The Defiant Mate

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Jay-la is banished by the future Alpha, Alpha Nathan of her pack, Blood Moon Pack, her lover for just over a year, for striking with claws out his newly found fated mate, told to never come back. Jay-la leaves as alpha ordered, not turned rogue only because he is not yet the Alpha in charge. When she asks her wolf Kora why she strikes the future Luna with claws out Kora responds, "to protect pup."

She returns to university to live on campus to finish her law degree, stays in the human world working as divorce lawyer, staying away from her pack, away from the future Luna who hates her and she knows would never tolerate her pups. A secret no one knows about.

Six years she has been away when she gets an official pack letter to return home, she burns it and defies the new Alpha in charge's order, Alpha Nathan, to come home.

He will bring her in no matter what. She will never go back. She will fight to stay in the human world, away from him and his Luna who would harm her children.

Confined to try and capture her in the human world, as she is well known to the humans around her and can not suddenly just go missing, can he bring her in and return her to his pack, to his side where she belongs?

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Jay-la POV “I just need 2 minutes of your time.” Jay-la pleaded with the future Alpha of her pack, Alpha Nathan, of the Blood Moon Pack. She had a hand on his arm, He was frowning down at that hand, then those deep dark blue eyes she had once drowned in glared at her, at her touch in a deep disapproving manner. They had been lovers casually for just over a year now, but it was all over now. He had found his fated mate gifted to him by the moon goddess herself, and just like that, he no longer had even a minute to spare for her. Jay-la had loved him with all she had, her whole heart, even though she had known that this day would come, she had always kept the relationship with him light, playful and fun, so he would never know she was in love with him, he was not her fated mate nor she his. She just wanted to wish him well and let him know that she was going to leave and finish her law degree on campus full time, that she would be interning on her breaks and so wouldn’t be coming home for the next 2 years at least. Jay-la just couldn’t watch him with his fated mate, watch how happy they would be, how in love, see them around making out and getting all hot and heavy, when it used to be her and him, it would just cause her too much heartache. She would never tell him that though. As she stood there clinging to his arm pleading for just 2 minutes of his time, she was trying to smile up at him brightly like she always did, his fated mate Sophia walked into the room, glared at Jay-la and the way she was holding onto him. Sophia did not care about the fact that Nathan and Jay-la had been friends since childhood, for 20 years they had known each other, a fun friendship that she cherished. Sophia’s wolf snarled at the sight before her and Sophia yelled “get your filthy dirty paws off of my mate.” she had stalked over and yanked Jay-la’s hand off of his arm, and yanked her away from Nathan, her other hand had stuck her, slapping her face so hard that Jay-la staggered a step backwards, her hand touching her now stinging cheek. Kora, Jay-la’s wolf roared with rage inside of her mind, at the hurt and pain, the sheer viciousness of the sudden attack, Kora had raced forward ripping to the surface before Jay-la could stop her and with claws pushing out of her fingertips stuck Sophia, right back, a full slap to her own face, all claws out, tearing through the skin on the future Luna’s face, leaving 3 bloody scratches down her face, the blood dripping off her onto her clothes. Sophia had screamed in pain from the attack on her own face, clutching at her face with both hands, her eyes turned to her mate as tears spilled down her bloody face. Jay-la knew she would heal and quickly, she had a wolf. Nathan’s blue eyes had widened at the sight of his mate’s injury. He reached out for his mate and cradled her in his arms, holding her to his chest to comfort her. His blue eyes turned on Jay-la, they were so filled with rage, his wolf right there with him. He roared in anger at the pain inflicted on his mate by her: “Leave this pack. Don’t you ever come back.” Jay-la stared at him horrified by his words, tears brimming in her green eyes, it was treason to attack the Luna or Alpha or even the future Luna or Alpha of your pack and her wolf had just done that, attacked the future Luna with claws out. She turned and hurried out of his office. If she stayed a minute longer she would only incur further punishment or perhaps death. Kora whined in distress and pain at leaving him, leaving their home, leaving their family. She knew, as did Jay-la, they would never be allowed to come home again. If he had been the actual Alpha, she would have just been banished and marked as a rogue with no where to go. Jay-la’s steps quickened as she headed out the packhouse front door, till she was running with tears streaming down her face, she headed for her car. She didn’t dare stay a minute longer. What if he changed his mind, what if his mate changed his mind on her punishment, and wanted her beaten and imprisoned or dead. There was no time to say goodbye to her family, her mum, dad or her older brother. She just ran tears streaming and headed for her car. She heard the future Beta of the pack Jackson call out after her “Jay-la what’s wrong?” There was concern in his voice, but she didn’t stop to tell him, just got in the car and drove away as fast as she could to get off pack territory, before worse was to come. At least he hadn’t had the power to demote her to a worthless rogue on the spot. Her only blessing at the time. It could still happen though. His father, Alpha Blaine, would choose whether or not that was still to come, he would hear Sophia and Nathan’s side of the story and judge her from it. ‘Why?’ Jay-la asked her wolf Kora, sobs wracking her as she drove away back to the university she had spent the past 2 years studying at. Lucky for her, she lived on campus and had a dorm to retreat to, somewhere to go. Now she couldn’t return to her pack. ‘Protect Pup.’ Kora howled in pain, Jay-la’s tears burned even more, her heart ached so much she didn’t know if she could endure it. A baby. His baby. And he had just tossed her away like garbage and forbidden her to return. The pain in her chest and inside of Kora felt as though it was ripping them apart, but they had to endure it, survive it for their pup.

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