Enemies Twin

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This is the continuation of Enemie’s Lover.

The return of the the twin of the witch who helped entrap Hades brings chaos to the Castor siblings. She knew who they were the moment they stepped foot in Willowsfield, she started her plotting as revenge for her twin who was mated to her lover many years ago..

Nina and her brother now remember their long lost sister, Nina’s twin Nora. As they continue their search for her they each have their own situations to deal with.

While Asher wonders off in search for his mate who left to continue her birthright as a Whitlock. Nina asks her mate, the Alpha King to help find her twin sister.

All the while she discovers the very person who caused the war with her people and becomes conflicted by all she found out.

Nevins encounters a few dramas with his mate while struggling to help Isaac fill in for Asher. Isaac continues to try and fix his broken relationship with his mate. Until Isaac uncovers something unsettling about his entire mate bond.

How will the Casters react when they each discover a secret of their bloodlines past? What will happen when Nina can't forgive and forget the past.. Even for her mate? The war that killed her parents and wanted her kind extinction was the beginning of the very law her brother will now attempt to remove. But at what cost? Will another war begin because of that very law..

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1. Lake House

Nina's POV. 


"Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm a werewolf, you're a witch, but I love you for you," Mateo said beside me. We were lying on the dock that was on the edge of the lake. 


"I love you too," I whispered back to Mateo.  


The smile on my lips never left as we both sat up. He leaned in towards me about to kiss me, but his phone rang. Stopping our lips from touching. 


He sighed as we stopped mid-air. "Hold that thought." He gave an apologetic look before he got up and answered his phone call. Standing up, Mateo walked away from where we lay. 


"Hurry back!" I chuckled while watching him walk away before I laid back down on the dock. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath. I felt more relaxed this week, more than I had a few weeks my siblings and I spent hiding away. When I wasn’t allowed to see Mateo because my brothers and I didn’t know if we could trust him. Those weeks felt like torture to me and also to my brother, Isaac. 


The last two weeks, however, have been great. I spent most of it with my mate, Mateo. School starts tomorrow and I couldn’t wait to go back. It was the one place where I could be with my friends and… To just be me. There were no werewolves or witches or any other creatures. There were just teenagers attending high school.  


I felt relaxed as I inhaled the fresh air of the forest and lake surroundings. My eyes were closed shut while I listened to the sound of birds chirping, their sound floating in the wind. I felt the warmth of the sun kissing my skin. The light blue bikini I wore was hugging my skin as if it was made for me. Then again, Mateo is the one that bought them, so I assume he knew they would fit me perfectly.  


I felt at peace here, it was great to have a little getaway from all that has happened. I felt like I needed it. I felt so relaxed and I knew I was safe, I sensed I was safe.  


All of a sudden, I felt two strong arms wrap around me. Picked me up and threw me. My eyes flew open and before I could register what was going on. I was in the air about to hit the water. It was too late.  


Splash... The sound of the impact into the water was all I could hear as I went under. The second I came back up to the surface, I heard laughing. I looked at the culprit… My mate.  


"That was so funny," he said between breaths. "You should of.." Mateo stopped laughing once he realised that he was levitating in the air. "Don’t think about it!" He said in a serious tone while giving me a deadly glare. 


Ignoring him, I flicked my wrist and he landed in the water not too far from me. As quickly as I could, I swam to the edge of the dock and pulled myself out. The moment I got out of the water, I had just seen Mateo come up from the water. Now it was my turn to laugh. The look on his face was priceless. At first, he looked like he was lost... He was franticly looking around for me. That is until he heard me laugh. I was laughing so hard that tears began to form from it. My mate looked grumpily at me as he swam towards me. Mateo pulled himself out of the water and sat beside me. 


"That’s cheating!" he declared.  


"Really?" I played dumb. "How so?" I asked just to annoy him. I knew the answer. 


"You can't just use magic in the open whenever you feel like it." He wasn’t playing anymore, he was really angry with me. 


"Babe, come on. We are the only ones at this lake house. You’re an Alpha, you would easily sniff out another person or creature here. And I'm a witch… A royal witch with the gift of sight… I would have sensed another person or being here as well. Also, it's not cheating. You used your wolf speed to sneak up on me so that I couldn't hear you coming. So that made me entitled to use my birthright too. Even Mason can agree with that." I pointed out facts and I didn’t forget to include his wolf, who is also my mate. 


“Well, that's not fair! Mason agrees with you on everything,” he shot back.   


“Cause he knows I'm always right." I shrugged my shoulders and laughed at him.  


As quickly as I could, I got up and sprinted towards the lake house before I heard Mateo get up to chase me. I was laughing so much that I gasped for oxygen just as I got to the door. 


"What did you say?" Mateo scooped me up in his arms. 


"Nothing.." I said, trying to catch my breath. 


