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Kari is surprised by the feelings that she has for Gael, she knows of him. But she's never really talked to him or any other guy, besides her cousin Ralph. She loves her mate and doesn't understand why he accuses her cousin and every other male wolf of trying to steal her. Will she find out be too late that her mate may have had reason to be suspicious?

Warning: Very Descriptive Wording!!!

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Chapter 1
* I walk into the front office to see if I can talk myself out of detention when I hear a lot of commotion. "Everyone calm down!" yells the Principal Sumpter. He sends Jason and Pam out and tells two other students to take turns explaining themselves. Jax goes first. "Gael ran into me, just to try to get something started," "Then he tried to fight Jason, all because Pam doesn't like him," he lies. I immediately know that he's lying because Pam likes everyone. She also loves for boys to fight over her. "What do you have to say for yourself, Gael,?" asks the Principal. "I was jumped by Jax and Jason because he couldn't beat me up himself and Pam came on to me," he replies with his fists clenched his blonde hair messy and his blue eyes filled with anger. He had a black eye, a bloody lip and a ripped shirt. And even then he was the handsomest guy that I had ever seen. "I want to lick his wounds clean," "Macy calm down," I say to my wolf, while still looking at him. "You're thinking it too," she says. "Kari, what are you doing here?" asks Principle Sumter. Bringing me out of my daze and my conversation with Macy. "Uh, I'm trying to see if I can talk myself out of detention" I say and then I face palm, once I spill my plan. Gael chuckles at my embarrassment and I glare at him. "Sorry" he says shrugging. "Well Miss Trane you have two new people joining you in detention," he says as he points at both boys. "Just leave us alone with blonde" says Macy.  We wait as he types out our tardy slips and all of the information about our detention. He prints it out and then hands a papers to each of us. "I have a job, this isn't going to give me enough time to change and to make it to work on time," explains Gael. "Next time have a change of clothes at school, and change'' "Or better yet, next time follow the rules," "Are we done here?" asks Jax. "So, that I can get to class" (Ha like he's really eager to get to class.) "Yes, you are dismissed" says Principal Sumpter as he points towards the door with his hand. I smile as Gael holds the door open for me. He lets it go as soon as I walk into the hall. "You're going to pay for that you f*****g i***t!" says Jax catching it before it hits him in the face. "I'm ready when you are," "Just don't invite your friend to the party," says Gael as he looks him in the eyes. "Boys cut it out, because if you fight again, I'm telling to see if I can get out of detention," I confess. "What the f**k Kari, I thought you were my friend," says Jax. "Oh no, I hope you're not telling anyone that we are, because, we're not" "I'd like to keep listening to you two bicker, but this is my class" says Gael chuckling. (Did he just say I was bickering?) (Now I'm going to jump him.) I think to myself. "Good thing he's gone you want to ditch this period?" "And why would I do that?" "I can thing of a couple of things we can do" he says smirking. "Oh Goddess no," "Jax are you crazy,?" I say pushing him. "Come on baby, you're breaking my heart" (Does that line actually work on girls?)  "See you later Jax, this is my class" I say as I grab the doorknob. "Hey, I sit two seats behind you," he says looking surprised. "You really didn't know,?" "I uh, forgot" I lie. Then I push the door open and walk in to avoid any more questions. "Kari!" he whispers loudly. I ignore him and close my link. Then I hurry and get to work, since, I'm already late. As soon as the bell rings I hurry out of class and to my locker, to get away from Jax. "Excuse me" says soft voice behind me as I rummage through my locker. (I should have known that it wasn't Jax, by his voice but I wasn't in the mood for his ridiculousness.) "Jax let's talk about it later!" I say trying to sound frustrated. "Sorry you dropped these papers" he says sounding worried. "Sorry, I didn't mean to yell at you," I say quickly when I see who it is. "Thank you, so much," I say so he doesn't think that I'm a total ass. "No problem" he says smirking. (He's so cute) I think to myself as I grab the papers. I watch as he walks to his locker. "You can't blow me off forever, Kari," says Jax as he finally catches up to me. "Dude, we've only been in school for a couple of weeks now," "I can barely remember where my classes are half of the time" I say lying through my teeth as my eyes stay glued on Gael. I can't seem to take my eyes away and Macy is purring in the back of my head. "Kari, I'm talking to you!" "What do you want Jax?!" I say really feeling frustrated with him for distracting me. "I said do you want to hang out later,?" "I'm busy later," I say quickly. (Did he forget about our detention after school?) "Just name a time and a place baby girl" he says causing me to roll my eyes. (I can't believe this gets him girls, and they're all really hot girls