Hating My Baby's Father

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The second he stepped in my bedroom on that faithful night, I knew I was going to change.I knew he was going to change everything inside my life. One look at him and I saw the darkness behind his teasing smiles and open laughs, but despite that he was the only source of light in my dark and lonely nights. He made me feel whole in the house filled with nothing but emptiness...

Even though, I knew he was going to end up hurting me,I still clung to him like a downing man to a wooden plank. The only problem was he was broken. And,the splinters cut deep, slicing me open, leaving my heart a bloody mess.

To escape the pain and to save whatever was left of my heart, I left.

I left with something of his, knowing he'd find me and make me pay. But, my broken heart didn't care.


The first time I saw her, every cell in my body had told me to turn around and run.

Because, I knew she was the missing part that would make me whole and that she too had it in her to break me into tiniest pieces. But, knowing that didn't stop me from going to her.

I tried everything there was to keep her away, but her pieces fit me too perfectly. Her sassy attitude and her dirty mouth that hid her innocent and lonely heart had me bowing down to the need to have her for myself. She made me whole,the only problem was... I realised a little too late that being with me and the demons of my past was breaking her more. So, going against everything in me, I sent her away.

And she disappeared, without telling me that she was taking something of mine with her. I will find her. And, I'll punish her for stealing from me.

© A. Gupta 2019. All rights reserved.

“Remove it,” He said it for the second time as I sat there looking at him.


“Don't pretend that you don't want it. And, don't think for a second that I’m giving you any choice, I am going to f**k you either way."

“Are you really going to force me?” I asked, looking into his handsome face and blue eyes, that I had missed every day.

He put his knee beside me as he leaned over me, tilting my face up, he asked, “Is it really forcing you when I could smell your arousal all the way over here?”

The look in his eyes had my p***y walls squeezing, and I could feel myself getting wetter. I took a deep breath as I said, “It doesn’t matter, I don’t want you.”

His eyes roamed over me as if conflicted, and then stopped as he came to a decision. But, I didn’t wait for him, I turned around, snatching the blanket to cover myself as I laid back down on the bed. I didn’t even settle comfortably when I was flipped on my stomach and he was sitting on the back of my calves.

“What the f**k are you doing, Dominic?!!” I yelled.

“Isn’t it, clear?” He asked back as I felt his hand creeping under the t-shirt and caressing my hips.

