Twins Twisted Fates


Wendy and Wanda were close when they were little girls. As teens that changed and the thing that bonded them when they were young tore them apart as they got older. Is there any hope for these twins to reunite or will they go down different paths never to be together again?Will finding love be their saving Grace or undoing in the long run?One has a heart of Gold and a bright future. The other has been misguided by hate and envy, Will this be her final undoing?Jesse and Jerry Saddlebrook are mated to twin girls that are as different as night and Day. Will they be able to accept them both or reject one of them?

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I have been staying at Saddlebrook Pack with my fated mates after my twin sister had me beaten up for befriending my hybrid Alpha. My family has made me feel unwanted in their effort to take care of my twin sister. " Hey, Grace, How are you doing? I was calling you to invite you to my birthday party. It turns out I am a month older than the twins, who are great by the way," I tell Grace once I got her on the phone. " I would love to come to your birthday party, just send me the date and address," Grace replies. " So what is this I hear you are no longer an Alpha. I was told you have elected to be a Luna and John is Alpha and you have a coven of witches," I ask her for clarity. " We had to come to Bellfield Pack to ensure the bottling company is being run correctly. The witches that were in the area and wolves from the pack are willing to work together in a unified environment that has proven beneficial to all, she tells me with a hint of pride and satisfaction. Has your family gone to see you recently?" she inquired curiously. " No afraid not, they said that the doctor you hired is a quack and they are hoping to get Alpha Vaughn to release them with my sister. Sorry, my friend but their hate and prejudice run deep, " I tell her with a heavy heart. " Thanks for the warning, I can not tell my Dad what to do I can only encourage him not to release her into the world without proper help or supervision. I hope her mental health doesn't cause any problems for you and your mates," she tells me with sincerity. " I look forward to seeing you in person and we can only pray for my sister," I tell her before ending the call. In Jesse and Jerry's Mom's Room... " Mom, we adore Wendy, but we never got a chance to get to know her twin sister," worries Jerry " The thing is Mom, they are from what we have seen complete opposites," contends Jesse. " Yeah, Mom so should we go to where the other twin is and reject her or should we bring her here to see if she has matured any?" inquires Jerry. " Boys, how about you cherish the mate you do have and after they turn eighteen we can make a trip there and see. However please be careful not to hurt the one that is here. I have seen that she has a pure heart and an innocent soul," confirms Luna Mala. " Mom is right," says Jesse as Jerry nods his agreement. Meanwhile Back at Flintwood... " Alpha Vaughn, that werecat has no business treating a werewolf. My mate and I desire to take Wanda away from here and get her help from a like-minded therapist," argues Eric Turner to Alpha Vaughn. " That Werecat has a license to practice medicine and a license for behavioral sciences. He is without a doubt the most qualified to treat Wanda, Alpha Vaughn replies standing firm in his decision. Besides he has only been here a couple of weeks have you thought about just letting him do his job, after all, anyone else would already be locked up," Alpha Vaughn reminded Eric. " Fine, should have known a traitor to his kind wouldn't understand," Eric spat disrespectfully. Pop! " How dare you arrogant son of a biscuit! roared Alpha Vaughn as he punched Eric in the nose. Beta Mark! Please escort Mr. Turner to the dungeon before I end his miserable life. I can't believe all this time I thought we were friends, I should have seen it after all the times you disrespected me and my family in the past. No wonder your children are such a mess. What's worse is all the compassion my daughter showed your family and you are still blinded by hate and prejudice. Petey and Piper still stand a chance and are the only reason I don't banish you and your mate from this pack, " rants Alpha Vaughn while he and Beta Mark drag Eric to the dungeon. " Alpha Vaughn, how long was Grace intending to give Wanda to redeem herself before sending her to a cell like her father here, " Beta Mark inquired as we tossed Eric Turner into the Dungeon. " I think she was going to give her until her 18th birthday. Wendy and Wanda are mated to Mala's sons Jesse and Jerry. Either way, she is a danger to herself and the community and there is no way she can seduce her doctor to get released. She isn't his type," I answer truthfully. " Thank the Moon Goddess for small favors," says Beta Mark with a laugh. " Sorry about what happened with your son, I can't imagine what you must be going through being he hadn't even become an adult yet, " I tell Mark. " His mother and I raised him right. We are thinking maybe all the poisonings that he endured in such a short time affected his mind. You know given the number of young people that have acted irrationally maybe we should check the water supply," Mark suggested with a sad face. " John and Grace have insured their end is good. Without Karen around Chad has allowed Josh to take more control over the water and he has done extensive testing to be sure it is no longer contaminated," I reassure Mark. " You could mention your theory to our two new doctors. I was grateful they elected to stay here. Dr. Smith was ready to retire, and Ruth isn't as young as she looks. They make quite the pair." " They do indeed, " laughs Mark. At the Clinic in Flintwood... Wanda's POV " Mom, Dad just mindlink me saying he has been tossed in the dungeon and I have until my birthday to convince this doctor I'm not sick," I whine to my mom from my room in the hospital where I am stuck behind a locked door. " He told me as well. He also said your younger brother and sister are the only reason we have not been banished," how can these people keep expecting us to associate with beings that are not as good as us? I mean seriously first we have to show gratitude for that half-breed and no we have to get approval from a lowly werecat, " complains my mom in front of Dr.Jones who walked up unnoticed behind her. " Ahem, if treatment from me makes either of you uncooperative, then I will let Alpha Vaughn know you refuse treatment and are beyond help, " Leo declares after clearing his throat. Also, you are correct that you have until your eighteenth birthday to prove you have improved your mental health. I would like to point out the fact that I am bound by doctor-patient confidentiality to Wanda not any of her family members," he says with assertiveness.

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