too.) "I'll only go if you get Gael to go and you have to get a date for him" (Why TF would I make that a requirement?) "Fine," he says smiling. "Where are we going,?" "To the Pool Hall, Friday after school" I say avoiding his hug as he opens his arms and leans forward. I put my hand out to shake his, then I take my books out for my next class and watch as he tries to convince Gael to go with us. At first he raises an eyebrow at Jax as if he was crazy, until Jax pointed over towards me. I actually thought that he'd say no, especially since they always fight. f*****g s**t he smiled at me. He nods and I wave and give him a little smile. (I'm not used to this.) (I can't act like a love struck puppy.) I turn to walk to my next class. I walk in and as I take my seat I see him out of the corner of my eye. I really need to pay more attention to my surroundings. Mrs. Davidson comes in and pulls out a projector and starts teaching. I try to pay attention to every word that comes from her mouth. Because if I keep getting distracted by him, I am sure to fail this class and any others that we have together. After class, I watch him get up to leave but Pam blocked his way. "Sorry, for getting you in trouble cutie pie, if you give me your number" "I'll make it up to you" she says as she twirls gum around her tongue. (Barf!) "No thanks Pam, I'm actually in a long distance relationship'' he says looking over at me as my heart sinks into my chest. (Well there goes my chance.) "Let me know if you change your mind" she says flipping her hair as she turns to leave. "Excuse me Casanova" I say as I pass Gael and his friend Maxie. He was a just a bit taller than Gael with curly black hair, brown eyes and dark brown skin. "Yeah right, you Casanova" he laughs as Gael smirks and shrugs. They move apart and let me pass. "Your highness" says Maxie as I look over Gaels face as I pass. "Bring your funny friend with you this Friday" I say with a small grin. "Okay" he says smiling. "Where are we going,?" I hear him ask as I walk out the door and head to my locker.  "Do you know who is in your next class,?" asks Jax as I change my books and close my locker. "Let me guess you?" I ask sarcastically. "Yup, I'll walk you to class" he says wrapping an arm around my shoulder and reaching for my books with his other hand. "Dude, I can carry my books, besides, someone could get the wrong idea by seeing you carry my books," "Dammit Kari, you keep on stomping me into the ground!" "All I want is a chance with you!" I don't say anything. I don't like him that way, I barely like him at all. But I have known him ever since kindergarten, so I can't be mean. "Kari say something!" "I'm sorry I was trying to imagine myself stomping you into the ground," I say chuckling. "Stop playing around Kari, I'm serious!" "I don't know Jax, we're just 'friends,''' "We barely talk," "I don't know anything about you," "You can't hold my books and expect us to be an item" "Fine, I'll go slow" "Good start by taking your arm off of me" "Kari," he whines. "Fine," he says reluctantly removing his arm. "How long will it take us to get to the hugging and kissing phase," he says smirking. "We're here, thank you for walking me to class," I say quickly before walking into class and taking my seat. "We need to talk after school," he says through our link. "Before or after detention?" I say reminding him. "s**t, I forgot about detention!" he says hitting his desk. "It's not the desks fault" I say trying to hold back a chuckle. "Sorry" he says as the teacher comes in with Gael in tow. "Thank you so much Gael, you may take your seat," He nods and takes his seat. (Why the f**k is she thanking him so hard?!) I think to myself. Calm down he has a girlfriend and you don't even know him that well. I remind myself. Then, I do just like in my other class and look straight ahead at the teacher or the blackboard. Which is harder than it should have been. I think he felt me looking because he would turn to smile at me every so often. I was so happy when the lunch bell rang, I usually just order food for me and Jinx and we eat outside.  "Hey Girlie!" I say rushing towards her. "The food is on it's way, lets go wait for it in the office!" "Why are we in the office?" she whispers. "To wait for our food and to avoid Jax," "He keeps asking me for a chance to get to know me" "But, I already know all that I want about him" "What are you going to do?" she asks after she's done laughing. "You can't stay in here forever" "I don't know" "Do you still have a crush on him?" "Yeah, no, he turned into a jerk" "I know he got detention for fighting with Gael," "All because of little miss slut slut Pam!" "Who's Gael?" she asks. "I'll tell you later our food is here" When we get our food set up, I tell her about Gael and Jax. Then I tell her about our plans to go to the Pool Hall, Friday after school. "Gael sounds cute!" she says. "He's alright, you'll see him at gym" "Tell her that Gael is off limits!" says Macy. "Mace he already has a girlfriend," "But she's far away!" she growls out. "Mace take a nap" I say before blocking her off. "Are you okay?" asks Jinx. "Yeah, just a little headache" "Maybe it's the food" she says as we clean up our mess. (Maybe, it's Macy the wolf) I think to myself.  