Elemental Queen: Fate of the Fire Queen

magical world
weak to strong

(Book 2)

Zariah and her sisters are trying to settle into ruling their kingdoms and Zare. Malos escapes the dungeons tho they are heavily guarded. Kindra is still struggling. Her magic is still weak. She is searching for a something to help her. It sends Kayne and her on a dangerous quest that could take their lives. Zariah and Caedan are trying to find his father.

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Chapter One
Kayne’s POV It’s been a week since Queen Zariah took rule. We have all been really busy. Kindra has still been struggling with her magic being weak. So far, my father hasn’t been able to do anything about it. Kindra has been spending all her free time looking through the archives to find a solution to help her. I want to propose to her, but it feels like it's not the right time to ask. At least we share a room so I can hold her at night. She sleeps better that way and so do I. I’ve walked in on her, avoiding looking at me, but I knew she was crying and didn’t want me to see. She’s been through so much. Her magic weakened, and then she woke in extreme pain the night she was crowned queen. Flashback We were exhausted after deciding a few more fates of Malos’ warriors. We all found a room and went to bed. King Jarrett and Queen Aquara took the room he had and where the queens had been kept. Kindra and I took a room close by, as did the others. I wasn’t sure if Kindra would want me to share a room with her, but she brought me into her room as I was about to look for one for myself. “Stay,” She said. She wanted to be held, and she felt comforted when I was close by. She got comfortable and ready for bed. I stripped off my tunic and boots. She climbed into bed and patted the left side of her. I climbed into the bed next to her and laid down. She turned over to me and laid on my chest. I wrapped my right arm around her, and I felt like I was in heaven. She rested her right arm across me, and we fell asleep fast as we were so exhausted from the day. We had only been asleep a few hours when Kindra woke up screaming like she was in severe pain. She flopped back on the bed and her back was arching with the pain she was in. Next thing I knew, a scream came from King Jarrett and Queen Aquara’s room, and then from all the rooms the queens were in except for Queen Zariah’s and King Caedan’s. They all sounded as if they were being tortured. I ran out into the hallway, and it was even louder. King Jarrett, Kalan, Queen Zariah, and King Caedan had all run into the hallway. “What is wrong?” I asked to no one in particular. “I don’t know.” Queen Zariah said. I ran back into the room with Kindra as Queen Zariah and King Caedan had gone to check on Queen Mistral, Queen Hayze, Queen Stowne, and Queen Lumina. I guess Kalan was with Queen Avala. “Kindra, what’s wrong?” I asked loud enough for her to hear over her screaming. “The pain!” She screamed. “Ronan, what can we do to help them?” I asked desperately. “Maybe your father can help.” He suggested. I ran back into the hallway to go to my dad’s room when I saw Kalan and him running down the hall towards me. “Dad, they’re in extreme pain. What is happening?” I said, almost sounding like I was begging. “Let me in and I’ll see if I can help. I won’t know anything until then.” He replied. I dragged him into Kindra’s room. She was still screaming and writhing in pain. My dad went to her and spoke a spell to try and help. Nothing changed. “It’s not working. I said the spell to stop the pain, and it didn’t work.” My dad said. “We’ve got to do something.” I replied. I climbed on the bed behind her, trying to hold her. I was rubbing her arms. I didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t know how to help her or any of the queens. I wanted to cry at her screams of agony. Just then, a bright light was expelled from her left wrist. She was screaming as it came from where her zara birthmark is. The birthmark was changing. It was no longer showing a tiger. She screamed a little more just like her sisters, and then there it was. A fire dragon was by the bedside. It had the same markings as Sizzle. I stared in awe. All the screaming had stopped from all the queens once Kindra’s dragon manifested. She was sitting up staring at it in shock. I was too. My dad ran from the room but returned in a few moments. His eyes were wide in shock too. “Dr, dragons.” He sputtered out. I quickly and carefully got from behind Kindra and ran into the hall to King Jarrett and Queen Aquara’s room. By their bedside was a water dragon that looked a lot like Tsuna’s coloring. I ran to the other queen’s rooms. Each of them had a dragon with their elemental magic and their zara's coloring and markings. All the queens were calm now. The rest of us were shocked at what we witnessed. They were completely fine after the dragons came forth and manifested. Kindra’s zara birthmark changed to a dragon. Flashback Over We figured out after that first night that when Queen Zariah crowned and blessed her sisters as queen, it changed their magic too to be more powerful, except for Kindra’s was still weak. However, their zaras explained to them that they were meant to morph and change into dragons. This