Mateo opened the door and carried me inside. I was still laughing but that all changed once he placed me on the couch. Mateo slammed his lips onto my lips while holding my chin with his right hand. He was kneeling down on the floor in front of me. I wanted to close the gap between us, I felt like I needed to.  


I had managed to make my way onto his lap, causing him to sit on the floor. One of my arms was wrapped around his neck, and the other hand was on his shoulder. Mateo began to move his left hand slowly down to my tights before he gripped my right buttocks in his hand. I quickly broke away from our kiss as I let out a squeal… Mateo quickly pulled me back into our kiss before I could say anything. 


"Hmmm" someone clearing their throats caused us to pull away from each other. " Sorry to interrupt but didn’t you ask me to pick you two up?" It was Ryan with a huge smirk on his face. 


"Yes, I did." At that moment I was embarrassed about being caught on the floor like that. 


I got off of Mateo and stood up while he followed. He passed me his t-shirt while shielding my body from Ryan. I put his t-shirt over my head and let the huge shirt cover my body.  


"Just give us a second, Ryan," Mateo asked, and Ryan quickly obliged to his Alpha's wish. 


"Of course," he replied before he left us alone.  


The second he was out of sight and not in earshot of us, Mateo grabbed me by the waist and pulled me close to him. 


"Will you really be returning to school for your final year?" He asked as he stared at my lips. 


I couldn’t help the smile that formed, "I already told you that I would be there... I wasn’t lying." I reassured him.  


"Good," he whispered. He leaned in to meet my lips, because he was taller than me. Our lips met for the second time in the last few minutes. I moved to the rhythm of his lip movements. He was starting to deepen the kiss as he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waistline.  


"Hmm.. " we broke apart again from Ryan, clearing his throat.  


Mateo let out a groan, "Let's get going. We can finish this later."." He said into my ears.  


Mateo ran up the stairs to grab our suitcases. "Luna.." Ryan began to speak but I cut him off. 


"You are my friend Ryan... Just call me Nina like always. Me being Mateo's mate doesn't change the fact that we were friends first." I told him, and he nodded his head at my words. 


"You'll see Nina at school tomorrow... Your mother won't let you miss the first day of your senior year." Ryan said as Mateo came back downstairs and wrapped his arms around me. 


"I know she is spending the night at the pack house. She will also be meeting my mother tonight and I will be accompanying her to school in the morning." He rolled his eyes at Ryan but gave me a sweet smile while placing a kiss on my lips again.  


Ryan walked out of the house with the suitcases that Mateo had brought from upstairs. 


“Mateo, slow down, I'm not going anywhere.” I gave him an innocent smile. 


“Nina, I cannot wait to show you my room,” Mateo smirked at me. "Once you see it, you can teleport there whenever you want." He added. 


“I don’t know, my brother basically has certain rules for the spells I can cast,” I replied. 


“Which brother? Cause I’m sure Asher and Nevins are distracted. And Isaac is basically on my side now..” He questioned. My mate knew my brothers very well since he got to know them better in the two weeks that passed. 


I sighed, “Fine! But don’t expect the teleportation spell to be a regular thing! Asher might not approve of it. The last time I used it to go on that date with you I got grounded," I said as I looked up at him. 


"It's Isaac I'm more worried about." He retorted. "And yes, I remember that very well." He added.  


I couldn’t help the laugh that escaped my mouth. Mateo kissed my forehead, causing my laugh to die down. He slowly began to leave a trail of kisses from my forehead moving down my cheek to my neck. A low moan left my lips as he began to kiss the spot on my neck where he would one day mark me. At least I hoped for the day to come soon if my brother manages to lift the mating law, that is. 


"Oh, goddess!" It was Ryan, again. "Can we leave already? There will be plenty of time for all that." He said playfully while making kissing sounds to mock us. "Also, I'd like to get back to my mate, so I could also do all that." He added before he picked up one of the suitcases. 


Mateo wrapped his arm over my shoulder as we walked out of the house. I walked over to the rover, Ryan drove here in and stood by the passenger side.  


"Here, unlock the door." Mateo passed me the car keys that Ryan just threw at him. "I need to speak to Ryan for a second." I looked at him with a questioning look. "It's just pack business, it will be quick." He added, I nodded my head. 


I unlocked the door as he and Ryan walked back into the lake house and got into the car. I put the key in and turned the car on. It was a bit warm this evening so I thought I'd turn on the air-con in the car. I leaned back in the passenger seat and closed my eyes for just a second. Before I even knew it, I drifted off to sleep. 


I woke and found myself standing in an open field. The same field that was just outside of Asher's barrier to the castle we lived in. It seemed so real that I almost thought it was real, but I knew it was just a dream. A feeling that I was all too familiar with had me knowing I was dreaming. If it wasn’t for my gift, I would have thought it was real. 


