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"You're getting married!" Her mother said again, letting the word sink deep into her.


   "I. I'm getting married?" She asked again, and she nodded.

"No no no, I'm already married!" 

"Mom." She chuckled.

"Is this a joke to you?" She asked, her breathing increasing.

"Mom, I'm just Twenty-two and I'm your daughter for Pete's sake...no mother just wakes up and hands over her daughter like a piece of meat!" She half yelled.

"How could you do this to me?"

"Was this the only way!' She yelled again.

Her mother was already crying.

"Did you ever love me like a daughter Mom?" She asked again.

Tears trickled down her face, and she sniffed.

"It's already settled Ashley, we can not do anything about it!" Her Dad mumbled, coming into the room and cleaning his tears.


Ashley is a beautiful young lady, hard working, and dedicated her entire life to trying her best to obey her family but getting married was not her plan.

She wants to marry for love but her parents already signed the marriage contract years ago.

What will she do?

Will she run away and find love?

Or will she accept the marriage without love?

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Chapter 1
The sunset was breathtaking as Ashley Bantino sat down on her beach mat. The blue sky was decorated with different colors of blue, white, and a touch of red. She sighed, her eyes going to her phone. Time was not on her side, and she had to hurry up to the company. Her father was the chairman and she was the CEO. The company was a coffee brand conglomerate. They made all types of coffee and her new project would make the company suffice other rivals. At the age of Sixteen, she had begun working for the company as their sole heiress. Her father Mr. Bantino as the only child of his parents had made it to the top and it was time to make hers as their only child. Sighing as she dropped the magazine. It wasn't every day her mother asked to see her and knowing her mother..she knew she was expecting nothing good. "Ma'am Ashley, what is your view about today's weather?" "Don't ask me that May, it suffocates me knowing that I won't be enjoying the view. It's... breathtaking." She answered, flapping her long lashes. "You have to rest Ma'am, the company won't grow if you die working, it has been Twenty Four good hours and you have not had a rest." "Like they say May, Heavy is the head that bears the crown." Ashley smiled, before standing up and stretching her body. The girl named May stood up as well, as she handed her a jacket to cover her body. She had a bikini on. "Ha, thank you, May. I never thought a coat was needed but now." "It's nothing, Ma'am. We wouldn't want you seducing people with your body." "Such a teaser." Ashley chuckled, but she knew the girl was right. She was blessed with nothing less than an awesome shape that women paid to get. "What's the next thing on the schedule for May?" "Your Mother." "Oh right." ***** Walking into the huge Mansion, Ashley heaved a deep breath. Her slender body had been blessed with a good curve. Her blonde hair had that light that made men drool. Her blue eyes stared at the spacious house, she was neither tall nor short, she was average at height and beauty was an understatement. This was her home, but after the rules and all, she had gotten her penthouse just outside town but there was no denying home. Kicking off the slippers, she slumped down on the couch and watched her mother come down the stairs with a smile. "What is it?" "Don't smile like that Mom, you always ask about things that irritate me when you smile that way." She was no child anymore. Her mother huffed, walking down quickly. Just like her, her mother had well-built curves which made people wonder who the mother and daughter were, seeing that her mother was still younger. She knew how her mother worked. The woman would do good to get something and she was no child again. "Anita sent some files over, you were so close to breaking the rules." "There's no rules mother, you make a rule without telling me why I'm not supposed to do that. I'm Twenty Two mother, and yet all my life. I have to live with your rule of not having a boyfriend?" She was getting impatient. The very same topic her mother would bring up every single time. She hated it! "You went to a party with Josh. How's that not breaking the rules!" Her mother yelled, already pissed. Ashley was not going to have that today. She was not stupid and she was no child. "We went to a party Mom. He didn't f**k me right as we got to the party...why are you so pissed?" "Whack!" The slap came, and she stumbled back. "You don't speak to me that way young lady! You cannot have a boyfriend." Was she meant to hear that very same sentence every day of her life? "Seriously Mom, I've been hearing that little piece of information every day of my life, so why don't you tell me why?" She asked, the tears stung so bad but she held them in. She was so tired of thinking it was nothing. It was not anything... growing up she had met many handsome guys and all... But she couldn't do a thing as the rules governing her stated she was not supposed to have a boyfriend. She looked up, and her Dad was descending the stairs. She wasn't going to let this matter die just like that anymore. "Why Dad? Why don't you tell me as well, why I'm supposed to stay without a boyfriend and why I should not lose my virginity?" She asked, her blood boiling. She knew better, her life meant nothing but a piece of trash, or maybe that's how she felt. She sighed, staring at both of her parents as they said nothing. She knew they had a reason for it, no one tells you to keep your virginity just because they want you to have a good life in the future. "Soon Ashley, soon enough you will know why we're doing this." Her father sighed, his gaze lowered to the ground. She rolled her eyes, storming out of the hallway so she would leave. There was no way she could stay there for another minute. There was no denying the feeling that was growing in her heart. But her parent's rules kept making her feel like s**t. She'd grown up like a princess, dressed in a white dress and taken to different occasions. And there was no denying the fact that she had been fancying Josh Joshua for a while and Damn! if he were to ask her out, she'd lie low for him. Earlier the day, he had asked her to go with him to a party and she had done so. It bittered her to know that he had taken her out only so he could infuriate his girlfriend. She sighed, shaking the thoughts away. It was Sapphire's birthday and Sapphire was