After we throw our trash away and walk over to the gym. We decide to change our clothes before the bell rings and we sit on the bleachers and wait for everyone else to sort themselves out as they change classes. "Girls come join the class!" says coach Brock as everyone stares at Jinx and I. "Okay, everyone we're going to partner up" Jax motions for me to join him, but Jinx grabs my arm and mouths 'Sorry'.  I shrug and mouth 'Sorry' too. "Jinxy you're a lifesaver," I whisper close to her ear. Then I hear Gael chuckle and I blush embarrassed because he heard me. "Hi Gael, I didn't see you there" I say waving. Then I mentally kick myself when I realize how dorky I must look. "Kari!" says Jinx as she pulls me away from the group. "You, like him?!" "No, he's just really nice and I don't know how to be nice," "Yeah right!" she says smirking. "Are you trying to convince me or yourself?" Coach Brock had us doing partner exercises and by the end of class we were drenched in each others sweat. (I could bathe in his sweat) I think to myself. "Kari!" yells Jinx. "What!" I yell back. "I'm talking to you," "Are, you thinking about Gael?" "No," "Then why are you staring at him, so hard" "f**k!" I say face palming. "Jinxy, I have a problem" "I don't like him, but I can't stop looking at him!" "Yeah, that makes since" she says nodding, but, I know she's just being sarcastic. "Kari, don't forget what we talked about" says Jax coming over without his shirt on trying to flex. "I won't" I say trying not to laugh. (How can I forget, if you won't let me) "What are you going to do?!" asks Jinx. "I need you to take one for the team and I mean Jax not Gael" "No, only guys do that," "Not true, I've heard that a lot of long lasting relationships start like that," I say which is true. "I'll help, not that way, but I'll think of something," "Thank you" I say giving her a side hug as we walk to the showers.  I leave the towel wrapped around my hair because my thick curly hair takes longer to dry. "I like to see that you're getting comfortable around me" says Jax as he sneaks his arm around my waist. "Yeah, and you're getting a little too comfortable" I say spinning out of his grip. "Baby girl, stop being so difficult," "Dude, I told you no touching" "Well can I at least hold your hand?" "He's very persistent," says an annoyed Macy causing me to laugh. "Sorry my wolf says that you're very persistent" I say smiling. My smile is wiped off my face, when I see Gael fighting Jeff. "What has this guy done now?!" I ask. "I don't know, but, I'm sure he can take him" says Jax trying to pull me out of the way. (Don't hit his beautiful face!) "Gael!" "Jeff!" "Back down!" I yell. They both look over at me. Gael still has a swollen lip from earlier and now it's bloody and his shirt is torn just like the one from earlier. Jeff has a bloody nose and a cut under his eye. "Why are you guys fighting?!" "Ask him," says Gael softly. I glare at Jeff. "Someone has to put this Omega in his place!" "And, who gave you that job?!" I ask angrily. "No one" he says hanging his head. "Go get cleaned up and go to class, before a teacher sees you!" I say sending each one in a different direction.  "That was impressive Baby girl!" (Ugh, I forgot he was still here.) "I have to get ready for my next class" I say grabbing my art bag out of my locker. "Wait!" yells Jax, but I pretend not to hear him. Jax runs over and sits next to me out of breath. "You need to work on your cardio" He chuckles. "You love busting my balls don't you," "Ewwww, don't say that word around me!" "Especially, if you're referring to a male body part and not a plastic or rubber toy that can be used in a sporting event," "Okay, but later on in this relationship, you'll be getting to know them" "Dude go sit over there, I'm pretty sure you don't sit by me," I say pointing to a corner in the back of the room with no tables, chairs or anybody. "Okay I'll calm down, but it's natural Baby girl and there's no need for you to feel grossed out or shy'' (This fucker!) I think to myself. I'm about to hurt him!  "Man you get in a fight almost everyday!" says Maxie as he and Gael walk into the room. Gael still has on his torn shirt, so, I look inside of my art bag and pull out an extra shirt, that I usually carry in case I have to paint. I walk over to Gael and hand it to him. "What is this for?!" he asks. I pull on his shredded pieces of his shirt. "It comes to my knees, I'm 5'5, so it should fit you well Big Boy" "Thanks Kari" he says chuckling. "Hold this" he says handing me the shirt that I gave him and he takes off the torn shirt revealing his tight hot body. He's not to big and bulky, but just right. I lick my lips that all of a sudden felt too dry. "Thank you" he says taking the shirt from my hands and handing me the torn one. "You're welcome" I say. Then I turn to go back to my seat, so that I can stop drooling over him. The teacher comes in and pulls a quiz on different painters and their styles. Then he tells us to finish our paintings we started last week. I put Gael's shirt in the bag and pull out a pen to-. Wait! I have his shirt! "I'll give it back after class. I quickly finish my quiz and put on my apron so that I can finish my painting.  