I looked in every direction of the field. I was wondering why I would be dreaming of this field. The blue sky was clear as the sun shone onto the ground. Everything was in full bloom, from the trees to the meadows to the grass and its flowers. The birds were even chirping lively to a tune as they flew from tree to tree.  


It was spring here and it almost seemed like I was in the real world. I was surprised because the last time I had such a dream I was met by darkness. Although it was from Eliphas reaching out to me at that time. Who was reaching out this time?  


A chill ran down my spine. Immediately, I felt like the person, the being or whatever you call it, wasn’t nice. It may look like a beautiful scene, but my gift had me sense that it was far from that. It was all a front from the bigger picture.  


I looked north to where the castle was hidden behind my brother's barrier. However, it wasn’t hidden. I could see it from her. East is where the sea meets the land and as I turned to look south, I saw a black figure coming towards me. I was just about to turn and run to the figure that I knew was Eliphas. I hadn't seen him in so long and had seen his black figure in the light. It was strange to me.  


"Eliphas!" I called out, but soon my smile faded. It faded because of what I felt as he got near me. 


"Nina.." He began in the familiar voice I was used to. "I don’t have long, I have been trying to speak to you for so long. Listen, your grandmother Alice... When she was your age, she accidentally put a crack in the gate. She thought she just helped keep the gates locked but she .." he trailed off and looked over his shoulder. "Whoever got locked in the underworld with Hades the first time Hecate trapped him. We don’t know if they had gotten out. I'm aware of the demon Crowly. He caused a lot of trouble for your grandmother in her days. However, I'm not sure who else got out. If any of them did get out, I'm afraid they would be either very powerful demons or even one of the other many evils. See Hades had daughters that were just as evil as he and the traitors that followed the leader of the shadow coven. The cruel and evilest of witches got trapped with him. I fear one of them managed to get through. The Whitlocks usually contain those evils as they are the guardians of the gate. Asher is the only one strong enough to get rid of these evils. I can't tell you why yet. Asher must find out for himself. Just as Alice found out on her own." I tried to keep up with him as he spoke with panic in his voice.  


"I've only ever seen you so calm. Why is this worrying you?" I asked. 


"One day you will know why it worries me, but now I need you to tell Asher to find it. He knows what he needs to search for." I was confused. 


"But.. What does that mean? " I began. 


"He knows." His voice began to sound fuzzy like someone was playing with the radio signal. 


The sky above me began to turn grey and almost dark enough to become pitch black.  


"What is happening?" I looked around. 


"The gates on this side... Hades started banging on the door after so many centuries." I explained. "Time is the only thing you have on your side, Nina." He added as his voice faded. 


"Eliphas?" I said and all of a sudden I saw his black figure disappear. "Eliphas?!" I called out again as I looked in every direction. 


Everything was turning black around me as I felt fear rise in me. The darkness had taken over everything in the field, the sky was no longer blue. I turned and ran to where I saw the light, but the darkness was closing in quickly. It didn’t take long for the darkness to blind me and the pitch black was all I could see. I tried to stay calm but someone grabbed my wrist, which caused me to scream as two golden yellow eyes appeared in front of me. 


"Nina.." The voice said.  


I saw a man holding onto my wrist. He had pale skin, and long black hair and his eyes were red. The man's white teeth began to form an evil grin. It only caused me to scream louder as I attempted to fight him by tightening his hold on my wrist. I could feel the presence of pure evil by just staring at this man. The feeling I felt when having a sense of things was going haywire. 


"Nina! Wake up!" The man spoke in a familiar voice. It took a while for me to slowly come to as I felt my body shake. "Nina!" It was Mateo's voice. "Are you Okay?" He asked with a worried look on his face.  


"What?.." I looked around and realised that I was still in the car outside the lake house. I wasn’t on the field at all. I knew it wasn’t real but it felt real. "I just had a bad dream," I said to him, but he looked at me concerned.  


"Okay .. uh well, we are leaving now. Ryan is just making sure Sam's lake house is locked up." Sure enough, Ryan got in the backseat of the car and we left. 


The entire drive, Mateo looked at me with concern. We were mates, so I understood his concern, especially since I had explained my gift to him. Although we were fully mated, I knew he could sense the fear coming off me right now. I tried to think about something else but I couldn’t. I even tried to join in on the boy's conversation but I couldn't. I remained silent the entire time. 


My mind was on the man that grabbed my wrist. I'm sure that it's safe to say he isn't a man. The feeling I felt while in his presence, no normal man, not even Eliphas himself, had me feeling like that. Everything about that dream felt so real. The darkness, the fear I felt and those red eyes that spoke my name... I wasn't planning to even close my eyes during this drive to Mateo's pack house. I was too scared to meet with darkness again. 

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