Challenges of an Alpha's Hybrid Daughter

coming of age

Grace is the daughter of a powerful Supreme witch and true Alpha. She is the product of deceit. Her mother the Supreme leader of light witches was raised by her evil doing aunt. Her Father was destined to be someone else's mate. Although she is the Alpha's daughter she is not completely accepted by her peers. She has been told she is special and destined for great things. Grace doesn't feel special, she feels like an outcast. Other members of her pack know they will grow up and meet their destined mate. Will Grace overcome the Challenges of being a hybrid girl in a traditionally male role. Or will love make her choose a different course.

John is Future Alpha of his pack. He is a born leader? Will he be able to accept a hybrid for a mate?

Can this hybrid girl win over her pack of werewolves and become the leader she is destined to be?

What does the future hold for two individuals raised to be leaders?

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An Introduction
Hi! My name is Grace Faith Flintwood. I am the daughter of the Alpha of a werewolf pack. My mother, the Luna, is a witch and would have been leader of her coven. Okay so no I am not making fun of my mother. She is quite literally a light witch. My Mom tricked my Dad into marrying her in order to help her evil aunt get revenge. She was later imprisoned by my mother's uncle when they found out she was going to tell my father the truth about their plans. She later found out that the people who raised her were not her parents. Her mother had died giving birth to her. Her father was killed while her mother was pregnant with her. After my mother was imprisoned and I was born the truth was told to her. My father has spent most of my childhood forgiving my mother for deceiving him for years before she had me. My dad, Vaughn Flintwood has been Alpha since he was 18. I am an only child. I am supposed to grow up and eventually become Alpha. Alpha Ruby paved the way for girls to be leaders of the pack. When I was twelve years old I discovered that I had powers. It was then that my mother explained family history and who and what I am. Mom has been training me in magic while teaching me the importance of respect, kindness and always doing good. Shortly after discovering I had powers I started hearing a voice in my head. Apparently witches have a cat spirit much like werewolves have a wolf spirit. The following year I got my wolf. I shifted for the first time at 13 years old. My Wolf is white with black paws. Her name is Angel. She is fast and strong. My wolf and cat get along quite well. Most werewolves shift for the first time at about 15. I shifted early because I'm special and because I'm Alpha. My cats name is Mittens. She can be sweet and sassy. She is all black except her paws which are all white. We can climb trees really quick. This comes in handy when we get chased up trees by other pack members. Now that you know basically what and who I am. How about I describe the me everyone else sees. I am five feet 2 inches tall. I am as they say fair skinned with long brown hair and emerald green eyes. I am well proportioned, I have an average size chest and still shop in the juniors section. On an average day I am a t-shirt and bluejeans kind of girl. Mom doesn't allow me to wear make-up, however she allows tinted lip gloss and nail polish. Usually I wear rose gold gel on my nails. My favorite shoes are my white Adidas. I am currently preparing for my eighteenth birthday in the near future. My birthday is at the end of the school year in May. So I will be inviting a few friends from school. Since it is what Mom called a coming of age party there will be both girls and boys invited. Then of course neighboring packs will bring their teens. It is a chance to introduce the coming of age werewolves. The pack that I live in is on the edge of town. Pack kids attend school with humans. I am a senior in high school. Something I am grateful for because it means I can leave for college in the fall. I was accepted at a university in the southwest already. My best friend Keri was also accepted. My best friend is human and super smart. She knows that I can perform magic, she just thinks it's a talent that I have. Keri and I are supposed to hang out together during summer break. Keri and I are the same size except she has blonde hair and hazel eyes. My bedroom is soundproof. That is where we hangout when we don't go to the mall. Dad put out an Alpha order to remind everyone not to shift while the humans are here. We usually end birthday parties and other celebrations just before dusk so the humans can safely leave the territory. I have filled in all the invitations and will pass them out at school tomorrow. Dad sent out invites via email earlier today. Some of the packs have responded that they will be coming. My dad has a business associate with a son that occasionally visits. He is one year older than me. He is really hot. I mean seriously I would gladly give it up to this guy. I don't think he likes me though. Who can blame him why would such a hotty want a hybird like me? I can only fantasize about getting a mate as good looking and confident as John. meanwhile.. I am on my way to Flintwood to clear my name with the Alpha. I am the heir to the Sparkling Waters pack and its company. My destined mate is also the heir to Flintwood pack and their hotel chain. She is a hybrid, half witch and half wolf. Although I have yet to decide if I should accept her as my mate, she is drop dead gorgeous. I get a hard on every time I get near her. So I just avoid her when I can. To complicate things, I recently found I was adopted and have a twin brother. My twin brother is my complete opposite and has been wreaking havoc on my life. I have yet to be able to catch up with him. Luckily he has blue eyes, whereas mine are steely grey. This is my saving grace for proving I am not the womanizing scoundrel that my brother has portrayed me to be in social media and the news. My brother is your typical bad boy that apparently has made it his mission to ruin my reputation. Until recently I was unaware I am adopted let alone a twin. My parents didn't raise us together. My biological father raised him. They are not successful in business and are envious of my adopted family.

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