The Alpha Demon's Kidnapped Mate

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She lay shackled by heavy silver cuffs to the cold metal table listening intensely for his dreaded footsteps. The silver cuffs burning like acid on her delicate wrists and the wolves bane flowing through her bloodstream like burning lava she tried in vain to summon her wolf to break free.

She began to whimper, it was no use with her weakened state courtesy of her daily doses of force-fed wolves bane and the bondage of silver she lay vulnerably like his prey trying to block the images of his rough unwanted hands roaming, pinching and squeezing intimate parts of her body that no one but her wolf's mate should ever touch from entering her mind whilst tears streaked her porcelain skin, her rosy lips began to quiver as she tried not breakdown in fear and let him see her broken spirit.

Life was not always a daily cycle of abuse for Isabelle, in fact, she had a happy childhood raised by her loving Mother and Father whom where the Alpha and Luna of the Golden Moon pack - a well respected and peaceful pack who lived a quiet life until the night of the bloody m******e.

The m******e that wiped out the Golden Moon pack and ended with Isabelle bearing witness to her family's execution at the age of just 7 Isabelle was then kidnapped by the Alpha of the rogues who murdered her pack, who decides to keep her his as his chosen mate.

After a decade of torture, Isabelle manages to escape a week before her 18th birthday. Running for her life she crosses into the territory of famed Demon Alpha where she soon discovers they are the fated mates.

Will Isabelle live happily ever after with her mate ? or will the Rogue Alpha recapture her?

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1. Shattered Childhood dreams
Birds sang peacefully in their safe thatched nests, Autumn leaves floated from the old tall trees and landed gracefully onto the forest floor, a cool crisp breeze danced passed Isabelle carrying the pleasing scent of Grass, leaves, soil and various small animals of prey hiding amongst the forest. Scanning her surroundings, Isabelle took in the breathtaking scenery before her.  The gigantic mountains dusted with snowy tips far in the distance. The vast forest which she sat amongst with its array of beautiful tones of greens, purples, reds and yellows displayed in the few leaves left hanging on the branches. The wide variety of colourful flowers and plants scattered amongst the forest with their enticing aromas. And in Isabelle opinion, the most beautiful thing about her land is the river. It was wide and deep yet in parts so clear it displayed a large number of fish living in it and reflected the river bed. Small parts of the river broke off into pebbled babbling streams whereas the main steam lay as a sparkling divider between the border of Isabelle's land and uncharted territory. Everything about this forest comforted Isabelle and gave her an overwhelming feeling of home - hence why the bank of the river, between two large oak trees, was Isabelle's favourite place to come for a bit of peace and to dream of her future - a quiet and peaceful life living in the tranquillity of the forest. As Isabelle bent down to drink from the river she looked at her reflection, she was tall for her age of seven but that was supposedly normal for an Alpha female ( a wolf born female who's parents both had Alpha blood) she had waist-length blonde hair so light it almost looked white taking after her father, emerald green eyes that held the authority and fierceness of an Alpha and yet the kindness and compassion that mother was famous for framed by thick long lashes, porcelain white skin, and full rosy almost red lips. She was too young to notice her beauty or care about her appearance. At seven she would prefer to explore the forest, climb trees, train with the warriors and fight with her brother Josh her twin rather than spend her time in ladylike pursuits like her mother Luna Sarah (jet black hair and green eyes) and her older sister Hanna (jet black hair, freckles, and hazel eyes) who was thirteen. Isabelle in fact although only seven was well respected amongst her pack for her fighting skills and her dad often praised her for them telling her she would grow into a fine Alpha one day. Straightening up the hairs on her nape began to stand up, her ears pricked up tuning into the noises around her searching for danger, something was off the clearing was suddenly quiet, too quiet as if the smaller animals have taken flight to find shelter from a deadly predator. Isabelle took a defensive stance as trained awaiting attack when suddenly she was tackled roughly and pinned to the ground. "For the love of the Moon Goddess Josh, you annoying oaf get off me !! " Isabelle screeched. " Say please... no wait say please oh Josh the most handsome, bravest werewolf of all the packs, the best brother, mum, and dads favourite child and my favourite brother.." " Your my only brother you imbecile now get off me before I bite you! " Isabelle interrupted quickly losing her patience. " Only or not I am still your favourite brother. " he said with his mischievous grin and a cheeky wink. " Even if mum and dad had 10 ..no wait ..20 boys I would still be your.." Taking advantage of Josh's endless and bragging Isabelle bit his hand delighting in his girlish squeal before twisting his wrist, flipping him around and she sat smugly on top of him victorious. " God Izzy, that was cool you will need to teach me that move" Josh announced with pride in his voice at his sister's skills whilst at the same time cradling his injured wrist and making a playful scowling expression. " We were taught it last week in defence class. Joshy, if you spent more time concentrating rather than flirting with the she-wolfs you would have mastered it by now !" Isabelle exclaimed smugly before climbing off her brother and extending a hand to assist him up. " You know I can't help it Izzy my wolf is becoming stronger is trying to search for its mate .." " At Seven ?!" Isabelle exclaimed with her hands on her hips starring at her twin with a mixture of amusement and annoyance. " Yeah, dad said King Soreen found his mate aged 10 !" " He is the king of all werewolves. Josh, you are a future Alpha of a small pack. Odds are you will mature as normal and find your mate from thirteen onwards as a male Alpha, so stop using it as an excuse for your weakness and just admit I am stronger and better than you .." THUD. "Ouch." screamed Isabelle once again tackled by her annoying twin, both began wrestling on the ground fighting for dominance." We will see who's the best" said Josh preparing to strike clenching his fist before he stops suddenly and looks at Isabelle with an expression of fright. "It's them isn't it ?" sighed Isabelle " Yep, god Izzy why did you turn off your mind link? Mum and Dad are worried sick, they say they have been trying to contact you for over an hour and are ready to send out scouts." " I am so sorry, it has just been a busy week, I have been training so hard and Mum and Hanna have been pestering me all week too forcing me into Luna training trying to teach me stuff like .." Isabelle stood up with her hands on hips and said in an ultra-soft feminine voice trying to mimic her mother and sister " how to walk gracefully, how to speak softly, the art of feminine diplomacy, how to sit like a Luna, how to host a party, feminine grooming.. bla bla bla I just needed a break so I turned my mind link off." " Well they are pissed, we best hurry back you'll be lucky if they don't ground you until your eighteen." " It's not like I was in any danger, I was in our boundary and just sitting by the stream what's the worst that could have happened, god I hope they don't overreact ..." Isabelle and Josh ran as fast as they could back to the pack house Josh mind linking the pack telling them to call off the search and Isabelle opening her mind link to her parents hoping if she apologised on the way home they would have calmed down a bit by the time they returned. Both were blissfully unaware of the danger lurking behind them. Blood red eyes stalked them braced for attack, the wind whipped frantically encircling the lurking beasts carrying the scent of death. " Bye bye little pups see you soon..very soon" a cruel cackle spread through the forest making the smaller animals hide and trembled with fear. The owner of the voice began to plot his revenge- a revenge that would shatter Isabelle's childhood dream of a peaceful future.

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