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France Christine Mondragon grew up very close to her big brother, Matt. She's the boyish type because she always hangs out with Matt and his friends. She may look and act like one of the guys, but France was never confused about her identity. She always knew that she likes the opposite s*x because every time she sees Aaron, her brother’s best friend, her heart beats like crazy. And so on her 18th birthday, she finally decided to confess her love to Aaron despite the 10 years age gap between them. That night, she offered herself to Aaron because if she would lose her innocence, she'd rather lose it to her first love. But then Aaron just laughed at her. She was just a little sister to him and said that Matt would never allow him to take his little sister as a girlfriend. France Christine Mondragon never felt so humiliated in her entire life. And so that was how her first love broke her heart.

After her debut party, she and her best friend went to a club to officially celebrate her adulthood and to somehow ease the pain she’s feeling after Aaron broke her heart. But Addie went out with a stranger and told her to enjoy and get laid. Because she’s not as liberated as Addie, she decided to go out of the club to get a cab and go home. But as she was walking she felt that some men were following her and so she ran as fast as she could in her drunken state. When she finally stopped, she lost consciousness. That’s when France Jaime Tejada first saw her. He brought her home without them exchanging names.

She was about to start her college life and so she thought that it would be the best opportunity to move on. She planned to study quietly and finish her pre-medicine degree in four years time only and so had no plan of entertaining boys. But one of her classmates in B.S, Biology threatened that plan – France Jaime Tejada, the Prince of bullies in their university who really is a real prince from Spain. On the first day of school, the two of them already squabble because they never imagined that they’d be classmates in college and the fact that they have the same first names made it worse. Every time a classmate or professor would call France, the two of them always looked back and so their classmates were teasing them. One absurd instance made their relationship worse. France Christine could never explain why she hates France Jaime so much. Maybe because of his guts, or maybe his mere presence is just so annoying? France Jaime on the other hand enjoys seeing her fuming in anger.

Day by day, the two of them bickered like no other but then the two of them seemed to be growing closer as well. No matter how much France wants to deny it, her feelings seem to grow for Jaime as she discovers who he really was. Beneath the badass and arrogant façade of the mighty Prince France Jaime Tejada is a sweet, loving and vulnerable prince who only wants to protect himself and his family.

When Jaime was about to confess to France, Aaron suddenly appeared in their university as their Laboratory Instructor. Even with her growing crush towards Jaime, France Christine still chose to pursue her longtime feelings for Aaron but for the second time around, her heart was torn into pieces. At that very moment, it was Jaime who actually stood by her. Jaime comforted her in his own little ways and reassured her that she’s beautiful and that she deserves to be loved.

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