Mermaid's Obsession

enimies to lovers

*****A daily update book and strictly for 16+ *****

"Stop!!!!" She yelled from the church entrance, Naked!! "Stop the Marriage, I'm against it!!!"

I said the first word that came to my mind then, "Help me!"

** ** **

It all started with a bet.

Jace Mandis is the only child of the famous Mandis whose all dream is to become an actor. During one of his escapes from home, he meets Nixie whom he classifies as weird and has a nack of turning up n*led wherever he is but Nixie is his last straw of help from escaping his domineering father.

Nixie and her sister left Aradia Ocean to participate in a bet hosted by the queen. They have three months to bring in an arm birthmarked human but all Nixie wants is to find her crush who left the Ocean few days ago. Her family's lives at stake and this cute stranger is making her forget her mission.

Where will their fate lead to?

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~ Moon Beam Kingdom ~ ~ Nixie ~ "Nixie!!" Odessa yelled, the water carrying her voice to my ears along with bubbles. "In here!!" I screamed back, arranging my room. "Oh there you are." She appeared on the doorstep. You'd never know we're sisters. We are quite the opposite of each other's except for the stubbornness we both share. She has short blue hair with a tweak of green on either side of her hair, her green eyes matches her hair, complimenting her round face with a ever present smile. "Why are you looking at me that way??" She raises an eyebrow, her voice jolts me back to reality. "Umm... Nothing... Why were you yelling my name??" "Yeah.... That reminds me." She swims closer, her tail glittering. " What's that?" "What do you think about my tail??" She beams from ear to ear. Huh?? I glanced at her tail, not noticing much difference. It's still the same orange color it has been since last week or was it at the beginning of this week?? "It's nice and sparkling as ever." I told her. ",Hmmm... I thought so too." She did a little spin, " but I'm bored of it. I want to change the color. Which should I use this time??" "Ughhh..... Get a grip on yourself Dessa!! At this rate, you wouldn't even remember how your real tail looks!" "Well I don't." She gave me innocent eyes. "Congratulations sis, I don't know either!" I swam out of the cave. "Where are you going to Nix??" "Get food??" "And treasures too." She swims beside me. I keep mute, thinking of what I should eat instead. As if reading my mind, Dessa spoke up, " I think worms will be good for breakfast, what do you think?" "Just stop talking!" I snap, swimming faster. "Do you know that more humans have died even after Queen Flavia gave them the pink flower?" She whispers, "Someone should tell the queen that Humans are meant to leave on land." "Why don't you tell her yourself? You'll do a great job" " I know right." She giggles, " I still don't understand why she collects humans as treasures." " Different people, different obsession just like how you are obsessed with coloring your tail everytime." "And how you are obsessed with Nash..." She counters. "Don't even go there Dessa." I warned but I could feel colors rushing to my cheeks. "I guess you haven't heard then" I frown at her, " Heard what?!" "About Nash??" I stopped swimming, "what about Nash?? Is he on the bad side of the queen now or what did..." "He left the Ocean," Dessa cuts in. ", What do you mean he left the Ocean?" "I mean exactly what I said Nix, Your crush has left Moon Beam!" Dessa continued swimming. "What?! Why? What happened??" I swam after her, my heart beating really fast. "I don't know... He probably found love or he is tired of the ocean either ways he left.." "Without saying goodbye." I muttered. "What the heck Dude.... He doesn't even know you girl." A loud reverberating sound surrounded us, bubbles everywhere. "Hear that??" I ask her, afraid I was hallucinating. "Yeah..." She rolls her eyes, replying with a bored tone, the Queen calls. ** ** ** "Welcome here everyone." Queen Flavia announced, the ocean carry her smooth tiny voice. She's indeed an epitome of beauty but lacking a bit with the brains I guess. Her tail is considered the most beautiful in all of Moonbeam and she has the brightest smile ever. "Do you know why I have gathered you around here?" She asks, her voice ringing through out the palace receiving hall. "I can only think of one thing" Odessa snickers softly beside me, "Humans!!" I shake my head and ignore her, but she's right though. I can only even think of one reason, Humans. "Yes Odessa Sinka.." The Queen suddenly turned on us, "Care to share what you and your sister are discussing?" "It's Syrinka My Queen.." Odessa corrected. A low gasp erupted from the crowd. No one has ever dared to correct the Queen so openly. I sent off the warning signals in my mind, hoping Odessa would listen, but she just blocked me out. "Oh, my bad. Syrinka is it??" A blind man can see her smile is fake and forced, " well then care to share?" Still with her head bowed, Odessa continues, "My sister and I was just admiring and talking about your hair. It looks so shiny and it's coloured waves make you the most beautiful Queen in all of Aradia." Odessa blatantly lied and the queen completely fell for it. Remember when I said she's a beauty lacking brains? Seems that my two years of officially studying the queen paid off. She did a little spin around, "Thanks so much for the compliment, Odessa. Meet me later for reward." "Omg..... She really has no idea how ridiculous she looks" Lark chuckled beside me. I hadn't even noticed he was there.. I just kept mute, my eyes on the queen wondering what about humans she had to say next. "Oh, thank you most Gracious queen." Odessa replied, a bit too dramatic. "Aye aye.... As I was saying..." Queen Flavia continues, "A lot of the Humans captured are dead. They couldn't survive the Ocean even after feeding them with Aradia's pink flower." She pauses, letting her words sink in,like it would ever have effects. I tune her out, taking a trip down the memory lane where Odessa says Nash has left the Kingdom. How could he leave without even saying goodbye?? What happens now to our future unborn children?? An adventure outside Moonbeam Kingdom or maybe even out of Aradia itself. No more late nights watching the moon glow on the sea or searching for treasures together. All my dreams down the drain. How am I going to leave my life without him?? I felt Odessa tugging at my wrist, I raise my head to look at her but my mind was really far gone. I wonder where Nash is now.... Does he like the human world better?? Is he... "Nixie!!!!!" A shrilling voice screaming, cutting me off my trance forcefully. I glance up to see a hundred pair of eyes on me. I realized it was the Queen that yelled my name. "Yes my Queen?" I replied quickly.

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