Chapter 6

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When while we were waiting for the Realtor to get me Cora and I were talking and suddenly this very tall hot sexy guy comes up and give Cora a hug and asks her who I was. I couldn’t help but blush when she introduces us, she told him my name was Kinsley Starling I am her new VP of Historical Artifacts, and his name was Kayden Declan he was the VP of Sales and Marketing. OMG, I said to myself he was gorgeous he was six’5 his chest stuck out he has jet black hair with emerald, green eyes, they were so bright his smile was prefect I melted at his smile. He whispered something into Cora’s ears, and she laughed and giggled and nodded at him. Then he asked me what my plans were for the afternoon if I wanted a tour of Baton Rouge, Mystic Commons, and the surrounding areas, I was getting ready to speak up when Cora told him that I was getting ready to head over to the Old Mystic Valley Plantation, when she said that he gasped and looked at Cora. I again was lost when suddenly Nico and Connor appeared out of nowhere Connor spoke to Kayden and so did Nico, then a small petite girl maybe a year younger appeared and ask if I was Kinsley Starling, I told her yes and she introduced herself as Ava and told me that she will be going to show me Mystic Valley when Kayden interrupted and ask, he if could drive me there. I looked at everyone and said sure and Ava said that she would lead the way. I told Cora and Connor I would be back shortly and ask Nico if I could go ahead and take my belongs, he said sure that his driver will bring to Kayden vehicle right away. When they brought my bags over to the car Kayden opened his trunk and placed them in there and he shut the trunk and came and opened my door for me I was in awe never had a guy do that for s**t Colt in the 6 years we dated never did that either. On the way to the plantation Kayden started to share a bit of history about the town, the area, and the plantation. I was in awe and mesmerized to hear the story of the plantation, I was even more excited to get there and see what it looked like in person. When we pulled into the estate the driveway was about a ¼ mile long the side were lined with huge Magnolia Trees on the left you could see the remnants of an old Cotton Field and river that ran through the property and on the right, you see the remnants of the old tobacco fields and slave quarters. They have been turned into what looks like a storage shed. Then you get to the plantation house itself and it is magnificent, it had a staircase leading to the main door, with a spiral staircase on each side leading to the second floor which had a balcony with pillar columns  when we got out of the car Kayden came and opened my door and I stood and turned around and took in the beautiful scene, then we walked up the stairs it was about 5 stairs and walked into the front door when we walked in the first floor had a huge parlor to the left side that lead to the formal dining room it was huge the house was newly renovated. The Parlor had two huge ceiling fans; the Dining room had a Bluetooth ceiling fan with Color LED lights the dining room led to a huge Kitchen that stretch across the length of the house from one end to the other. It had a built-in double oven in wall with a huge professional Gas stove then the sink was a 3-tub sink with garage disposal and three tier dishwashers then there was a huge kitchen island with four barstools on the side facing the front door. When there was a was a set of French double doors leading to the backyard. I opened the door to look at it led out to a huge wooden deck that led to an inground pool. The pool was gorgeous it had a cove and everything then we went back into the kitchen I seen the nock that had a little table with chairs as well with a huge seating window where you could sit and read then we walked out the door leading to the front the next room was the Master Bedroom. It was huge it was the only room so far that was not completely furnished I was getting to ask Ava about the room, and she told me that the Bed and frame were to be delivered this afternoon they had a delay at the warehouse. I nodded and seen that they room lead to the side of the house on the balcony. When I stepped out, I seen that side had a gym and a horse stable. Ava said that the horse is dealt with and that they have been here since the original family lived here. I wasn’t sure if I was told the name of the original family, so I asked her, and she shocked me when she said that this plantation use to belong to the Mikelson- Salvatore family. I asked her to repeat that again, she said that this Plantation was once owned by the Mikelson- Salvatore family with her saying that I had a million questions I needed answered.  I checked out the master suites bathroom and it was OMFG I loved it had a Victorian style tub in the middle of the bathroom with a huge walk-in shower that you could fit like four people in no kidding then and a total of two huge shower head and a Bluetooth speaker with LED lights inside of it. The vanity was a standalone with a double sink and huge mirror with a towel shelf built-in the wall. Then we walked back into the room and on the opposite walls was a huge walk-in closet that had a bench that divide each side and one side a wall to floor mirror in the middle of it, I loved it. When we walked out of there, they the next room was the living room or sitting room as it was called back then it was huge it had a big screen 75-inch curved tv hanging above the huge fireplace, and the couches were amazing as well. I was in love with the house. Ava looked at her watch and said that she must go she has another house to show in Mystic Common’s in 35 minutes she hands me the house keys and the deed to the house. Tells me to finish look at the house and that she will stop by my office later this week and to call her if I had any questions for her. I thank her and look over at Kayden who was also in awe about the house. She also told me that the bed will be delivered around four if I am still her don’t mind them if not it would be setup and ready when I returned and that they house cleaner, and butler will be back later today with the groceries and everything else that needs to be stocked later this afternoon. I looked at Kayden and asked did he want to finish looking or head back he told me he wanted to finish looking. I told him let me make a quick call and we can keep looking I pick up my phone and dialed Damon I haven’t heard from him a few hours I wonder what they are doing.
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