Chapter 7

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Phone conversation Ring, Ring Damon: Hey my sweet, what are you doing Kinsley: Hey boo, I am at my new house OMFG is it amazing I can’t wait for you and Kenzie to see it, guess what? Damon:  We can’t wait to see it either and what! Kinsley: I think I might have met someone I really like! Damon: Are you serious? I can’t wait to meet him. Kinsley: I introduce you when we head back to Mystic Commons, we are going to Cora’s for dinner tonight you and Kenzie were invited too. We still have a few more rooms to look at before heading back I’ll see you soon I love you! D man. Phone Conversation ends I hang up and I go back to Kayden. Who is looking around in the living room at what looks like the original craftmanship of the fireplace! I walk over to see what he is looking at. Suddenly I feel this strong urge pulling me toward it telling me to look harder and I will find what has been lost for ten generations and I will be the only one who will find it and it will call to me. I didn’t understand that voice that was in my head Kayden looked at me and I told him it was nothing I shook off what I just thought I heard and then I started to look at the fireplace closer and then again I heard it, behind the wall you will find what was she hide for you to find, 10 generations have search none were worthy her life it is tie to yours, find the gift and you find the answers to your destine life. I looked at Kayden and asked him did he hear that; He shook his head no and looked at me like I lost my mind. I then moved a book that was in the middle of the fireplace and when I did the fireplace moved and there in front of us was a small little room we walked into an looked around it look like it was never touch that it had been there for hundreds of years, there was an old oil lamp and small desk and chair and a box, that was made out wood and it had three different moons on it. Two crescent moons and a full moon. I looked at the box it was amazing I wanted to know what was in it, I tried to open it and it wouldn’t open. I looked and there was a keyhole, we searched the desk no luck I looked at the key ring that Ava gave me and nothing, walked back into the living room and looked around there no luck. I ran upstairs to see if I could find something nothing, I took a quick peep at the other rooms they were all amazing I wanted to find out what was in the box I grabbed Kayden’s hand told him to grab my stuff out of the car and put it in my room and we need to head back to the office I need to speak to Cora. Third person POV I can’t believe what have been told Cora has been alive all these years and she now is able to break the curse and free the trapped souls in the Mystic Valley Plantation as well has harness the power from the Amulet of light, I want to know how she was able to do it. She has kept her daughter hidden for almost 300 years she will be 21 in a few months and then she will be able to unlock all her powers and she will be crowned Queen of Witches taken her mother’s place on the throne we have to stop them we can’t allow another Starling- Mikelson to ascendant, their family has been in power for over 5,000 years I don’t care if they are direct descendants of Moon Goddess Crone Hecate herself and Connor her mate his bloodline is direct descendants of Moon Goddess Mother Selene, We will end this bloodline and destroy any trace of the Starling, Mikelson, Salvatore blood forever ( said with sinister laugh) Kayden I went to see Auntie Cora and Uncle Connor today I have been on vacation and I finally got back and before I headed to the pack house I thought I would go by the office and see what has been going on when I walked into the lobby I catch a strong hint of key lime and strawberries my wolf Baxter is howling like crazy he trying to figure out where the smell is coming from as I am walking towards Aunt Cora and the person she is talking too and when I get next to Aunt Cora I engulf her with a big hug and she asks me how am I doing Baxter is going crazy he keeps smelling the aroma for key lime and strawberries, I look at aunt Cora and she introduces me to the most stunning girl I ever seen. I get ready to say it out loud, when Aunt Cora links me and tells me not to say it out loud, she tells me, “ because this young lady doesn’t know about the supernatural world just yet and that she is the one our people have been waiting for and that until she find out on her own do not push her or mention that you are wolf.” I linked her back telling her I understand I will do my best, well I finally reach my hand out and introduce myself and welcome her to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her smile was the most breathe taking things I have ever seen, and I looked at her with her long silver hair her hourglass shaped body and her bright purple with pinkish tinted eyes if I wouldn’t know better. I would think that she was a doppelganger for Aunt Cora. We talked for a few minutes when Uncle Connor and Uncle Nico walked into the lobby as well Connor linked me and told me to pretend that I have never met Nico when he introduces us, I said OK. I call Aunt Cora and Uncle Connor that because my father Lucas and my mother Lily were Alpha Kade the current Alpha of the Blue Moon pack Betas they passed away when I was a pup of only 2 years old. Kade and his mate Katie never had children, it is something that happens on Kade’s family side because of a spell Auntie Cora casted over three hundred years ago when my Parents die Uncle Kade, and Auntie Katie took me and raised me as their own and I am due to become the next Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack in a few weeks.  Since I was not blood born Alpha Uncle Kade and Uncle Connor had to get a special permission for me to become Alpha and they told the elders the reason which I was never told the Elder’s granted it I have been training and learning how to be Alpha for 4 years now I have been acting Alpha. I was told they would allow the pack to be handed to once I turned twenty-three which will be in less than 2 weeks. Ava the omega that works in the realtor company walks in and walks towards my mate and  asks her if she is ready to go to  Mystic Valley, I give  Cora and Connor a look, Cora links me and tells me to go with her watch her help her locate the missing Amulet, I asked her where do I help her look, she tells me that when Kinsely is close to the Amulet it will call to her it will guide her to it. Cora said that she will explain it to both of us when it has been located. I jump in a ask my mate if she wants to ride with me. She agrees and we got to my SUV, and they put her bags in the back and we head for Mystic Valley, she was looking at the beautiful site as were driving I was telling her a little bit of our history but not from the werewolf or witches’ eye but human eyes. When we pull up, I was shocked by the transformation of plantation Auntie Cora can’t step foot on the land because of the curse but she is so powerful I bet that she was able to spell it all the way she wanted it unless they hired someone to do all the work for her. Baxter pushed forward to take a good look at Kinsley and admire her beauty. He tells me “Man, I have to say she is the most drop-dead beauty around.” I laugh at his comment and tell him I agree. “Kayden, you know I can feel her wolf, she calling to me, she introduces herself to me and her name is Amora. She said that Kinsley will need help with help discovering her identity, but she will know who she in a few days.” “She, also told me to go and look at the fireplace a little bit closer, and She will find what she is looking for.” I rolled my eyes at Baxter he was starting to creep me out with what he was saying, but I did what he said and walked over to the fireplace and started to look over it. When she walked over to see what I was doing. I just couldn’t help but stare at her while she was looking at the fireplace and then she was looking like she was hearing something or that someone was talking to her that’s when Baxter said “Amora, is talking to her she hasn’t figured out that it’s her, but she is helping find something that has been lost for over ten generations. I silently gasped as his words because I knew exactly it is she was looking for. It took her about 10 minutes before she found a hidden door that led her to a room behind the fireplace and in that room, she found a box that had the triple moon goddess sign on it when she found I linked Cora and told her she found it, the Amulet. Cora said thank you goddess bring her to the pack house right away. I told her that as soon as she soon is ready, we are heading to you. I ended the link and about 5 minutes later she said she needed to see Cora to get answers to questions she has. We took her bags out of my car and I placed them in her room, and we got into the car, and we headed to the Mystic Commons Blue Moon Pack house. 
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