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Love is blind

He tried avoiding his gaze, but he only finds himself melting just by his presence.

"Hey, are you alright?" He held his hand that's placed on the table. He looked at his hand that possessively touches his. He tried twitching it but instead, he held it tighter.

"Can't you see? They're looking at us." He said as he looked down, a bit shy.

"What's the matter with that?" He asked him, not minding other people but only the man he adored in front of him.

"I'm afraid of what they're going to say."

"Does it really matter to you?"

"I just didn't like them looking at us as if all we do is wrong."

As soon as he heard his man saying this, he stood up. The sound from the chair caught the attention of many people inside the restaurant.

"Hey! Everyone!” As soon as he said that, a lot of people’s gaze were on them.

I love this guy! Any problem with that?" The faces of the people around were more than shocked, especially when he kissed the man he adored in front of them.

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CHAPTER 1: Closer, baby
DUKE's POV White walls greeted me as I open my eyes. It suddenly made me curious as to where I am at this point in time. I can't see anything magical or extraordinary that's why I can't say I am in heaven. My head is aching terribly. I remembered drinking lots of vodkas the night before and I haven't remembered how I got to sleep on my own bed. That's totally insane. Ahh, I realized I am in my condo unit but I haven't remembered how was I able to reach it from a pub that's miles away from my place. I was all alone, drinking and scrolling my contacts when I got really drowsy. I called somebody and I freaking forgot everything that happened next. I always drink whenever I want. It's more of a hobby for me. Besides, when you go to places like pubs, the feeling of meeting new people always excites you. That's why maybe I'd gladly free my time just to hang out. Let me start this: I have a muscular body. A guy that could be every girl's dream. I consider myself damned attractive to them because I can see it the way they tell me their intentions. But, there's a big problem with me: I can't stop myself from loving someone my kind. The feeling of being attracted to guys is happiness compared to being attracted to women. This is sounding so gay yet, this is the concealed truth that nobody should ever know except me. I touched my forehead and groaned a bit. One of the things I hated the most is the hangovers I am experiencing every time I drink for whatever reason. "Hey, Duke?" Shania Cruz woke up my senses. I answered her call out of boredom. She's a casual friend for keeps, somehow. "Hmm?" I am even surprised at how I sounded. I sounded like someone who just woke up and here, using a much "seductive male voice". I heard the other line chuckle. I smiled back. The connection we developed for more than five years is enough for us to be familiar with each other, somehow. It felt like we knew each other for long that she can able to know the way I would sound, move, anything. "I just called to check on you. Are you feeling better now?" Now, I get it. she's the one that drove me home. I knew the answer instantaneously. "You're the one who drove me here?" I shyly ask just to confirm. She was able to say yes and I wanted to return the favor. "Thanks, Shan. See you later for lunch?" I wanted to thank her for being thoughtful. She's more of a sister to me. She's a family friend and I don't want to think that I am taking her kindness for granted by not doing anything in return. "Ohhh...I'd love to. I missed your buffalo wings, darling!" She sounded giddily excited when I mentioned the word "lunch". I shook my head from left to right as I smile. I scratched my head out of regret. I even told her "lunch" and as I stood and walked straight to my fridge, I was able to see some leftovers from yesternight's meals when I felt like in the mood for cooking. There are some plain pasta and some milk. I also see a bottle of wine and a pitcher of water but there was no sign or ingredient for a buffalo wing recipe that she's requesting me to cook for her. I will have to go to the nearest supermarket to buy those things. "Just reach my place before noon and the table will be all set," I assured her as I smile. She agreed and ended the call. Somehow, I forgot my hangover and being nauseated. It's nice to finally do something as my way of forgetting some heart-breaking moments from last night... -- (A flashback...) DUKE's POV I leaned against a wall and looked down. I feel like melting when he's in front of me...I feel so helpless and I didn't have all the courage to push him. For me, he's too powerful and aggressive. That's the exact feeling when I look into his eyes burning with passion. He looked at me as if I am his most delicious prey that night. I was so nervous I felt my knees tremble. He whispered something on my left ear and nibbled my earlobe as he smiled. "I thought Duke is strong? I never thought you're this weak." He touched my chin and gently tilted it upward, making my eyes meet his. I nervously breathed from my nostrils. This moment for me is so intense I want to forget my name. "I...ahm...you have to leave my sister. He's not for you. I don't like you for her." I forced a masculine voice that's trying to hide what I feel inside. I am shaky and I can feel my hands are getting cold. "It's not really your sister that I wanted." He grinned, as he looked at my eyes down to my lips passionately. He touched my lips and it made my eyes closed. His fingers are soft I want to bite it. "W-Who do you want, then? You never knew how my sister is attracted to you, she wanted to attempt suicide because you want to leave her." I am trying to fight this burning feeling versus the feeling of wanting to protect my fragile sister. She's only 17 years old and I don't want her to fall to this dangerous playboy of my age. At the age of 27 years old, George Santillian is already towering my whole soul as he put both of his arms on the wall, trying to lock me that I got nowhere to escape. "You knew who...please don't pretend you didn't know." His face is nearing mine. I bit my lower lip as I slowly opened my eyes and meeting his gaze at the same time. He's smiling and he looked like an attractive beast ready to devour me any time. I am in between this feeling of shouting help because he trapped me and just wanting to kiss him, hungrily because I don't want to fight this feeling of being attracted to him anymore. I guess this is not being attracted anymore. For the first time in my life, he was the only one who made my heart raced as if I am beating the fastest man alive for the marathon. He's the only one who made me feel this way. Is it me that he meant all this time?

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