Trapped With The Bad Boy

opposites attract

"f**k! We're locked down here together all alone!" I pulled at my hair in frustration.

"Chill Princess, it could be a lot worse."

"Stop f*****g calling me that! There's nothing worse than being trapped down here with you, out of all people, it had to be you!"

"You can't be mean to me forever, you know. If the two of us are trapped down here in this small a*s cellar then there's no way in hell you can stay mad at me. We need each other to survive."

"I don't need a dumbass to survive."

"True, but you need some else's body heat to share with in order not to die of hypothermia."

"I won't die, I can handle the cold."

"Okay, let's see how long you can last without me then," he smirked.

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Chapter One
"I am going to jump over this man!" Some random guy screamed, standing on a table while pointing at another guy who was laying on a different table right next to him. Uh oh, this is so not gonna end well. "Do it! Do it! Do it!" Everyone cheered and hollered, watching the two guys. "I regret nothing!" The man screamed again, flexing his muscles then jumping. I cringed when I heard a loud crash and things breaking followed by a loud groan of pain. I looked past all the people and saw that the guy had landed on the other guy, which caused the table to split in half. Luckily they're completely wasted so they can't feel anything but man will they regret this tomorrow morning. I shook my head at their stupidity and looked away, casually taking a swig of my water. Seconds later the crowd all started separating, the people going into all different directions of the house. Why do I always let my friend take me to these things? Oh wait, how stupid of me, I should introduce myself first! I'm Tori Saunders, and I have only one best friend who's always there for me. I don't know what I would do without her, especially during school. You see, I'm not popular but I'm also not a social reject. I do my own thing and everyone else does their own thing, I don't avoid people but I don't go out of my way to talk to them either. "There you are! I was looking for you!" Skylar, my only best friend, screamed over the music. My eyes widened and I rushed over to her, grabbing her wrist and dragging her outside of the house. "I need to talk to you!" I said in all seriousness, watching her grin falter. "Are you pregnant?" "Ye- Wait what? I'm not pregnant, I'm still a virgin." "Oh right, you've never even had a boyfriend before." She snickered. "Oh come on! You and I both know it's because every guy you tried to force on me ran off like a scared dog. I don't blame him either. I'd run away if some random ass chick tried to make me go out with a slug looking motherfucker too." "You're not a slug looking motherfucker! Like hell, even I caught my boyfriend checking you out many times." She scowled, probably remembering it. "That's not really saying anything though. I mean, have you seen your boyfriend lately?" "Shut up, you're just jealous that I can actually get a man." "You mean woman." I corrected, smirking. "Besides, why would I be jealous of that?" "Jealous of what?" A newly found voice spoke up, causing Skylar's head to snap up to look at him. How she didn't get whiplash was beyond me. "Hey baby! We were just talking about how Tori is jealous of our relationship." She said, love shining in her eyes at him. Ugh, nasty ass hell. "Well s**t, I know I'm hot and all but I never knew Tori wanted me like that." He smirked. I started forcing out coughs, "uglyassmotherfucker." I forced out with the cough, clearing my throat afterwards. "Oh excuse me, that was very unladylike." Matt narrowed his eyes at me and I smiled innocently, knowing he heard exactly what I said in those 'coughs'. "Skylar, I'll be waiting for you in the car." He told her, giving her a quick peck on the lips then walking off. "Way to go Tori." She said in an annoyed voice but I saw the small smile forming on her lips. "I know you thought that was amusing." I grinned. "Yeah yeah, it was pretty amusing. Oh, and I'm going to search for the perfect guy for you." She smiled back. "Sky, that really isn't-" "No, I'm going to because seeing you act all jealous and s**t is awful." Was all she said before turning away from me and going to her boyfriend. "I wonder who's next on your list Sky, I really do." I sighed to myself, taking my phone out and going through Snapchat. I clicked on a random story and watched it, realizing it was Jason's story. I hate him so much, the only reason I have him as a friend is so I can laugh at him with Skylar. Good times. I swiped at my screen and turned my phone off, putting it in my pocket and walking home. The walk home was silent and long, it felt like hours before I finally arrived at my house. I unlocked my door and walked inside, knowing my mom was sleeping. It was past midnight so I'm positive she's sleeping. I yawned and went up to my room, throwing my things on my dresser and changing into some pajamas before climbing in bed and falling asleep instantly.

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