Varsity Bad Boy Series

opposites attract

A whole series featuring the guys of the football house!

-------Book 1: The Varsity Bad Boy-------

Liam Andrews, who also known as "The Badass" and is a star player for his college football team. He always gets the girls he wants.

Olivia James is just an average student. Her only goal is to keep her scholarship and graduate from college.

She gets a sexy makeover from her roommate, which catches Liam's attention. However, Liam isn't used to being turned down.

Now if only he can win Olivia over from Brett and survive a pregnancy scandal that hits the football house, Liam will truly be the badass, because he will have the girl of his dreams.

-------Book 2: Tackling The Tight End-------

Eric Sanders is one the star players on the college football team and dreams of playing in the NFL after college.

Jill Kelly has known Eric since they were in high school. She is well liked in her sorority and many consider her a true friend, including Eric.

Jill is tired of being in the friend zone and decides it time to show Eric just exactly what he has been blind to all these years. Will she succeed in getting Eric to notice that she can be more then just a friend?

-------Book 3: Dancing With The Defense-------

Right before he graduated college and was drafted to The NFL, John Johnson met a dancer name Gia on a party bus. Neither of them expected to get into a relationship.

Four years later, both are living together in Texas and being a happy couple. That is until John is offered to get traded to California. Gia has huge secrets in California and doesn’t want to relive her past there. But keeping secrets isn’t great for her relationship with John.

Will the relationship survive all of Gia’s secrets? Is California truly the end for them as a couple? Maybe someone new will show them what love truly can be?

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Book One Varsity Bad Boy: Chapter 1
Olivia “Mmm, come here, you sexy thing!” I moan as I open up the box of my hot gooey pizza I had delivered. Currently, I am sitting in the living room of the house I rent on campus at my university. I am getting ready to dive into writing up my Ethics paper, but first I need food. A loud thud sound outside diverts my attention away from my pizza and the paper I need to write. What the hell! This has to be what my neighbors are doing. I get up and look out the window of the house and I see the source of the thud, a football is on my porch. I knew where it came from, I live right next door to the football house on campus. When I first got a room here, in this cape cod style house, I was surprised at how cheap it was for college campus housing. As it turned out, the house is actually owned by a little old woman whose family placed her in an assisted living facility because she could no longer live alone. Instead of selling the house, which they found out had a low value since it is on a college campus. I guess the woman has been here for years before the college expanded to make this area the sports house and Greek row. The family saw value in renting out the three bedrooms to college kids, like me. When I took a room here, I didn’t realize the football house was right next door. During football season, it is ok, because the guys have curfews and have a strict training schedule, Post season it is party central. Everyone just loves the football players here on campus, both on and off the field. When it is post football season, they are known for having the best parties. I live with 2 other people in the house, who were just as clueless as I was that we had the infamous football house next door. We thought because our landlord was in a nursing home this would be a quiet place. My two housemates, one is gay, and loves that he is next to the “beef cakes,” as he calls them. The other is essentially a sorority girl wanna be, but never gets picked so she tries to impress them. I am a scholarship student, so if I mess up, I'm out of school. I don't party often, I'm focused on my education, and I'm not one to party. So I can’t afford to mess up at all. The three of us in this house are kind of like the misfits of the sports center and Greek row. It’s probably why we do get along living in this house. I go out to the porch and grab the football. I hear the voice of the one they call, “The Badass”, Liam Andrew’s. “Right here sweetheart.” He smirks. Liam, “The Badass” Andrews is the captain of the football team. He has an all American look. He is 6 foot tall, 210 lbs of pure muscle, dark blond hair with ice blue eyes. Truthfully, he is gorgeous and he knows he is. They call Liam The Badass for a reason. He makes daring moves on the football field, which people say are badass moves. The badass moves go to his personal life as well. He isn’t afraid to make a move on any woman and his end goal is to get as many women into his bed. Which according to the guys is a badass move, so that’s how he got the nickname of The Badass. I smirk back to him, he knows I don’t like him, and I hate that he always calls me sweetheart. He just doesn't have time to remember all the names of the girls he's with, so he calls anyone female sweetheart, because he has so many girls he’s with. I throw the football up in the air and then kick it over to him. “Whoa, you got some legs there sweetheart, and they kick nicely too.” He says. “Liam, I’m trying to eat and do a paper. Can you please keep your balls in your yard?” I told him. “Oh, my balls are right here, but if you mean the football, I will try sweetie.” He says. Oh he is impossible! I go inside and time to devour that pizza! Just as I sit down and I’m about to take a bite of this meat lovers pizza, I see a hand come into my view and grab a slice. “What the f**k! Liam, why are you here?” I yell at him. “You said you were eating, I figured it was an invite, and I love meat lovers.” Liam says. “Take the slice and get the hell out!” I say pushing him out the door. “Thanks, sweetheart!” He grins as he gets outside holding his slice up. “He is such an asshole!” I say out loud. “Who is an asshole and is he cute?” Anthony, my housemate, says as he enters from the kitchen. “Liam, that big oaf next door. I didn’t know you were here.” I told him. “I just got here darling, came in the back way. Did you know those boys are out front throwing balls around? Best view is from our back yard. “ he says. “Sorry, not interested and besides you just missed one of those boys just now.” I told him. “So I heard, the resident varsity bad boy stole some food huh, no he just waltz in here and took it.” He bats his eyes at me as he says that. “I do not like Liam, if that’s what you are implying.” I tell Anthony. “I don’t see him going into those Delta’s houses and taking their pizza, and everyone knows they give their pizzas away for free to any athlete. They don’t have to work for it like they do with you, Olivia” Anthony says. Suddenly, we hear loud music being played from the football house. “Are you kidding me? It is only Wednesday! Are they not in training?” I yell. “It is their off week, Liv, so it is party time. Why don’t we go crash it?” Anthony says. “Why would we want to crash their party?” I ask him. “For revenge! You are a total hottie when I do makeovers on you. I know you have a little red sexy number in that closet. We walk in and you can do a lap making them want you, I can get nice views of the beefcake over there, just when they want to know who the lady in red is, we walk out and leave them blue balled.” Anthony says. I look at him and scrunch up my brow. “You thought this out for a while, didn't you?” “Tease The Badass, what else do you have to do tonight?” He says. “Um, my Ethics paper!” I say. “Psh” he says as he waves his hand, “if I know you that paper is due in 2 weeks, your just trying to stay ahead, this is like 2 hours out of your time and you get to t*****e, The Badass.” Anthony says. He has a point. “Ok, let’s do it, before I change my mind.”

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