going to throw a grand one. Her parents were wealthy, so that wasn't even a problem on her path. Ashley walked into the car, and it drove off. She wasn't spoiled like those feisty little witches that were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Training her to be a good lady was her mother's only achievement. She was just a rich pretty-looking girl that made many boys' trips and still had nothing to do with them since her family decided to trap her with rules that said; She was not supposed to have a boyfriend. And she was not supposed to lose her virginity. Her phone rang and she picked it up. Her voice was low, but the anger was there. "What is it again Mom? Don't you worry this virginity is still intact." "Why didn't you stay for breakfast?"Her mother asked. "I have a lot to do at the company, and I'll go home tonight." She hung up and sighed. She picked up the other phone that had been ringing for a while. "Hello, Abi!" "Hey Ashy, where are you? The party is about to begin and we're still waiting!" Abigail yelled from the other side of the line. She hung up and shook her head, staring out the car window. *** "Thank you, Mr. Parker, thank you very much, Sir, I will not fail you this time," She said, and he smiled. The day before yesterday, Saturday was hectic for her and she had almost lost an important client. Earlier that day, she had rescheduled the meeting, and thankfully the man had agreed. "Your plans for the new Chocolate Pasta Coffee have been accepted by my holders and I'll be sending a contract soon. Thank you so much for the time, Miss. Ashley." The man said, and she stood up as well shaking hands with him. Ashley loved work but hated work without profit. Making sure the investors were out of the picture..she headed for her office. "You were all waiting for me?" She asked, walking into her office. Three blondes sat on her couch as if they had been invited. "Why would we wait for you, it's not like you're Sapphire's parents?" The older one huffed. Ashley frowned, glaring at her as she stuck out her tongue. "We were waiting for Supervisor Wu to get Sapphire's files ready, it seems they wanted her to stay longer." She nodded. Although Sapphire's parents were rich, the girl had insisted on opening a coffee shop and she had taken lessons In her company. Ashley shook her head. The rich girl is still playing. Sapphire had finished training and she was being rewarded on the day of her birthday, how cute and annoying. "So what are we doing today?" One of the blondes named Abi asked. Ashley had nothing to do and her head was already throbbing hard. Well, except for planning out her new Chocolate Pasta. "I have to work Abi, my head hurts too much to party with you guys, besides Mr. Parker wants a five-star rating on this project." She muttered. "You can't do that, Ashy." "It's our baby girl's graduation day and there must be drinks!" The blonde pouted, but she shook her head. She had to take the project first. "Okay then, suit yourself." Abi huffed, as she walked away and joined the others that were busy getting ready to leave for the Club. Ashley heaved a deep breath, as she rounded the table and sat down on her desk. Something weird was going on in her mind. Tch! She had to get her s**t back together! ***** She sighed, as she got home. It was already past Two and she began her plan for the project. "Good afternoon Mom!" She greeted me, walking into the small huge room. She froze, staring at the older man that was seated on the couch. He looked familiar but she brushed it off. Maybe she had met him on some occasions. "Good afternoon Sir." She greeted them, and he nodded. He was staring at her weirdly and she didn't like it. No one would, when someone stared at you like he was trying to check something that wasn't there. "Good afternoon Ashley, you've grown." He said, smiling at her. She smiled back, her lips bringing out a faint forced smile as she walked away. She shrugged the feelings away, licking the door to her room open. Raising her hand she took away the red gown that clung to her skin. Her mother walked into the room after a few minutes, carrying a packet of chocolate and a white sheet of paper. "What is it, Mom?" Ashley asked, staring at the things she held. She was not going to be deceived by sweets. "Uhmm... there's something I need to say, there's something you have to know!" Her mother answered, taking a seat on her bed. Ashley snapped her eyes back to her mother's direction, her eyes laced with curiosity. "Yes, Mom!" She replied, also taking a seat. "When you were a child years ago, your father got into an accident and nearly lost his life. The company got ruined to nothing." She began, her eyes intently fixed on the things she held. "I know that, I can still recall that Mom!" Ashley said and nodded. "We didn't have any money then Sweetheart, and our shops had run down. We were hopeless and no one could tend to us." She continued, cleaning her tears. Ashley heaved a deep breath, preparing herself for what would come next. She had watched movies and talks like these, which never ended well. "We needed money for his surgery and the only way to get such an amount was to borrow. And the only place that was ready to lend to us was Mazza's!" Her mother said, and she nodded again. Now She could recall. The man she had seen earlier was the chairman of Mazza's Corporation. "And we did." "We borrowed from him Honey, we were so desperate that's why we did that.. we're so sorry!" She cried, covering her face. "I don't understand Mom, why are you sorry?" Ashley asked, as her heart was already palpitating. "We made a contract sweetheart, a contract that states that the moment we were given the money. Fifty Million Dollars! You were automatically married to his Son!" Mom released the bombshell. Ashley stared at her mother, her head getting and replaying what she had just said. She was talking to her? She, Ashley.... has she been married ever since she was a child? She thought and unconsciously chuckled. "You're not serious Mom!" She stood up and kept arranging her dress. She looked around and sighed. This must be a video and her mother was just playing her side of the comedy. How could she say that? "I'm not kidding honey, this is the contract!" Her mother said, dropping the paper on the bed. Ashley froze, her eyes on the paper on the bed. She picked it up and blinked. Was this real? "Contract Agreement," She mumbled, reading through the whole paper. "Mom!" She called, still reading. "How could you!" She blinked. "How could You!!!!"

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