Colliding Rulers

opposites attract

There were two students in school that were popular for being a mafia boss' daughter. One was reckless, bold and rude while the other was soft, gentle and warm. Both were always the talk of the school, headbutting always.

"F**k you. F**king hell. Why are you here?" Gevia asked.

"It's the comfort room. You mean I can't be here? Are you trying to also terminate my right to go to the bathroom?"

"Also, can you stop cussing? It's irritating." Alex softly suggested.

"Or what? What are you going to do if I won't? Bitch."

Alex thought about it for a second and smirked.

"Do it again and find out." Alex challenged Gevia. Gevia was enraged by Alex's taunt and leaned to Alex to accentuate her words.

"F**k. You."

Alex leaned in for a hard, torrid kiss with no mercy.


Everything wasn't the same after that.

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Third Person's P.O.V It was the first day of school. Students were flocking into the cafeteria, talking amongst themselves. The school was famous for being at the top of everything, including the students' financial welfare. But two stood out among the rest. Those two are daughters of mafia bosses. They were feared by many and shocked many with the abilities of their families. They were also each other's greatest enemy. They were different in terms of personality and demeanor. Alex Samson was a looker. With her 5"7 height and her extraordinary tomboy fashion, they attracted many girls. Alex is non-binary. They are smart and well-mannered, despite the fact they are the daughter of a mafia boss from the side. Alex is the only child in the family. Their alluring emerald eyes captured hearts. Their masculine build shocked the campus' women. They were indeed a heartthrob. Gevia Jones also isn't someone to ignore. She was gorgeous, with her cyan eyes that looked deeper than the ocean itself. She was straight. She was also smart, so as to not fall behind Alex. They were always in a competition when it came to everything. She was attracting males and females alike. She was foul-mouthed and rude to everyone, but no one dared to go against her except for Alex. She was also the only daughter of a mafia boss from the west side. The two have been clashing against each other every day since the day their parents decided to go against each other. They have this tie connected to them that they can't shake off no matter where they go. "b***h, I dare you to step on my shoe again!" Gevia shouted loud enough for the whole cafeteria to hear. "I'm really sorry!" a random girl repeated. The random girl was sweating profusely. Out of all the people that she could step on, it had to be Gevia Jones. Gevia was known in school for three things. One is being a mafia boss' daughter. Another was because she was beautiful. And last but not the least, it is because of her bad-temper. "YOU THINK YOUR SORRY CAN FIX THIS?" "Relax, Jones. She can easily buy you the exact same thing." Alex rolled her eyes at Gevia. Gevia's head took a sharp turn to where Alex was. Her blazing glare could kill if it was deadly. Alex was anything but scared. Alex remained calm, flipping through the pages of a novel that they had just bought. The cafeteria went silent. It was not a rare sight to see that the two of them were fighting. If Gevia was causing trouble, Alex was always there to flatten everything out and provide a common ground. "Who the f**k invited you to this conversation, Samson?" Gevia groaned, rolling her eyes. Annoyed that Alex was intervening again. "And who gave you the right to cause public disturbance, Jones?" Gevia couldn't win against Alex. That has always been the case, and this one was no exemption. "Please, you can go. Sorry about her." Alex said to the girl. The girl flinched before running away in haste. Alex crossed her legs and started reading silently with her eyes. Gevia screamed before storming out of the cafeteria. Alex sighed and silently followed behind Gevia. Gevia, who wasn't paying attention to her surroundings, thought that she was alone. Alex made it her duty to fix whatever Gevia breaks, or apologize to people that Gevia causes trouble for. It was silent. No one knew Alex's reason. "f*****g b***h. If I could just strangle her for being so smartmouthed." No one also knew that Alex was non-binary. No one dared to ask. They just assumed that Alex was a lesbian. "f*****g b***h. I'm so f*****g pissed." Gevia kicked the bench in front of her before sighing really loudly and sitting on it. She looked at the sky, her cyan eyes shining, reflecting the sun's rays. Alex looked at Gevia. Gevia was indeed beautiful. Her scarless skin and her picture-perfect lips. Alex stared at Gevia like there was no tomorrow. It was moments like this that Alex thought that Gevia was blissful. "Haahh," Gevia sighed, shutting her eyes. Alex imagined something else when Gevia sighed. Alex shook their head and groaned, closing their book and slapping their cheeks softly.

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