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Hey everyone ! Find me on Facebook Susan Manion or for exclusive extracts of up coming chapters and books, competitions and live time updates for publishing A huge thank you for taking the time to read my books, comment on them and following me as an author, your support is really appreciated and I am immensely grateful . I am a first time author and I started my book writing with a sexy Werewolf book that will be part of a series, my genre is steamy romance stories that usually feature a kick ass female hero . My books contain vivid descriptions of steamy sex scenes, references to sexual assaults in a few and most have a dark twist, they are therefore intended for readers 18+ who want to read something that will make them blush ! So far I have a Werewolf romance story, a on going Mafia romance story with BDSM descriptions and I have lots of ideas for new books such as ... . Pirate romance book . Medieval romance book . Historic highland romance book . Demonic romance book . Wild West romance book . A bank robber and Police officer romance book . Soldiers both fighting for tyrants on the opposite side of a war romance story And lots more so there will be a little something for everyone\'s fantasies Please leave a comment or if you want to have a wee gossip feel free to drop me an email :) If you have any fantasies you want to see come to life drop me an email and i will see if i can give the story ago , x Take care SB X
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Captain Morgan Black is the most feared pirate ever to sail the seven seas, and the most handsomest. But don't let his angelic looks fool you, he may have the face of an angel but he also has a heart so cold, some swear he is the devil himself reincarnated. Despite his dark reputation Morgan doesn't sow death and destruction meaninglessly in his wake, he is targeting one Kingdom and it's allies in particular- The Kingdom of Avlington. In particular the family of usurpers who rule the Kingdom. You see, Morgan has a secret- not only is he the most feared pirate in the world but he is also the rightful heir to the throne of Avlington, and now he's of age he has returned to claim what is rightfully his. Starting by kidnapping the princess of Avlington, Princess Reanna, who's life he plans on trading for his throne. Things don't go according to plan however as when he finally gets Princess Reanna on his ship he is astounded by her beauty, whit and courage and he is shocked to find that his cold heart is warming to her. Will Morgan, the merciless pirate have mercy on Princess Reanna and spare her life if her kin refuse to give him his throne back? Will he reclaim his birth right? Or does fate have other ideas for the pair of them all together? Perhaps Princess Reanne will be able to completely thaw his heart and make him want something more in life than revenge and bloodshed, but if she does will Captain Morgan be willing to pay the cost of such a love? And if he is will he be able to have something more with her? As danger is around the corner and it stalks them BOTH.
The Mafia Boss's s*x Maid
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" Please Sir don't kill him, please! " Lilly begged for her worthless brother's life. " That bastard stole from me and then ran off, he wasn't man enough to face me and instead left his sister as collateral and did a runner..he clearly doesn't give a f**k about you, he knows I can kill you or worse and yet you beg for his worthless life .. why? " Stefan asked starring at the beauty in front of him that made his c**k stir as anger radiated in his tone. Lilly flinched from his aggressive tone and with tears streaking her porcelain skin and her natural rosy red lips quivering she replied simply in a whisper " because he's my brother. He may not be a good one but he's still family and he's all I have left...please.. please sir don't kill him." Stefan looked at her, even dressed modestly without an inch of skin seductively showing he could still see her killer curves and he wanted her more than he's ever wanted anything in his life. " Okay .. I won't kill him if you agree to be my maid for one year," Stefan said lustfully. Lilly was no stranger to hard work she could do any manual labor he wanted for a year if it saved Jason's life she thought " Okay.. I can do any job you need doing I am a hard worker ." Stefan laughed cruelly " Oh no angel I don't want you as a domestic worker.. you will be my personal s*x maid and you will full-fill any desire I have.. ANYTHING .. or your brother dies." Lilly gasped in shock. s*x Maid? But she was a virgin... could she agree to save Jason's life?
The Alpha Demon's Kidnapped Mate
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She lay shackled by heavy silver cuffs to the cold metal table listening intensely for his dreaded footsteps. The silver cuffs burning like acid on her delicate wrists and the wolves bane flowing through her bloodstream like burning lava she tried in vain to summon her wolf to break free. She began to whimper, it was no use with her weakened state courtesy of her daily doses of force-fed wolves bane and the bondage of silver she lay vulnerably like his prey trying to block the images of his rough unwanted hands roaming, pinching and squeezing intimate parts of her body that no one but her wolf's mate should ever touch from entering her mind whilst tears streaked her porcelain skin, her rosy lips began to quiver as she tried not breakdown in fear and let him see her broken spirit. Life was not always a daily cycle of abuse for Isabelle, in fact, she had a happy childhood raised by her loving Mother and Father whom where the Alpha and Luna of the Golden Moon pack - a well respected and peaceful pack who lived a quiet life until the night of the bloody massacre. The massacre that wiped out the Golden Moon pack and ended with Isabelle bearing witness to her family's execution at the age of just 7 Isabelle was then kidnapped by the Alpha of the rogues who murdered her pack, who decides to keep her his as his chosen mate. After a decade of torture, Isabelle manages to escape a week before her 18th birthday. Running for her life she crosses into the territory of famed Demon Alpha where she soon discovers they are the fated mates. Will Isabelle live happily ever after with her mate ? or will the Rogue Alpha recapture her?