdy chest and heard the thump- thump of a strong heart as an arm banded around my back. I knew what I would see when I will open my eyes, but still it shocked me when I met his burning gaze. They were like twin flames. My breathing escalated, my lips parted, searching for words. But nothing came out except a breathy, “Gabe…” And then… “f**k it.” He muttered darkly, my eyes widened. And before I could say or do anything, he rendered me speechless and motionless, as his lips slammed on mine. He didn’t kiss me. No. For my first kiss, it wasn’t slow or loving or any other thing one would wish their first to be. No. It was ravishing. It was hungry. Ferocious. Hot. Sexy. And all consuming. And in that moment I knew, if I took this road, the one with Gabriel Wolfe, there would be nothing left of me when I came out on the other side. I would be forever changed. He would make me forget everything except this man. This dark and hungry predator. When he stepped away from me, his eyes flashed silver for a moment as sunlight glinted across his features and it took me a few minutes to gather my wits, to come out of the daze his kiss had created. My eyes jerked to his hand which came near my face, I stepped back as he tried to touch my cheek and his predatory eyes narrowed at me. Then, he leaned down, close to my face, capturing my eyes with his own. My breathing stopped as I waited for him to kiss me again, but instead this time, his lips feathered my earlobe as he whispered, “Later, Little Red.” FINALLY!! Hello again to my already existing readers/friends... And welcome new readers, hope you like my stories.. Hearts and smiles. Stay Safe.

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