The Alpha's Knocked-up Mate

single mother

Elina is a 22 years old small-town girl who just moved to the city with her daughter. She has been a single mom since she found out she was pregnant and she worked to keep their heads above water. As soon as Dominique turned 3 years old, two months later Elina packed up their things and moved out of the small town they were living in.

She loved her daughter very much and the moment she looked into Dominique's eyes in the hospital after she gave birth, she knew she could love her forever. She didn't want Dominique to grow up without her parents. No matter the circumstances that brought her onto the earth, she knew then and there that she was her daughter and will do whatever to protect her.

Kaleb is the CEO of Bentley Corp. At the age is 25 years old, he still has yet to find his mate. He has been the Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack for the past 3 years, which was handed down by his father and his before him.

Though Kaleb is the alpha, his father is running impatiently. The reason is Kaleb is having difficulties finding his mate and his 26th birthday isn't far away. Just a couple of months away. His father gave him until then, either he finds his mate or one will be chosen for him.

Elina went to the city for a fresh start and the moment she stepped into Bentley Corp, she alerted Kaleb's wolf 'Kale' of her presence. He knew the moment he set his eyes on her, she was gonna be his. Their connection was inevitable.

When Elina laid eyes on Kaleb she felt a connection she couldn't quite understand seeing she has never met someone she felt so connected to before. Even the mystery that lies within her, the one she knew little about.

Will Kaleb continue to fight for Elina even when her past comes back to haunt her?

Will Elina stand by Kaleb through it all?

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Chapter One: Moving to California
Elina's POV While I packed my bags and suitcases, my toddler sat on the floor playing with her toys. For over a year, I have had this urge to leave my small town so I decided to go to California which is five hours drive from here. My name is Elina Mae Taylor and I'm 22 years old. I was born on February 7 and have been in foster care all my life. My birth parents never wanted me and I wasn't lucky enough to get adopted. Anyway, back in high school, I suffered a traumatic experience in my senior year of high school which is how my daughter came along. Dominique Alaia Taylor who was born on January 26. She's the smartest baby ever and I love her very much despite how she got here. We have the closest bond which I cherish so much. Her father doesn't know about her and he doesn't deserve to according to me, especially after what he did to me. Most days when I look back on what happened, I hate him even more for doing it. He should have taken no for an answer but instead, he had his way with me without my consent and then spread rumors about me when he was a rapist. So truth be told, I've never had a boyfriend before. If I hadn't been raped, I would have still been a virgin up until this day. I've found men attractive and all but it never went past a few drinks or any of that. I was never emotionally attached to any of them so I didn't pursue them any longer and sometimes that really pisses them off. "Mommy I hungry," Dominique said walking over to me "Do you want a sandwich or nuggets?" I asked her putting the filled box aside then stood up. "Nuggets please," She said following behind me into the kitchen. I took out some nuggets from the fridge heating them up then got her two slices of bread with Nutella. Usually, she would get fries and some other stuff with the nuggets but since we're moving, there isn't much left in the fridge so I have to use what I have. I hand her the food and I then went back to packing. As soon as I was finished, Dominique and I went to the fast food restaurant a few minutes walk away from our home and then got some food. She got pizza while I got some Chinese with egg rolls. It's always easy with just my daughter and me. I didn't have many friends and I never got serious with any guy before because I didn't want to. We ate our food while watching Beauty and The Beast cartoon then got ready for bed because we have a long ride ahead of us tomorrow. I have also applied for a job at a company in California and that's on Friday so I have to be there by then. Since I didn't have a car, Sonya my old coworker is gonna drive us and I'll buy gas and stuff. Dominique and I got settled in bed then drifted off to sleep and just as I thought. The same dream over and over again for the last few months now. A black wolf with gray eyes that almost look blue. He was running with me but he wasn't trying to hurt me or anything. When he leaped and jumped onto me, we both fell and he licked my face making me laugh as he whimpered. I ran my fingers through his furs as he leaned into my touch. "Your fur feels so amazing," I said quietly then he spoke to me which is very off for a wolf. Though his mouth didn't move, I heard him. "Thank you, love. You're so beautiful but you'll be just like me one day" He said to me "I have never seen a werewolf before. You're just a wolf, not a man right?" I said playing with his furry ears. "Nothing is wrong with believing myths love, you'll understand soon enough," He said to me then laid his head on my chest. I sighed closing my eyes. "You're such a nice wolf and really pretty too," I said to him * I woke up to my alarm going off causing me to jerk awake. Groaning, I turned over silencing my phone then stared into the ceiling. Every night I go to sleep, I wake up from the same dream, and thank heavens it's not scary. I would say it's maybe a sign but werewolves aren't real and they don't talk. How stupid am I? I am the type of person who believes it when I see it. I've never heard of werewolves being real so why was I suddenly dreaming about them? Why wasn't I even afraid? Getting up, I shook Dominique's body waking her up as well. She turned to me stretching tiredly then opened her eyes. I smiled kissing over her face rapidly then she giggled hugging me. "Morning Dolphin Princess," I said smiling "Morning mommy," She said sitting up. We got up and went to the bathroom to do our morning routine. I picked out an outfit for both Dominique and me. She wore gray leggings with a white long sleeve dress while I wore a baggy blue sweatpants with a crop shirt. We got dressed and then load the car up as soon as Sonya came. While she drove, I started searching for apartments in my budget but haven't found any as yet so I booked a motel room. "Are you gonna put Dominique in school this August?" Sonya asked me "Yes, I've thought about it and she's ready for school. By then we will be settled in for school and I hope she'll like it" I said to her "That's great. I'm sure she's ready to go to school" She said smiling then went back to the road. When she finally dropped us off at the Motel, I checked in and then brought our stuff inside. It was nice and could hold our bags until we get the apartment. I lifted Dominique putting her on one side of the bed letting her take her nap then I picked out clothes for us to wear tomorrow and later when we shower. I ordered some food as well and then ate while I looked at some job offers as I ate my burger. You may never know if you're gonna be rejected and I don't have college credentials so I could easily be rejected without a second thought. When I finished, I went into the bathroom and brushed my long wavy hair out then pulled it up in a messy bun. My hazel eyes stood out as well as my plump pink lips. I stood at a 5'8 height with a curvy body though I'm a bit slim but I love my body. Since I can't really afford to spend unnecessary money, I work out in my home which is kinda fun especially when I do it with my toddler. Later that night I went to bed early so I could wake up and do what I have to by the time I should be at the interview. I laid down cuddling with Dominique who had no problem being kissed 24/7. I mean she is my whole world and every waking moment I'm gonna show her love when I can because she's the best thing that has ever happened to me. The moment I drifted off to sleep, I had the same dream again. The black furry wolf with gray-blue eyes. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• What are your thoughts on this chapter ? Elina's dream of the black furry wolf?

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