As I wash off my brushes (Yes, I have my own) Once you use good brushes, the schools cheap brushes don't feel right anymore. Mr. Hender calls my name and tells me that I am being called to the office. What did I do now? I ask myself. "Mrs. Trane it seems that someone ran into your car and kept going" "They didn't leave a note or anything" says Principal Sumter. Just then the bell rings and students flood the  hallways. "I guess I'll call my dad to pick me up after detention," I say shrugging.  I walk over to the bookcase and choose a book that I've never read before and block everything else out. "Kari!" whispers Jax loudly. "Dude, go to bed!" (Hey, it works on my little cousins when they get a little rowdy) "I'm trying to read my favorite book" I lie. "Sorry" he says before walking over to the bookcase to look for a book. Good maybe a book will shut him up. Gael hasn't said a word, he just keeps smelling my shirt as he reads. (Why is he smelling my shirt?) It's clean. Maybe he likes the detergent? "Times up!" says the librarian Mrs. Vanna. Way before it's time to leave, I'm not complaining. But I'm guessing she waited a little while after Principal Sumter left. I get up and call my dad and explain to him what happened to my car. "Hey Jax, can you give me a ride,?" I know he's going to talk my ear off, but, Gael has a job to get to. Otherwise, I would have gladly asked him. "Sure Baby girl" "A simple yes would have worked Jax" "I'm not trying to pry or anything, but, I work on cars and I can have it towed and then fixed and ready within a weeks time" he says smiling. "Oh that would be awesome Gael!" "Here's my number," I say writing it on a piece of paper and handing it to him. "Here, can you save it to my phone too?!" "Yes" I say softly as I look into his eyes. Then, I look down at his phone and save my name and number under 'That Girl Kari' with a heart. Don't ask me why. (I'm not the type of girly girl that's always putting hearts and s**t) I think to myself. "You ready Baby girl?" asks Jax. "As ready as I'll ever be" I say already regretting my decision.  He grabs my hands and leads me to his car. "I can-" "Just let me open the door for you, you won't let me do much else!" He has a point. "Bye, big guy!" I say to Gael as we stop in from of him, so that I can give him the keys. "Bye!" he says as he takes them with a big smile on his face. "Why are you being so nice to him?" asks Jax. "So, I should be a jerk like you and pick a fight with him,?" "I don't understand how Pam is Jason's girl, but you ended up in detention for her" "He's my best friend, am I supposed to let him get beaten up?!" "If it's a fair fight, yes," "And even more so, if he started the fight," "Which I know he did," He looked as if he was thinking hard about what I was saying. "I don't mean to tell you how to live you life, I just hate to see people get bullied, and, all for what?" "Because someone's ego was crushed" "I know that I've been a jerk, but I'm trying to change!" "Well that's an important step" I say trying to be encouraging. "Don't beat yourself up, you already have two things against you" "What are they?!" "You're a guy and a wolf" I say laughing. "Guys are already so hormonal and when their ego is involved they get worse," "It's sad really. I joke. "There you go again!" he says shaking his head. "Thanks for the ride" I say getting out of his car. "Do you want me to walk you up the steps?" "Nah, I think I can handle it from here" "You go work on your cardio" "We can work on that together" he says wiggling his eyebrows. "Ewww, no you perv" I say before walking up to my front porch. "Mom, Dad, I'm home!" I yell. "Your dad told me, are you okay honey?!" (Apparently he didn't tell you everything) "Mom, I wasn't in the car when it was hit!" "Who's the guy that just pull off?" asks my dad coming into the living room. "It's only Jax and I only asked him because Gael had to work" "But he did offer to fix it" "Which Gael?" "Evens!" I say surprised I know his last name. "Oh the Gamma's son," says my mom. "No, he's an Omega, I think" I say unsure. "His mom is descended from the Gammas of the Alpha Kings and his uncle is a great warrior," says my dad as if he's telling a story about a legend. "But his dad is an Omega, he's lucky that his moms genes were stronger than his dads" says my mom. "Gael's pretty strong, I would consider him a good gamma for you" says my dad with a huge smile. (I don't want him as a Gamma, I want him as a husband!) I think to myself of course. Is that why he's always fighting to prove himself? It makes me angry and sad for him.  Gael's text: Hey Beauty, it's me Gael, this is my number. In case you want to save it to ask me questions about your car.  Kari's text: Thank you Gamma boy.   (Why would I do that?!) He's going to think that I went snooping in his business.  Gael's text: What happened to Big boy? Kari's text: Which do you like better? Gael's text: While Gamma boy sounds cool like a super hero, Big boy will make me popular with the ladies. (Oh he better not be trying to get 'popular' with any ladies)  Kari's text: Haha Gael's text: Call me anything you want.  I wonder if it's too soon to call him Honey, Darling, Buttercup, Sweetlips, Gamma boy it is!                                       

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