Revenge On The Rejected Alpha

age gap
opposites attract

{Warning - R-18, Dark Romance}

"I can't have you as my mate," I screamed in disgust. "I refuse to accept you as my mate, you monster."

"You think you have a choice?" he asked, taking a few steps closer to me, making me tremble.

"Yes!" I replied, my throat growing dry with each step he took toward me.

"Here you're wrong, Mate. You have no choice. If I'm a monster, you're going to be a prisoner of my desires," he said, his hand reaching for my chin. As he stroked it, my body stiffened.

"Please!" I begged.

"Okay, let me give you a choice: either be my mate or die. Now choose whatever you like. I'm ready to accept it, my little omega," he said, his grip tightening on my chin, leaving my breath stuck in my dry throat.

Let's see what an Omega is going to choose after meeting her Alpha Mate.

Will she open the gates of her death or the cage that her Alpha set up for her?

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Beaten Up
Silvia Davis POV "B**itch!!!!!!!" Another kick slammed into my stomach, and I bit my lower lip, refusing to give them the satisfaction of seeing how much pain I was enduring. I despised showing any sign of weakness. "You can't do anything right, you f*****g bi**tch!" I closed my eyes, attempting to endure the agony surging through my abdomen. Thankfully, the mask concealed my expressions, at least for now. It was worth it; I didn't want that deranged woman to witness the impact she had on me. "Are you deaf, bi**tch? Don't forget your place; you're just a mere slave. Is this how you treat an Alpha? How dare you show me this attitude?" she snarled, yanking me by my hair. I wanted to laugh at her, questioning how she could blame me for keeping silent when she despised the sight of my face and the sound of my voice. If only my father were here, I wouldn't be subjected to such cruelty. Every day, I endured recent injuries simply because this Alpha Princess and I shared some facial similarities—a feeble excuse to subject me to this torment. "What are you doing with this bit**ch, Victoria?" a voice interrupted, and I knew exactly who it belonged to—the Luna of this pack, or rather, another malevolent woman who had caused trouble for me and my mother. "Mom, look at this bit**ch! I told her to clean my room, but she only made it messier," Victoria complains childishly, still clutching my hair. I wanted to speak up and expose their lie about the room's cleanliness, but I knew the lady in front of me would always take her daughter's side. Silence was often the safer option—it saved me from further harm. "Forget that, Victoria! We have more important matters to attend to. The Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack is coming. Don't you realise the significance? It's far more important than you can fathom," she said, dragging Victoria away while still grasping my hair. Thud! "Sh***it!" Pain radiated throughout my body as I hit the ground. The punches and merciless treatment had already taken their toll on me. It was enough to inflict even more suffering. "Are you alright, Silvia?" I raised my head to see who had asked me this question. How could anyone ask such a thing when I was in this state? I locked eyes with the only person who ever bothered to speak with me aside from my dear mother—my friend, Rihanna. I couldn't help but despise her, for she always saw me at my lowest, and that was something I detested. "I asked you something, Silvia," Rihanna prodded, to which I responded with my customary silent treatment. "So you're not going to reply?" Rihanna questioned me. "I simply don't have the energy to talk right now, Rihanna. Can't you see I'm too exhausted to even stand up? How can I answer you?" "How am I supposed to see? Your face is covered with that damn mask," Rihanna retorted. "My eyes are visible, and they reveal my pain," I explained, not wanting to invite more cutting remarks from her. "Now, get up if you're in no mood to talk. Let's go. Your injuries need attention, and that's crucial," she said, moving closer to support me and help me stand. "What would I do without you? My life is a mess, and you're the only one who cares, my dear friend." "Don't flirt with me, Silvia. I already have a mate who is completely devoted to me," Rihanna chuckled, confirming the truth of her words. Her mate loved her fiercely and would do anything for her. The Moonstone Pack, where my father spent his entire life working as an Alpha butler before losing his life, remains a mystery. The reason behind his death is unknown, concealed by my mother no matter how much I pester her. Yet, I find solace in the fact that I am friends with the future Luna. This connection brings a semblance of ease to my life. "It's already morning, Sweetie. Wake up," a soothing voice said, reaching my ears. A groan escaped my lips as I absorbed the sound. Yesterday had been a harrowing experience, and Rihanna had come to my aid, tending to my injuries. I had no energy left and no desire to rise from the metaphorical ashes of being treated as a punching bag. "What are you doing, Silvia? We're