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The Beginning...
No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without written permission of the author. Hating My Baby's Father- Carter Brothers Series © A. Gupta 2021. All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This book contains some of the most sensitive scenes. It's not for you if you have triggers. Be pre warned this book has an Anti-hero with some major heart breaking tendencies. Prologue Dominic Fuck!! I shouldn’t have done that, I thought as I jumped another rooftop to another one. And, I definitely shouldn’t do this… A voice said inside me that vaguely sounded like my little brother Maddox. But, the thought of him only encouraged me to do something this reckless. Because, he was not here to stop me as one stupid f*****g girl hadn’t spoken a simple lie. A lie that could’ve saved my little brother from going to jail, and me, from spiralling out like this. I was like an abandoned boat that was just drifting across the sea without any destination in sight. I hadn’t realised how much I was dependent on my little brother, until now. Growing up he was my best friend and my constant, while I was reckless and inconsistent. He knew how to handle this deep seated chasm inside me that always seemed to be unfulfilled. That derives me to insanity. I had learned long time ago to be happy, or at least show the world that I was happy. I acted it, too. For my parents, for my brothers and especially for myself. Because when I pretended to be happy, I was definitely doing something that would take my attention from the emptiness I felt inside me. And, right now there was no one to stop me from doing what I shouldn’t. My parents were gone for the weekend like they usually do, I knew that they both were too, too sad, about Maddox, and I also knew that Dad wanted to take my mother’s mind from the emotional trauma we were all going through. The judge who had sat during Maddox’s hearing had stated the stipulation that only one family member will visit Maddox and that was too for a limited times, and for some reason Maddox had chosen Alex- who was currently only he knows where he was, but I knew from some of his words that he was off to taking care of some damsel in distress for my little brother- always the protector. So, it was hard on Mom, and whatever hurts Mom, it hurts Dad tenfold. And, I didn’t begrudge them their time with each other and how they have each other to take some of their pain away. Still, it hurt to realize that I was alone to deal with my own thoughts and pain, as my eldest brother, Brandon, too was dealing with this situation in his own way- that was going out each and every night, god knows where and coming home late in the morning only to disappear into his room and sleep the day off. And this all leaves me alone with my emptiness which I tried to fill with parties, which had led to this. I jumped on the windowsill, jutted out from under one of the window. My palms pressed on the wall, I sidled towards the edge, I was enough intoxicated with the alcohol I had consumed during the house party that I had thrown out of the blue, that I totally ignored the fact that the balcony was at least five feet away from where I was standing. Only when I was jumping and in the air that I realised I could’ve slipped or fallen down and would’ve broken at least five bones in my body if not my neck. But, fortunately, my fingers curled around the iron rail and I hefted up myself on the balcony. Peering through the window, I once again tried to think if what I was doing was right, but this time the voice that had warned me earlier was no where to be found. The window looked into a corridor and I could see several doors and a staircase leading downstairs. Standing there, I waited to see if someone would come into view, but when after several minutes there was no sign of any human being, I thought for a moment that I had made a mistake coming here, but shrugged thinking that there was no harm going inside- at least I would’ve completed my dare. And as if the universe was just begging me for it, when I tried the handle on the window… It opened. Peering one last time into the long corridor and looking at the staircase, I stepped inside.  Stepped inside a trap. That I didn’t know how to get out of. And, it was f*****g beautiful. It was heart-breaking. It was answer to my emptiness. It was mine. The house was so silent that I could hear the tick-tock of the clocks in the house and the hum of the refrigerator. But, what had my feet moving were the soft breathy sounds coming from somewhere in the house. The corridor was long with six doors and each one was closed. Following the soft sound I started venturing further, and when I got closer I realised that it was a sound of someone crying. Not crying, more like weeping, I amended a second later when I stopped in front of the door from behind which the sounds were coming. The person was crying so quietly, as if afraid that someone would hear him or her, but even without checking the whole house from top to bottom I knew that no one was in the house except the person behind the closed door. I knew that the house was empty, I knew it because I was very familiar with that feeling. My hand went to the doorknob, and just for a fraction of a second, a sane thought struck that it was so wrong to be here in the middle of the night, in someone else’s house, entering into someone else’s bedroom, but it didn’t matter as my fingers pulled down on the doorknob and my foot, that now I realised was sock-less and shoe-less pushed the door open. Of course I knew who’s house I was breaking in, and of course the dare included her. The Ice Princess, as the boys in the school called her. But, still it came out as a shock when I saw her small frame curled up in the bed, bathed in the soft warm florescent light while she cried into her pillow. Kiara Empty. Always empty. This big house was always empty, just like I feel since we had come to live here. I had loved the small house we were used to live in, at least it never felt empty with its two bedroom and kitchen. It was always filled with happiness and laughter and warmth. But, this big house was just empty. It didn't make me happy, it wasn’t filled with happiness, it didn't have the warmth that our old house had. No, this house was cold, it had money but no heart. Because the only one that lived here was mine which was broken by my own parents. My parents, who probably were off to another of their business trip or, their sixtieth or maybe it was seventieth honeymoon. Well, at least, this time they remembered my birthday, I thought to myself as I stifled another sob, thinking about the gift card they sent me through the mail which had two thousand dollars worth shopping cards. As I adjusted my grip on the pillow, I froze when I felt the hair rise on my body even though I was covered with my blanket. In every cell of my body, I knew that someone was standing behind me, in my bedroom and that someone was watching me. I went through all the things I could do but nothing struck that would help me. I didn’t have anything near me that I could use as a weapon, except the pillow that was drenched with my tears. I had even sent Mrs. Zen for the weekend, I was all alone in this big house while a stranger was standing just behind me, in my bedroom. I heard the soft footsteps, measured, coming closer to the bed. I stiffened, ready to bolt or do anything to survive, when his soft, husky, slightly slurred deep voice touched my ears. “I am not going to hurt you.” Even before I turned to see the face of that vaguely familiar voice, I knew he was lying. And I knew, that I have no chance of surviving him. This is how it began. This is how my loneliness was filled with promises. This is how he broke those promises. And, this is how he hurt me. This is my story, where I ran away to survive. Dominic But, she forgot that this is my story too. That I have every right to be a part of it. And, that I’d follow her to the ends of the earth because she filled the chasm inside me that I was too late to understand, that she was vital for my living. HELLO EVERYONE... A LOT OF THANKS TO MY ALREADY EXISTING READERS THAT NOW HAVE BECOME A PART OF MY LIFE, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR LOVE AND PATIENCE, LOVE YOU GUYS...  AND, A WARM WELCOME TO NEW READERS... HOPE YOU ENJOY THE STORY, KEEP READING TO KNOW MORE... Follow and Like The Story, give it a chance... YOU CAN ALSO CHECK THE FIRST BOOK IN CARTER BROTHERS SERIES, MADDOX'S STORY- Saved By The Devil...  

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