would’ve happened a while ago if they had taken their thrones when they should’ve. It was kind of like a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly situation. Unlike how Queen Zariah and King Caedan’s dragons were renamed, that didn’t happen to the queens. Sizzle is still Sizzle, just in her dragon form now. We’ve all been busy trying to prepare for Queen Zariah’s Christmas Feast and Festival. Their grandparents, Queen Blyze and King Bayle, went back to Vosan to watch over it so King Blaize and Queen Lucia could help prepare for the event. Queen Zariah has been planning a trip to Earth. She calls it a shopping spree as all the queens want to go and they want to get clothing similar to what Queen Zariah has been letting them borrow from her belongings. Queen Zariah said something about shopping for the Christmas event too. King Caedan didn’t want her to go, but if anyone goes, he has to come as he is the only one who can glamour now. Plus, he knows how to use the portal crystal. There are so few portal crystals left, as Malos had destroyed all but three of them. King Caedan, of course, kept the one he had. I am going because the queen wanted me as her personal security to go and protect not only her, but all of the queens. King Jarrett won’t let Queen Aquara go without him, and Kalan has decided to come as well. Queen Zariah begged Dusk to join us, and Xander will be coming as well. The queen feels that since Xander and her know how to do something called driving and have Earth identification, things will be easier. King Caedan was going to trade some gems and stones in for money, but the queen said he wouldn’t need to exchange much. I guess the queen had money, as she called it, awarded from the accident that killed her adoptive parents and she barely survived. She had told Xander he could have it, but he chose to leave it in her account. From what he told the queen, it was a lot of money. The queen said we would need it to purchase things. King Blaize and Queen Lucia are planning to lead while we’re away with my parent’s help. I have to admit I’m getting a little excited for the trip other than what little time I was there to get Xander. I know Xander and the queen are planning on trying to get cell phones that they are hoping they can make work with help from my dad’s ability to communicate with all of Zare. This way, the kingdoms can communicate with each other and Zavaria Castle easily. Queen Zariah wants to what she calls modernize Zare. She feels that had Zareans been able to portal to Earth and were not trapped on Zare during Malos’ reign of terror, we would’ve learned more things and adapted more things on Zare already. The only reason King Blaize and Queen Lucia hadn’t gotten more things changed before they were captured was due to all the queens being born. They were just too busy to get the chance to portal. Zareans were happy too and didn’t feel the need to portal as they were living in peace. “It’s time for lunch everyone,” Queen Zariah said. We all began to file out of the office. It was a tight fit in there. The queen is working on remodeling soon as she calls it the office to accommodate all of us. She wants us all to have desks, or at least share desks. It will make some of the work easier in planning things and more comfortable as well. She wants us to change the powder rooms to include smaller washing rooms for all the queen’s rooms, so it is similar to King Caedan and her room. King Jarrett is planning on helping with that. He is also planning, with the queen’s permission, to make a deep pond in one of the courtyards where they can swim. Queen Zariah loves the idea as she apparently loves swimming in the summer. Xander and I have still been training the warriors, but not all day long, as we just don’t have all day now with everything we are working on. There’s been a massive cleaning of the castle as well. The queen asked for new everything to be made and put into the rooms. She’s had a bonfire going in the back courtyard for days with all the furniture being burned. She doesn’t want anything in the castle for furniture to remain that was used by Malos or his warriors. She also wants all the servants to be well compensated. She will allow them to go home if they wanted, but she asked them to stay until after the Christmas Feast and Festival. I walked side by side with Kindra to the dining hall. We would’ve eaten in the office, but the queen realized we needed to stretch our legs and get out of that confined space. The queen has been expanding the menu now that she has a more proper way to cook. Today, though, it looks as if we are having a selection of soups and sandwiches. I really love sandwiches. They are so delicious and easy to make for any one of us. She even made chips which she flavored differently as best she could with ingredients available here. I like the plain ones just fine. It looks as if she had them made as well. She makes sure to teach the kitchen staff how to make things, so she doesn’t have to be the only one who knows how to make things. She’s working on having weekly menus made, so we all know what in general to expect for the meals. She also wants to allow for a bowl where we can drop what we’d like to have on the menu and the most