Ruined By You 2

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" Why are you doing this ?" I scream at my kidnapper.

The man only smirks at me while tying the rope on my hands.

" Do you have any idea who I am ? I can ruin you in a blink of an eye." I yell glaring at him.

" I'm already ruined my angel." he smiles sadly walking away from me.

I stare at his broad back as he opens the door.

" Wait." I blurt out knowing he is leaving.

He turns around with a smirk on his devilish handsome face making me feel like an i***t.

" Yes , my angel ?" he asks.

" Wha-what is your name ?" I whisper looking down at me lap.

" Erik , Erik Hemsworth." he winks making me blush before walking out.

I sigh scolding myself for blushing. I cannot react to any other man's behavior like this . . . I'm already married to him , the love of my life , the man who treats me like his queen and must be searching for me right now.

I cannot let this Erik break my happily married life , even if he is ruined . . . let him be.

*Not a standalone novel , have to read book 1 to understand this*

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-ERIK- " King , we have captured some rogues. If you agree should I t*rture them to get some answers. " Logan asks. His blonde hair combed back neatly , his black suit complimenting his fair skin well as he stares at me with his baby blue eyes. " I've said it a thousand times Logan , you dont t*rture someone without knowing their point of story." I frown at his words focusing back on my painting. " But king , they can even be dangerous to our members. They're rogues after all." Logan mutters. " They even can be banished without any good reason Logan. Not every wolf without a pack is bad." I growl giving him a pointed look. " Why do you have sympathy for rogues so much king ? I wanna t*rture them so badly." he pouts. I sigh picking up the paintbrush of another color. " Because years ago , I banished my angel. She wasn't at fault , I was but whenever I think of killing a rogue , I think what would have happened if she was caught by some other pack . . . alone , scared and pregnant with my pup." I sigh putting my brush away. Taking two steps back , I observe the potrait of my angel I've made. Her innocent doe eyes , her lips which always pout at me , her little button nose , everything flawless about her. " Luna must have been really pretty." Logan smiles. " She was. She was the most beautiful woman a man could ever desire for." I smile. I sit on the chair thinking about my angel , the only woman I thought about in two years. Two years ago when I decided to make myself deserving for her , I didnt know I'll find solace in helping those in misery. After helping many rogues to survive by either treating their injury or saving them from other rogues , I gradually built a pack of good lone wolves. It grew so much that six more packs joined in , out of the ten packs we have making me the king of them. Even after so much of luxury and power , my eyes shed tears each day and night in memories of her. I so much wish to just do anything to bring her back . . . if only I could. " Alpha , there is a message for you." Logan taps my shoulder making me snap out of my thoughts. He puts a piece of paper in front of me and folds his arms together waiting patiently for me to open the letter. I regret the day I took him as my closest man. Logan was the alpha of the most smallest pack which joined us and he was often bullied but he was very kindhearted so I took him as my right hand . . . worst mistake I ever did he was a complete child. I sigh picking up the paper. Opening the folds of it slowly , a frown appears on my face when I find the cursive writing on the paper very familiar. It just feels like I've seen this writing alot of times. Shaking my thoughts away , I begin reading the letter. ' Dear idiotic buttface Erik , This is Jack , your younger brother if you still didn't recognize my ugly-ant crawling writing. I just got to know that you're the king of half of the werewolf world . . . that's so f*cking amazing bro , when did your dumb brain agreed to function for you because last time I checked , it was left unused since you were born. Whatever , it sounds as moody as you are ! Coming to the main topic , our pack and your ex-pack is going through real crisis bro. Cali and Jace took over us an year ago and this whole one year was pure hell for us. Alex is beaten to death and drugged with strange potions everyday and I don't think he can survive any longer. Dad nearly died that day if Alex didn't save him and took the beating himself , our parents and Alex's parents are treated like servants all day brother. Me and Alex have protected Xavi to all we can but he always seems to become Cali's target , we all are fighting a battle we see losing. The women of our pack are forced to bed different men every night , warriors are whipped and beaten to see their tolerance and small kids are worked all day in the mansion instead of going to school. All schools and hospitals are closed leaving people to suffer themselves. And our alpha , he is the one suffering the most. He always comes to everyone's rescue taking the pain himself but I don't think he can do it any more longer Erik. I can't see my parents treated as slaves , I can't let uneducated kiddos work all day , I can't let my friends get whipped , I can't hear the cries of innocent woman all night , I can't see my Alex dying . . . please Erik do something. Save your pack , save our alpha. Btw , Alex has forgiven you an year ago but we couldn't find you and then all this happened so he never got to contact you but as soon as I found where you're are , I've written this. Hope you find this letter brother and if any other a*shole is reading this then keep it away this instance you nasty cockroach and deliver it to the king , he is my brother. ' I growl loudly placing the paper back on the table. So much , so much has happened to my pack and I had no idea about it. My family , my friend and my pup is suffering. This cannot happen , I won't let them suffer any more. " Get everyone prepared Logan , we have to pay a visit to a pack." I growl. Logan nods walking out of the room with a serious face , that's what I like the most about him , he doesnt joke around with work. I stand up picking up my black coat. It's time to return back and show them who has changed. It's good that Jace is here , I have a very old settlement with him to complete. The image of my angel begging him to not ruin her dignity is still very vivid in my mind. That monster didn't let her any mercy , he ignored all her cries and pleads and it's his turn to have the same agony back. Your gummy bear will punish your t*rmentors my angel , I'll punish everyone just like I'm punishing myself. ^-^ Hey Sugars , how is the first chapter ? So instead of 2 more weeks , I'm beginning this book now because of most of your requests. 1. Book will contain dark disturbing stuff just like book 1 or maybe more than it so please know what you can handle and what not. 2. No hate comments against the author or any other member. We're all here to entertain ourselves and not to hurt others. 3. Is recommended for 18+ but if you know that you can read it and you're less than 18 then do go ahead. * Anyone who doesnt like the story at any point of this book may leave happily and silently because it pisses me off when someone comments rudely or just informs me that they're leaving because my story sucks - I mean , you can leave if you like but dont make me feel bad about it. I already have alot of things to feel bad about and I dont need more.* Love ya ♡

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