The Luna's Betrayal


It's been over a year since Sierra became the official Luna of the Emerald Sky Pack. She has been leading along side her mate and now husband Aaron, all while trying to navigate her powers as a primordial wolf. It's not long before she learns someone is after her once again. The betrayal she learns of someone close to her is devestating. Will she be able to escape the new fate she is staring at? Or is she destined to live a curel unhappy life?

"I don't understand why you're doing this?" I asked, knowing he would never really give me the truth. "After everything we've done for you, this is how you repay us?"

"I told you to shut up!" I was being dragged down a dark hallway, with no memory of how I got here; but I did know the person dragging me.

"You helped us, why would you do that only to betray us this way? Betray me…" He stopped walking, raised a hand and hit me hard acorss the face. Losing my balance, I fell sideways into the cold stone wall. I was still recovering from whatever they had given me that caused me to pass out. I was chained in silver but there was something else to this metal. It seemed to strip away all my abilities. They had done their research on what would keep me from fighting back. Whoever these people were, they didn't want me getting away. I couldn't communicate with Brooklyn or Aaron, I had tried many times. I didn't even know if we were close enough to my pack for Aaron to hear me. I had no idea how long I had been here or where I was.

"You know he's going to find you. He's going to find you and kill you slowly for taking me," I told him from my position on the floor. He came down to my level and was so close, his breath made my hair flutter slightly.

"With what we have planned, he's never going to get the chance. There's a lot of supernatural creatures out there dying to get their hands on a primordial. They'll pay anything to have you. Get comfortable, becuase soon this is going to be your life."

