Good Mate, Bad Mate

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Book 3 of the Silver Moon Series

Bethany Braden grew up with the hopes of her childhood friend Jackson being her mate, but he ends up being mated to her younger sister. Even though she cast the mate spell that she learned from her mum, Andrea, she knows staying at her home pack won't bring her any closer to finding her mate. Determined to find him, she leaves home starting her own journey.

When Bethany meets her fated mate, Alpha Darren Crowder, she believes her journey has come to an end. It's not until after she becomes fully mated to him, that she sees his true colors.

Matthew Blake finds his true mate as soon as he turns 16, but loses her to a group of rogues, after only getting to be with her for a few years. Barely surviving the loss of his mate, he throws himself into his work as a pack doctor.

How will Andrea react to everything that is happening?

Will she remain at the Silver Moon Pack, or will she go back to the Twisted Moon Pack in search of much needed comfort from her youngest daughter Estella, her bestfriend Jada, or her fated mate Jesse?

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Thank you for showing interest in my story.  If you haven't read the first two books in the Silver Moon Series, I do recommend you at least read the first book 'The Assumed Fake Spell' or this one might be a little confusing.  The second book is titled 'His Special Hybrid Coralanna,' and they are both good reads! Happy Reading!  :) Bethany      We were eleven years old, when Estella and I decided to cast the mate spell.  It was a special spell my mum and Jada made when they were pups.  It was the reason my mum and dad ended up being bonded to each other, and they had a wonderful relationship.       The only time I ever saw them get in a major argument, was when her fated mate Jesse was around.  It was obvious they could still feel the pull of the mate bond between them.  My mum never betrayed my dad, but it bothered him, whenever mum and Jesse shared a touch, or a sweet moment.     Even though I was still young, when we casted the mate spell, I was very mature for my age.  I had been helping my dad take care of patients in our basement and at the pack clinic, since I was only a year old.       That's the most awesome thing about me, I am a hybrid, and I unlocked the Healing Ability, when my mum was kidnapped and tortured.  If it weren't for me unlocking the awesome ability, my mum would have probably been killed by her arch enemy, Lexi.  Luckily, I was somehow able to heal my mum enough for her to use her special abilities to defeat Lexi, and return home to us.     Since then, I helped my father save countless numbers of abused and battered shewolves.  In fact, that was how my Uncle Anton found his mate, our Aunt Coralanna.  I will never forget the night she came into our lives.  I'd seen a lot of abused shewolves and hybrids, but never one that had been abused, as bad as Coralanna.  As soon as Anton laid eyes on her, it was love at first sight.     Speaking of love, I had been secretly in love with Jada's son, Jackson, for what seemed like forever.  When we casted the spell, I added some of his features to the list of features I specified in the spell.  Specifically, I added his blonde hair color, and his pretty hazel eyes to my list.  The other five features I listed were being a pack doctor, and smelling like cherries, as well as, having an eight pack, pouty lips, and thick eyelashes.     The seven features Estella picked, were red hair, hazel eyes, an eight pack, thin lips, Alpha status, a cedar scent, and small ears.  The only features we both listed were the hazel eyes and eight pack.  I thought that was funny, and so did she.       After we chanted the words of the spell, and spoke the features. while throwing the flower petals into the air, we chanted the words again.  Suddenly, we felt the familiar breeze whirl around us, then it took our flower petals in different directions.  I knew at that moment, the spell was doing it's magic, and we both would have two different mates to choose between.       I hoped to find my fated mate first, because I knew that bond would be the stronger of the two, but I was glad to have another mate, in case my fated mate turned out to be a piece of s**t.  More than anything, I hoped that Jackson would end up being my fated mate.  He was perfect in my eyes, with his stylish blonde hair, and captivating hazel eyes.       After we finished casting the spell, we embraced each other in a joyous hug, then jumped up and down while squealing.  As soon as we pulled apart, we ran between the leaves of the weeping willow tree, then pranced around the meadow full of lilacs and hyacinth.       I loved growing up in the Silver Moon Pack.  We had the largest number of hybrids, with the Forest Pack quickly catching up, because of how many pups my Uncle Anton and Aunt Coralanna had over the years.  They had TWENTY pups of their own, and thirteen of them were shewolves.  Not to mention, the Forest Pack had become the second most popular pack for battered hybrids to take refuge.       My siblings and I were lucky to grow up in the Silver Moon Pack, with both of our parents showing us love and affection.  We had a lot of friends, and there were a lot of pups who looked up to me, because I could heal them.       Any time one of them would get hurt while playing, they would always run to me, with big fat tears rolling down their cheeks.  I would always gently brush those tears away, then cup one of their hands between mine, and heal their little wounds, even though, most of the time, they were just minor cuts and scrapes that would heal within the hour anyway.     There wasn't anything I would change about my childhood.  I felt blessed by the Moon Goddess to be so fortunate, and hoped that she continued to give me blessings in the future. Darren      Being the next Alpha in line, I shifted into my wolf form at a younger age than most wolves.  Not only that, I was bigger and stronger, in both my wolf form and my human form.  I didn't take s**t from nobody, and if anybody disrespected me, they learned real fast, not to do it again.     Even at the young age of fourteen, I showed my dominance, and I was ruthless when it came to fighting.  