The Disgraced Daughter & Her Sigma Mate

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When the great delta of Marsh Haven wolf pack was killed inaction, Alpha Calin Preston, his closest friend, did not hesitate to take young Royce in as his own.

Royce's adopted mother and sister, however, had other motives. Persephone and the Luna, Cherry Preston, saw to it that little Royce never forgot that she wasn't a true daughter of the alpha family, and she never would be.

For years, the jealous mother and daughter plot to get rid of Royce and finally succeed when they set her up to take the fall for a reckless endangerment that ended in death.

With her name sullied, the alpha is forced to banish what came to be his favorite daughter.

Living life as a lone wolf for two years, Royce changed. So when she is asked to return home in the middle of a territorial conflict, Royce realizes that she is not as excited to return as she once would have been. Coming back as a servant to the family that she grew up with only made that feeling of discomfort worse.

Waiting on her adopted sister is not new to Royce. It was her fiancée the cold, and easily irritable Sigma Alpha, Apollo Blackwood, however, that turns her life upside down.

Royce believes that things can't possibly get worse.

It does.

Apollo had a premonition that his true mate would come from a powerful family of the Marsh Haven wolfpack. Persephone Preston is a bit immature and bratty but he can surely break her out of that. It's half a year in with Persephone and while Apollo has her tamed, he still has a gut feeling that Persephone is not the one. Then the disgraced daughter of Alpha returns.

How can this be?! How can the disgraced Disperser be his mate?

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The first time she ever saw death, it was a stormy night in the backseat of her father’s SUV. The car's windows were supposed to be opaque and soundproof, but not just any kind of soundproof and not just any opaque. No, this type of proofing was supposed to be powerful enough to block out the senses of the gifted. Or, more accurately, the Unhuman. However, from what she had seen that night, it wasn’t tinted or soundproof enough to block the little girl's senses from what she had seen through the tinted window that night. “What’s happening, Royce?! Tell me! Tell me!” In the seat next to her was her sister-adopted sister, that is. The little girl, named Royce, teared up in the back seat as she quickly averted her gaze just as her father cut the man through and through. He was merciless in his execution in the back alley of his club. “Oh, stop your bellyaching!” said seven-year-old Persephone. “You’re going to have to do it when you get older. It’s who we are.” “I don’t want to kill people when I get older,” little Royce cried. Persephone scoffed bitterly and rolled her eyes. “You have an ugly boy's face and an ugly boy's name, and you cry like a whiny baby girl! Daddy would be so upset to hear you say that,” she further pressed. “If he sees you crying like that, you’ll make him regret ever taking you in! Even if the delta was his best friend. You’re embarrassing him! Stop crying!” Royce’s father was killed in action when she was barely three years old, and just as Persephone had said, he was her father, the alpha of the Marsh Haven Wolf packs’ best friend. Persephone had a way of making Royce feel lower than she already was. Royce was too young to realize it wasn’t coming from a good place. Royce quickly wiped her tears and took a deep breath to swallow the whimpers that threatened to release from her lips. After all, she certainly didn't want to be labeled a disappointment. Just in time, too, as the rear car door opened. “Clean up the mess. Whatever way you see fit." His domineering voice cut through the leftover sniffles that Royce attempted to stifle. “Make sure there are no more sightings of his kind stepping within fifty feet of my club, and if there are, you take care of them, too. No doubt, they’ll try to get it even soon enough. We need to be prepared. Report straight back to the pack house after the club closes. We’ll go from there.” “Yes, alpha.” The door closed behind him shortly after. Once settled in the back seat, Persephone immediately rushed to him. “Daddy!” she exclaimed. “What are we going to do next?!” As Persephone bombarded her father with questions, he watched the little girl who sat farthest away, her eyes reflecting sadly through the rain-spotted window. “Royce,” the alpha called the little girl. It took a moment, but she finally responded by turning to him with a soft smile, one that did not reach her eyes. The great alpha’s eyes transitioned from cold frustration to a slightly softer concern. He seemed to notice that this little one was far more sensitive and reserved than his rambunctious Persephone. “Are you alright?” he asked her. Persephone didn’t like it when her father gave Royce too much attention. Royce would not admit aloud that she saw this, but her actions proved that she was not blind to it, as every time situations like this happened, she’d glance at her adopted sister before responding. “I’m fine!” she said with hardly a hint of hesitation and far too much excitement. “Are you sure?” Before Royce could answer, Persephone did for her. “She said she’s okay, Daddy! Can we go now? I want to go!” “I’d like to hear it from Royce, sweetheart,” said the alpha. Then all eyes were on Royce, and her eyes were on the little girl sitting snug in her father’s arms with a fierce frown on her face. “You’re okay, right, Roy?” said Persephone. This wasn’t a concerning inquiry, however. In fact, it was no inquiry at all but a statement disguised as a question. In reality, Persephone was telling Royce that she was okay and that she was going to tell the alpha this as well. Whether it was true or not. “I’m okay,” Royce quickly squeaked with a continued small lift of the corner of her lip. Just like before, this one did not reach her eyes. The alpha knew better. Something was bothering the little one, and though he wanted to get down to the bottom of it, he knew that he never would. In that regard, Royce was much like her father, his old friend; no one could ever really know what she was feeling or thinking. “Very well,” he finally resigned. “Lawson, take us to dinner.” “Yes, alpha.” The driver responded, and the car dug out into the rainy night. This was always the way of the relationship with Royce and Persephone, and over the years, it would only blossom into something evermore toxic and abusive. Persephone was slick, though; she always made it a point never to allow her father to see her true colors, and she was manipulative enough always to make Royce believe that her horrible treatment was only for Royce’s own good. It didn’t help Royce’s case, being as naive and gullible as she was. Or maybe she simply didn’t want the drama. Whatever the case, Royce would pay for it dearly over the next ten years.

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