popular food requested will be made. I think everyone will like that as soon as she finalizes her plans for it. Most of the warriors went home a couple of days ago. They wanted to go see their families and get them ready for the Christmas Feast and Festival. Only about one hundred warriors stayed. It's all we really need. Kindra was eating slowly and looking sad. “Are you alright?” I asked as I leaned to my right and whispered to her. “I’m fine. I just haven’t had time to look in the archives for a couple of days to see if something can help me. Nothing your father has done has helped. I’m just worried I’ll never get my magic back to the strength it needs.” She said. I reached over and took her hand and gave it a squeeze. “We will figure it out. Let us focus on the trip to Earth tomorrow. You don’t need your magic there really and I think getting a chance to see the different things on Earth and doing it with your sisters will help take your mind off things for a little while.” I said. “I am excited to go, and you’re right it may be a good distraction. I don’t think Zariah should have to pay for everything, but she’s refusing to let us bring any more gems or stones to sell.” Kindra replied. “Well, she really only needs to buy one of whatever item and we can just duplicate things when we return. That being said, I think she has plans to purchase quite a lot of things for you her sisters, as well as for the feast and festival. We will be busy there, but it should be a lot more fun to look at the different things she wants to bring back. It is a good thing we plan on shrinking everything or we will be bringing things through the portal for a while.” I said. Kindra chuckled, which made me chuckle too. I’m glad she was laughing. “Are you talking about me?” Queen Zariah asked accusingly towards us but laughed herself. “Of course, we are sister.” Kindra replied with a grin. “Are you excited about going to Earth?” Kindra asked the queen. “I’m more excited for everyone to get a chance to go. I know getting newer clothes will be a lot of fun to shop for. I can’t wait for you all to see the variety of clothing there is. I wonder if we should buy material and bring it back with us.” She said. “That is a good idea. Mom will love it.” Kindra said. Kindra and the queen talked more about some of the things to buy and it made me happy because it was bringing Kindra out of her sadness even for a little while. I just hope something can be found to help Kindra’s magic. “Caedan, can we go for a walk after lunch? I feel like I need to walk about. We were sitting for too long.” She asked. “If you want to love anything,” He replied. “Kayne, you may want to come too, but in wolf form. It will be a few days before you can change at all. Kalan, do you want to join too?” Queen Zariah asked. “That sounds like a good idea. May we join you? It might help if we could look better around the grounds to plan things out for Christmas.” King Jarrett asked. “Of course, you can come. Anyone is free to join us. How about we meet in the main courtyard in about twenty minutes? I need to relieve myself and I want to get my jacket.” Queen Zariah suggested. “That sounds good,” Kindra replied. There were heads nodding and murmurs of agreement up and down our table. “It is probably good for the baby too love,” Caedan said. She leaned over and kissed him on his cheek. We all finished eating our lunch as we were almost done anyway. Kindra and I went back to our room. Kindra wanted to get the jacket that was made in duplicate because it was getting cold. She can warm herself, but she tries not to use her magic much as it weakens her faster. She went in and used the powder room first. I used it after her. I took my clothes off so I could just change into my wolf in the room. Kindra was staring at me with a look of lust, but I don’t think she understands what her look means. I turned so she wouldn’t see me from the front with my nakedness. I don’t think she is in a place to deal with me being fully on display for her right now. I used the curtain of the bed to block the rest of the view as best as I could from her. I won’t lie, though it is kind of a turn on having her see me. Normally she just turns around. We changed, one of us in the powder room and one of us in the room. I want to respect her and not push anything until she is ready. She has been through so much and is going through so much right now. Trying to add s*x to the mix, I don’t think is a good idea right now, no matter how much I would love to make love to her. I am not going anywhere and when the time is right it will happen. I will wait until we are married if that is what she wants. Kalan is looking to marry Queen Avala. Queen Zariah made him a prince the next day after they took their thrones just after breakfast. Our family is honored that Queen Zariah has given Kalan and I the title and privileges of prince. I’m sure, though Queen Avala would’ve married Kalan even if he wasn’t a prince and I know Queen Zariah and King Caedan would have approved the marriage. She just wants her sisters to be happy with whoever makes her sisters happy royalty or not. I can’t wait until I can propose to Kindra, and she becomes my wife.

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