Nobody in the pack could get the best of me, except my dad, who was the Alpha of the pack, and occasionally the Beta of our pack.       The Beta's son, and next in line for the Beta title, was Gavin Harnesty.  He was almost as strong as me, but he had no chance of defeating me in a fight.  Gavin had been my bestfriend, since we were infant pups.  We grew up doing everything together.  We were both the only pup in our families, so we were spoiled rotten, and got anything and everything we wanted.     I grew up thinking I was the Moon Goddess's gift to the pack.  I considered myself to be invincible, and above the rest of the pack members.  I walked around with my head held up high, and kept an arrogant demeanor.  I didn't care if other people like me or not.  As long as they showed me respect, I wouldn't be a problem for them.     When we weren't training on the field, or dealing with school, Gavin and I usually hung out in the game room at our pack house.  Most of the time, we played video games, but sometimes, we would play a game of pool, or watch a movie.  If we weren't there, we were running through the woods, in our wolf forms, looking for small prey to practice our hunting skills.   Matthew      It was the day before my eighteenth birthday, and the day before I could find my fated mate.  I was at the training grounds with my bestfriend Courtney, when a gust of wind whipped all around me.  It was weird, because the wind only circled around me, leaving a cluster of flower petals at my feet, then it shot back up into the sky.       I reached down, and picked up a white flower petal, and intently stared at it, while I wondered what this was all about.  Courtney walked over, and picked up a pink flower petal, then smelled it.  She smiled, as she chirped, "This flower petal smells like lilacs, but it is clearly from a lily.  That is so odd."     I furrowed my eyebrows at her, then put the flower petal up to my nose, and took a big whiff of it's smell.  Instantly, I noticed the scent of lilacs and the ocean, as a beautiful girl appeared in the back of my mind.  She had the prettiest black hair, with dark blue highlights, and the most bad ass sea foam green eyes, like nothing I had ever seen.       I was brought away from the girl in the back of my mind, when Courtney snapped her fingers in front of my face, and teasingly asked, "Matt, where in the hell did you just go?  Get your head out of the clouds."     I looked at her dumbfounded, making Courtney narrow her eyes at me.  I narrowed my eyes back, then I innocently asked, "What?"     "Seriously, you aren't going to tell me what just happened?" she asked in exasperation.     I sighed before I replied, "Fine, I just had a girl pop up in the back of my mind.  She was so gorgeous, with black hair, and the coolest sea foam green eyes.  She smells like lilacs and the ocean."       Courtney was looking at me like I must have just lost my mind, so I shrugged my shoulders, then I nonchalantly added, "I'm sure it was nothing.  I have never met anybody with sea foam green eyes, so it must be some hidden fantasy in my head."     Courtney burst out in a fit of laughter, then patted my back, as she said, "I think you are loosing it, bro.  I am sure you will forget all about that fantasy of yours, when you meet your mate tomorrow."     "Yeah, you're probably right," I mumbled, as we walked back to the pack house.     As soon as I got to my bedroom, I pulled my shirt off, then climbed under my covers.  I fell asleep, and dreamed about that beautiful face all night.       When I woke up the next morning, it was my eighteenth birthday, and my wolf, Max, was continuously pacing around in my head.  After a few minutes, I climbed off the bed, and took a quick shower.  Once I was dressed in a pair of jeans, and a nice dark blue shirt, I walked toward the dining hall.       The second I stepped into the dining hall, I was hit by the most intoxicating scent of orchids and apples.  I gazed across the entire dining hall, until my eyes locked with the most beautiful baby blue eyes.  I saw her mouth the word 'mate,' as I cheerfully shouted, "Mate," then sprinted to her.       As soon as I reached her, I pulled her out of the seat she was sitting in, and into my arms.  I admired her blonde curls, then I gazed into her eyes, as I huskily asked, "What's your name, mate?"     She gazed into my hazel eyes, as she shyly replied, "Lilith Crowe, and you are Matthew?"     My whole body shivered from the pleasure of hearing my name roll off her tongue.  She had the sweetest voice I had ever heard, and the prettiest smile that played at the corner of her lips.  Not only that, I could feel the most amazing sparks flowing between us, everywhere our skin was making contact.     "Yes, pretty mate of mine.  My name is Matthew," I replied, as I caressed her rosy cheek.       She was a little paler, than the typical wolf, but that only added to her beauty.  When I gazed into her beautiful baby blue eyes, I could see worry in them.  I frowned, as I asked, "What worries my mate?"     She looked down, then timidly replied, "I'm not a strong shewolf.  I worry that I will not be good enough for you."     I chuckled, as I lifted up on her chin.  Once her eyes were locked with mine again, I proudly stated, "I don't care how strong you are.  I will protect you with my life.  You are my mate, and I wouldn't have it any other way."     Her lips curved up to form a wide smile, as she murmured, "If you mean that, you can mark me."     The whole dining hall had gone silent, but I didn't even care that everybody had their eyes on us.  As soon as those words left her lips, I beamed a smile, as my canines elongated.  A second later, I dipped my head down, and sank them into her sweet spot.       Instantly, I felt our mate bond strengthen, as pleasure coursed through us, making her moan.  I pulled my canines out of her, then licked her wound to close it.  I gazed into her eyes, then mumbled, "Mark me."     A second later, it was her canines that sank into my sweet spot.  I moaned from the pleasure that coursed through me, as she retracted her canines, then licked my wound.  We gazed into each other's eyes for a few seconds, before our lips crashed together.               

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