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Chapter 1
Sierra's POV  I opened my eyes to see that I was lying flat on a cold stone floor. My arms lay at my sides and felt considerably lighter than what I remember. Bringing them close to my face, I examined my hands. I found the chains were now gone, which I thought was weird considering they were trying to keep me from using my powers. I also didn’t feel any pain in my nose or head, had someone healed me? "Brooklyn!" I called desperately. It had been days since I had been able to reach her. All that was there was a glaring silence, instead of her sarcastic remarks. "Fu*k" I muttered. Sitting up, it was so dark I wasn't able to see much, but it looked like I was in some type of cell. I could slightly make out barred doors on the far wall. Without Brooklyn, I didn’t have the primordial sight I had been accustomed to. "Hello!" I called loudly as I got to my feet, a little dizzy from Goddess only knows what, that they had given me. There was no response except my voice echoing back to me off the stone walls. "Hello!! Anyone!! HELLO!!” "You're wasting your energy," a somber voice said from behind me. Spinning around, I saw a dark shadow in the corner on what looked to be some type of bed, from what I could see. "They're not gonna answer you." Without my abilities, I couldn’t sense or smell that they were here. Squinting through the dark, I spoke back. "Who are you?" I asked, walking closer to the voice. When I finally got close enough, I was greeted by the sight of a woman in what looked like a brown potato sack with holes cut out for arms. She was very pretty; stunningly so, even through the dirt I could see on her face. The long flowing silver hair fell onto the bed behind her like a moon-made waterfall. Her skin was very pale, and I noted the pointed ears, letting me know this woman was an elf. Silver eyes matched her hair, and I guessed at one point they had a sparkle to them; however, now they held what looked like tired, defeated acceptance. "Who are you?" she asked, eyeing me up and down, giving me the feeling she was looking through me and into my soul. "Sierra, Sierra Bennett." There was no answer from her right away, she just continued to survey me, not with judgment but with curiosity. "I'm Amisra Fenhorn, former elven princess. What about you? Where are you from? If you’re here, that means you have to have something special about you." Brooklyn and this woman would definitely get along in my opinion. Both weren’t afraid to speak their minds. "The Emerald Sky werewolf pack." "You can’t just be a wolf if you’re here, so what’s so special about you?" She basically laughed. "How did you know that?" "Because we all do. That's why they've taken us. So, what are your powers?" "I'm a primordial wolf," I told her. She nodded her head and pressed her lips together. "Makes sense. Those are rare, you'll go for a high price." "What are you talking about? Where are we?" "I'm not exactly sure where we are, but this is a holding place for special supernatural creatures. They bring us here, we stay here for however long, and then they sell us off to the highest bidder." "Why haven't you just escaped?" "Go ahead and try," she said snuggly, crossing her arms. I turned and held my hands up to the barred door, trying with all my energy to break them apart, or blow them open enough that we could squeeze through. I concentrated hard, but nothing was happening. No flow of energy, no flash of light, nothing. "What the he**?" I said, I wasn’t chained anymore, this didn’t make sense. Amisra just laughed behind me, which only made me angrier. "What's so funny?" I said, turning back to face her. "The new arrivals are always so eager and think they're getting out. There's no way out of this place. They've created it using some kind of magic. I'm assuming it was the work of some powerful witch they used and then sold. This place doesn't need chains or wolfsbane to keep people down." "That's not possible," I told her. "It's very possible. Look what just happened?" "Nothing happened," I said. "Exactly. You're not going to be able to use your powers." "How long have you been here?" I asked, noting her cheery personality. "I have no idea, I guess no one wants an elf princess right now. They don't sell you until they get the most money." "Great," I replied, plopping down on the bed next to her. "So how did you end up here?" she asked. "I got betrayed by a close friend. Never saw it coming," I told her, looking down at my hands. "People never do. For me, it was my brother. He was worried our father would give me the title of Queen even though he was older. I woke up in the middle of the night to him kidnapping me. He injected me with some kind of poison. I never figured out what it was, and I woke up chained to a wall somewhere else, but eventually they brought me here. "I'm sorry," I told her after hearing her story. "I'm sorry too. Betrayal is never easy to accept." "Didn't your parents look for you?" I asked, wanting to know if Aaron had a chance at finding me. "I don't know. For all I know, my brother made up some story about how I ran away with a mate or something. He got what he wanted though, me gone and for him to become the Elf King." "My mate Aaron's going to find me, and we'll take you too. Return you to your kingdom and tell them everything that happened." Amisra gave me a sad smile and chuckled slightly. "Oh honey, your mate is never going to find you. These people make sure to hide their tracks. And who's to say this friend who betrayed you hasn't fed him some bullish*t story and sent him on a wild goose chase after someone else?" "I don't accept that. Aaron is never going to stop looking for me as long as he knows that I'm alive." "I wish I could be as positive as you, but I've been here for too long and seen too much. You'll understand soon." "What happens once they sell you?" curious if that was my escape. "You become whoever they want you to be. A breeding machine, a power bank, the possibilities are endless," she joked. "Why don't they just fight back? If they're out of this cell they should have their powers back." "Before they take you out of here, they fit you with some kind of ankle bracelet that's made the same way this cell is. And if you fight back, it hurts you. I don't know how, because I haven't gotten to that part yet, but I've heard the people around here talk when they walk by. It doesn't sound pleasant." "No, it definitely doesn't," I added. "My advice, enjoy this time while you have it. You don't know what your fate is going to be once you get out of here. They keep you pretty well taken care of while you're here. I think that's only because they have to if they're going to get the most money for you. No one wants a half dead primordial or pixie queen." "Goddess, I wish I could talk to my wolf," I sighed. "I'm sure she's just as irritated," she said. "What's her name?" "Brooklyn, she's pure white, almost silver like the moon." "Oh, so you're a true primordial than." "What do you mean?" "Well, you're not a primordial hybrid. A primordial mixed with a vampire or elf or something. Those might have a little power, but a pure primordial has them all. You can tell who they are by their silver wolf." My mouth opened at her words. In all the research I had done, this was never mentioned in any book. "What?" she asked, looking at the confused expression on my face. "Did you not know that?" "No...I didn't. I only found out about being a primordial about a year ago." "How is that possible? Didn't your parents tell you? If you're a true primordial, that means you're a direct descendent of the Moon Goddess herself." "I'm not sure they know themselves. How do you know this?" "It's old elf knowledge. We're taught all about it in school. How is it that you weren't?" "I grew up as a human until I was eighteen." "How old are you now?" "Twenty-two." "Well, I'm super interested to hear your story," she said, turning to face me better. It didn’t seem like I was going to be able to avoid telling her about myself, I mean there wasn’t anywhere I could go in this small cell, and she didn’t strike me as the type of person that took no for an answer. Her eyes were wide with anticipation, and I began to tell my tale in all its detail as the two of us sat on our musty bed in this cold dark cell, waiting to see what our fate was going to be.

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