REVIVED: Vengeance of The Sun And Moon

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***Book 3 in Children of the Sun & Moon Series***

Kazmiyah, Aurora, and the other children of the sun and moon have gone through numerous trials throughout their young lives. And the fight has just begun.

With Bellarossa, the bloodletter of inhumans and the Zodiac on the loose, Kazmiyah and Aurora find that they have more in common than they originally thought. Those commonalities are what bring them together in a way to put aside their differences to teach one another to adjust to the life that they were given while searching for the antagonists that made their lives hell.

Can the children of the sun and moon place their feelings unbalanced mentalities aside to get to Bellarossa and the Zodiac?

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Prologue...Prince of the Lycan Race
    Going through the motions was what he felt like he was doing at this point as he stood there in front of this so-called Alpha that called himself leading his people; when in reality he was only a Beta playing leader. He wouldn't have been so irritated with the Beta leading them if he didn't think that he was only leading his Pack to a quicker extension.     He was a Lycan Beta that needed an Alpha but he was under an impression that he was ripe for the job. He wasn’t, and Falcon couldn't afford to allow him to test drive the role with how many of the Lycans having been picked off over the past few centuries. At this point, he had no choice but to intervene.     “So you expect me to step aside and allow you to lead my people?” The Beta snarled in derision, shaking his head. “Just because you’re an Alpha?”     Before Falcon could further explain to him anything, Roj cut in. “Not just any Lycan. He is the Prince of the Navarre, the most powerful Lycan to-”     “Easy to claim when all of the other Alphas are dead-” His words were cut off by Alora’s hands to his throat.     “You want to try that again?” She sneered.     She squeezed hard, a grin of enjoyment on her face as she more than likely intended to pop his head off as she did five out of the last ten packs that they’d visited over the last ten months.     Falcon was tired of this, however. He touched Alora’s arm, his gaze serious and exuding that of annoyance.     He didn’t even look at her. He couldn’t….for a while now, actually. “You have a point.” He said as he pulled her arm away from him. “But then again, if you allowed the Luna to overpower you so easily then….” His brow raised, not even bothering to finish his sentence. The Beta already seemed to know where he was going with it. He didn’t mean to embarrass the Beta, however. “Look, I am not here to challenge you nor am I here to embarrass you..” Falcon attempted at reason. “But you wanted to go this route-you wanted to do this in front of a crowd.”      They were all standing in front of the Pack Delta and Beta, along with their mates. They all made decisions as one; and while that was a good way to lead their pack, it did not change the fact that their way of living wasn’t sustainable to their life expectancy. At this point, Falcon just wanted to preserve the remaining species of the Lycans. Of course, more than a few of the packs did not see it that way. But who would? Especially, given his history.     “I’ll give you twenty-four hours to make your decision on what you wish to do.”     “And if I decide against your wishes?” The Beta defiantly replied.     Falcon, who had begun to walk away from him at one point, paused and turned around. He was barely given a chance to react, let alone respond to the Beta’s answer before Alora chimed in.     “Do you really need his answer on that inquiry?”     There was a tension-filled silence between the Navarre Alpha, his people and those of the Half-Moon Lycan pack before the Beta finally broke the silence.     “My pack do not take well to ultimatums, Alpha.”      Falcon sighed. “I wasn’t giving one.” He replied before taking his leave.     Alora stood there, facing the Beta of the Half=Moon Lycan pack, his mate along with the others standing behind him.     “I was.” She finally added before she turned and followed her Alpha out of the tent.     They started off, preparing to shift into their beastly counterparts as Roj, in a frustrated tone decided to break the silence.     “Well, that went well.” He grimaced.     Falcon didn’t say anything in response to his Beta’s comment because he knew that he meant just the opposite of what he had said. He also knew to whom Roj was referring when he made the comment. Alora.     She had become so belligerent as of late that her actions were making things far more difficult than ever in the past. Sure, it was never necessarily easy, the process of takeovers, however, Falcon always made it a point not to approach indignantly, adamant on respect. In doing this, he'd avoid the reputation of being completely merciless.      