running late for work." My mother's calm and soothing voice transformed into one filled with anger, a stark indication that I had wasted more time than I should have. "I don't have the energy, Mom," I replied, burying my head deeper into the hard bed—devoid of any comfort, just a merciless slab. What could I expect? We were Omegas, and this was the treatment we received. A small cabin, a solitary bed, cold walls, and meagre sustenance of two pieces of bread and water for the entire day—yet they expected us to work like robots. It was nothing short of ludicrous. Moonstone Pack, at least from my experience, subjected its Omegas to such treatment, and it only worsened after my father's demise. "Come back to reality, Silvia. Get ready for work, or we'll face punishment," my mother snapped, bringing me back to the present after a barrage of her nagging. After enduring more of my mother's scolding, I forced myself to sit up. I couldn't let my mother suffer because of me. This situation was utterly messed up. "I'm up, Mom. You can leave now. I'll get ready and join you soon." I smiled at my mother, and she returned the gesture. "I'm sorry, Silvia. I'm a useless mother who couldn't protect you. Please forgive me," she apologised, causing guilt to well up within me. I understood the extent of her suffering, and I couldn't blame her. We were in the same dire circumstances. "It's fine, Mom. You're already doing so much for me. Don't worry about anything else," I reassured her, watching as she left me alone. Damn it! If only I could change my fate, I never would have chosen to be born an Omega. It's not that I despise being an Omega itself, but rather the overwhelming sense of powerlessness and weakness. I hate being incapable of protecting my own family and loved ones. In fact, I despise myself more than anyone else does. I rose from the bed and hurriedly performed my morning routine, splashing water on my face and donning the worn-out, tattered clothes I possessed. With the slightest exertion of force, my garments could easily tear apart. It's not that I enjoy wearing such attire, but when one has no money, how can they afford anything better? "Let's go!" Without wasting any more time, I stepped out of the wooden cabin we called home. Keeping my head low, I made my way towards the hall I was responsible for cleaning. Tomorrow morning, the Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack will arrive in search of his mate, and Victoria will finally leave with him. Relief would wash over me once that wretched woman departed. She had turned my life into a living nightmare. "What are you doing here?" I heard someone question me, and immediately I lowered my head, diverting my focus to my feet. It was a rule—an Omega couldn't meet anyone's gaze, no matter who they were. "I asked you something." I clenched my fist, recognizing the voice. Damn it, why did I have to encounter the princess of this pack so early in the morning? "I'm sorry, Miss," I apologised, my words laced with remorse. "f**k your sorry! Where is your mask, you b***h? Who do you want to seduce?" Victoria screamed, causing me to flinch. Her Alpha blood was something I feared deeply. I could endure many things, but when things escalated, the weight of their impact was known only to me. "Or are you trying to show me that you can't follow my rules?" She spat angrily. Her words weakened my knees, leaving me feeling utterly messed up. How could I forget about the mask? It was only me who needed to wear it because of how I looked—something I had never cared about. Only this b***h cared about such nonsense. How could she feel this way when we had nothing in common? I was an Omega, and she was Alpha blood, soon to become someone's Luna. I was no match for her, yet she harboured this so-called anxiety about my face. "Cat got your tongue?" "I..." I tried to respond, but the words got caught in my throat. "Let it be. You need to be punished for defying my order, right?" "Yes!" I nodded, not wanting to further anger her. If I did, she would make things even worse for me. "Great! How about receiving 50 silver smacks?" She chuckled, sending shivers down my entire body at the mention of the silver whip. She knew how toxic silver was to wolves. Even if I were an Omega, a part of me still held the essence of a wolf. How could she subject me to such punishment? She usually made me work harder or beat me, and I could endure that. But this—hell no! My conscience taunted me. "Can you deny it?" I knew I couldn't, but I couldn't bear the thought of dying either. I couldn't let my mom be left alone in this treacherous place. "So it's settled. You need it. Let's go, Silvia. Don't waste my time. I have more important work than wasting it on someone as useless as you," Victoria said, starting to walk away. Reluctantly, I began to follow her, fully aware of the impending outcome. I had no choice but to comply with her demands. Now, only a miracle could save me from the torment of the silver whip. I desperately needed a miracle. For God's sake, someone, please save me.

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