Two Hot to Handle

blue collar
enimies to lovers

Rich, famous and single—that’s me!

I get what I want—from business to luxury.

And I want her! Only her!

My charm ain’t working.

Why is she resisting the Pauleen Chantice Vanguardia?

But that won’t take long.

She’ll surely be mine.

Whether she likes it or not—Nah, I’ll make sure she’ll lick...like it.

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Chapter 1
PAULEEN CHANTICE VANGUARDIA I’m surrounded by loud music, damn blinking neon led lights and lots of drunk women. I’m having one of those nights again—spending money in some expensive drinks and watching almost naked women dancing with one another. The usual entertainment I want to see. “Vodka for lady in black!” Shouted the bartender. He smiles as he looks at me. I consciously look at my dress. Damn? Who the hell ordered a drink for me? The bartender slides the glass in front of me. “Here’s your drinks, Miss Black.” He smiled. “From someone in the VIP.” “Thanks.” But I have no plans of drinking. I don’t trust anyone from this kind of place. I only drink what I buy. “Give it back to her. I can pay for my drinks.” And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do tonight. I decided to occupy one of the VIP rooms, get some ladies to perform and drink until I can no longer feel my feet on the ground. The waiter assisted me to the last room in the hall. “You have someone with you, Ma`am?” I shook my head no. “You seeing someone I couldn’t see?” I smirk at him. He must have come back to his senses. Immediately, he opens the door. Red light is giving me eye sore. Damn it! They should have use blue instead. I lazily sit on the sofa—waiting for those women. My phone vibrates. It’s my older brother, Paulo. I didn’t answer it. He’ll just pester me `coz I dumped his friend. Yes! I’m also that woman who doesn’t know how to love but knows how to pleasure! Haha! I just sent him a message that I’m in the middle of a meeting. Haha! Of course, he won’t believe me! Three women wearing just undies enter the room—sexy dancing to the music. I pointed at the pole. They know what to do. I poured some drinks in my glass. Drinking while watching these women dance and touch each other ain’t entertaining at all! I’m not satisfied! God! What’s happening to me? “Get out.” I said but they didn’t stop dancing. Instead they begun touching each other more. What are they gonna do? Exhibition here?! Can’t they understand me? Fvck it! “I said get out!” I madly hold the bottle to threaten them. They run rushing towards the exit. I frustratedly close my eye. What do I want? I can’t even understand myself now! Damn! I’ll stay a little longer. I’ll just finish this bottle and head to another bar. Paulo just sent another message. Haha! Crazy! “You dump, Megan! And now what? You’re wasting your time again?” “We’re not compatible. Tell her it’s not her fault. Thanks!” Megan is her friend. I like her at first. She’s intelligent, pretty hot, and honestly? She’s a good kisser! But she wants me to let the world know I’m gay! That’s a no-no for me! She can’t force me to do so. I think I need to go to another bar! I was about to get up when the door opens. s**t? What in the world in happening her? A woman just storms her way inside and rushes towards me! She holds my waist and pulls me closer to her. “Sshh…” She shut my mouth with her palm. I glared at her but seems like it doesn’t bothers her. Someone slams the door opened! Damn this night! This woman boldly pushes me toward the sofa, making us in an awkward situation! She leans her left knee on the sofa. I couldn’t move! Damn it! I was dumbfounded when she removes her shirt and puts it above me. Damn! She presses herself on me! Her bossom! s**t! Oh, God! I could smell her luscious scent! She puts my left hand on her back as if gesturing me to caress her! Her skin is to warm! Now this is better than those women awhile back. I heard the door slams again. This damn woman suddenly stand and runs towards the door. She moves closer to the door, leaning her right ear—seems checking if there are still people outside. She looks relieved then walks towards me. “Sorry. I got you in this situation.” Fvck? Just a sorry? She picks up her shirt as if nothing has happened. Seriously, woman? “Not so fast, honey.” I said as a grab her shirt. “You should know what you just did is invasion of my privacy.” “Look, I’m an undercover agent. It’s just a call of duty. Sorry. Okay?” Hell with her? Sorry wouldn’t help! My hormones are going damn crazy? And yeah! I still haven’t given her the shirt. So, I have all the luxury to stare at her proud chest. Black bra really is sexy huh? She probably realized that she’s topless. Haha! She shyly covers her front with her left arm. “Give me that.” She tries to grab her shirt but no way! I hid her shirt at my back. Stubbornly, I want her to drink with me. “Drink.” I ordered. “You just ruin my night. Now, drink or I will report you to your ups.” “As if they’re gonna believe you.” “Oh, sure they will! If they learn who I am.” It may sound arrogant, but I don’t care. “You want me to drink with no clothes on? You want me to get sick ha?” “Fine! To be fair.” Alcohol must have gotten into me. Haha! Let’s get naked baby! I was about to undress my top, but this woman stops me! “What? You want it to be fair, right?” I said seductively. “Come on! I’m sure this isn’t your first time.” She’s in panic. Haha! God her face! She pours some drinks in the glass I’m using. “Here. Look, I’m going to drink. I’ll stay. Just don’t undress here!” “There. Good girl.” I tap the space beside me. Since I’m disappointed with the women awhile back. I want her to be my escort for tonight. I throw her the shirt. “Wear it. I’ll pay you anyways. Don’t worry.” My phone rings again! It’s flashing Regina’s image caller this time. These people! Annoyed, I slide the answer icon. “What is it?” “Ate Pau, where are you?” “I’m on a date.” I look at this woman. She massages her forehead while scrolling her phone. I think I got her in a mess. “If it’s something important, let’s talk about it tomorrow.” I didn’t wait for her answer. I cut the call and turns off my phone. “And you, don’t worry. We’ll just drink. Unless you like to do more that that.” Provoking her might make her do the first move. In that way I won’t be charge of anything. Haha! But I like here unbothered look. “Hmm. Yeah. You’re a cop. You’re know how to play things your way.” --- The world seems turning. I can’t feel my feet on the ground. Haha! Alright, Chantice! This is the drunk feeling you’ve been wanting! “Come on! Walk straight!” I heard this woman having some hard time carrying me. “No, Darling! I’m not straight! Haha!” I don’t know where we’re heading. I can’t hardly see, but I saw a blinking light in the signage. Ah yeah! One of those some cheap hotels. Damn her scent! I’d love to pin her on the wall. As soon as she opens the door, my instinct just ordered me to face her and crash my lips to hers. Taste bitter and sweet! That’s right, Hon! Respond with the same intensity! Devouring her lips, I gently push her and I’m on top of her on the bed. “Hmm…” Fvck! Was that me? Haha! I continued kissing her down to her neck. My hands are restless! I want to touch every inch of her! Who is she? Why is she making me this crazy?! I don’t want this to be our first and last encounter! I stop kissing her and put a little distance between us. I stared at her and memorize her face. She’s beautiful! I change my mind! I’d love to devour her when I’m not drunk! “Let’s do this again, when I’m not drunk, honey.” I kiss her passionately and rested my face on her neck. “No strength to f**k you.” --- Feel like headache will kill me! Damn! What time is it? God! My eyes are half-open when I try to reach my phone. Damn this hotel! Did I really get here? So cheap damn it! A note fell when I got my phone. What’s this? I’m with someone last night?! “I paid for your drinks and this hotel. You have the courage to flirt with me, but you don’t have money.” What the heck?! I turn my phone on. Bunch of messages from my siblings came. Darn! I really left my wallet at the office huh?  

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