Falcon knew that there were clear reasons behind why Alora had decided to act this way, but he didn’t care to confront those reasons. There were far more important things on his mind than something as menial as to why Alora Crescent, his chosen mate, decided that each time he was in communication with a pack she needed to interfere.     “I think it went quite well, indeed.” Alora smiled.     Falcon was immediately irritated with her response. “It would have gone far better had you kept your mouth shut and let me and Roj do the talking, Alora.” He hissed.     She paused, seemingly taken aback by what her mate had said to her. “What is that supposed to mean?” When she asked, Falcon, not in the mood to continue this conversation kept to his stride. He started his transition into his bestial form.     “You are definitely asking for trouble., Falcon.” Nox said through his telepathic connection with Falcon.     Falcon didn’t reply to Nox. He knew that he had inadvertently started a confrontation with Alora, but  at this point in their relationship he was done biting his tongue; he needed to be upfront with her. Ever since she was banished, Falcon had attempted to be lenient in situations like this because of what she had gone through but each and every time that this happened, it somehow made him think of Miyah. She would have never acted so rash and disrespectfully, he thought. And she went through far more than her.     His arms began to grow exponentially in size while his hands enlarged, his claws elongating; Falcon said what he had to say at this point and was about to transform when a significantly smaller hand grabbed him.     “What….is that….supposed to mean?” Alora reiterated.     Falcon looked down at Alora, his expression frustrated and tired. Just...tired. “A Luna intimidates and speaks without words.” He finally told her.      The first time that Alora had ever done what she had, Falcon did not have too much to say on the matter because it was actually normal for a newfound Luna to assert dominance through aggression for reputation's sake. The half a dozen times after, however, was just plain unprofessional as far as he was concerned at this point.      Falcon felt that Alora should have had very little, if any, say in the verbal transactions between him and lycan members of other packs that he was into negotiations with. Had she possessed more tact and less aggression he would have never said anything otherwise as it was a Luna's place to back her Alpha mate and show her prominance through aura alone, but Alora's actions bordered on obnoxious. He told her this before. In a more subtle way, but she just never listened. His patience had thinned out into nothing at this point. She needed the hard truth.     “That’s a lie-one, and second, I was not out of line!      Falcon scoffed as he realized. "You never are out of line, Alora." He sarcastically said.     "That Beta was disrespecting your title as Alpha!” She hissed. “He questioned your-”     “That doesn’t matter, Alora!” He snapped. “He had every right to question my title! Question who I am! He wouldn’t have made for a good leader if he hadn’t! And I would have reassured him of as much, had you stood behind me and not lost your temper!”     Roj, having felt that he should not have been in the middle of such a conversation, decided that he would go on ahead. He shifted and trudged off through the woods.     “I was supporting my Alpha-”     “No, you were disobeying your Alpha!” He snarled and walked away. “Next time, support me by keeping your mouth shut.”      “Bu-Falcon-”     “We’re done with this conversation! That’s an order.”     Falcon walked away, leaving Aurora there as he transitioned into his beast. "Were we too harsh?" Nox asked as they galloped through the woodland.      "She needed to hear the truth. It is the only way that she will make a better luna," Falcon said.     He knew the real reason that he had said what he said, however. He knew where the true hostility and anger stemmed from, and he had a feeling that Nox knew as well. Falcon thought that his counterpart was going to leave it at that but naturally, Nox was one for tapping at Falcon's conscience.     "We both know the real reason behind your frustrations, Falcon," He said.     Falcon grimaced. "I'd rather not talk about it, Nox," Falcon replied as they trudged through the woods in Nox's Lycan form.     "I know that, Falcon...you don't have to talk about it...but you need to consider," He returned before reverting to silence.     With exasperation, Falcon continued in silence as well, his heart aching for the girl he'd lost at the Blue Ridge fortress. His true mate...Kazmiyah.

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