Addicted to My Best Friend's Brother

opposites attract


When you think Addiction what comes to mind? Drugs? s*x? Alcohol? well for me it was none of that, it was him. Him being the guy I have had my sights on for sometime...a guy I thought I would never get...the guy that happens to be my best friends brother.

He is something I have craved so long, the one man that gives me dirty dreams at night. He is dark, broken and has a cold heart. His addiction is breaking hearts and a different girl in his bed every night and I always believed I would never be one of those girls, but one night everything changes. He shows interest in me for the first time ever and before we know we are in a f*******n, s****l relationship full of secrets. I soon find myself becoming his addiction, the two of us struggling to stay away even though it is wrong.

It can only end in heartbreak right? My heart being the one that is broken right? Though sometimes no matter how long you have known someone you soon realize not everything is as it seems.

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Chapter One - My best friends brother
Hallie’s P.O.V I was sitting in my best friend’s apartment, both of enjoying our day off before our crazy work weeks start again tomorrow. We had decided on a girl’s night which includes chick flicks, ice cream and wine. The perfect night. “Penny are you home?” we hear a voice say as the front door opened. I froze when I heard the voice. My heart started beating that little faster and my breathing becomes slightly heavier than normal. Deacon, Penny’s older brother. Deacon was four years older than us. He was dark, broken and had a heart of stone, well except when it came to Penny. Sadly, their parents died in a car crash when Penny and I were only fifteen. Deacon was nineteen. After that, he looked after her, got a job to provide for her and done everything he could to give her a good life.  He did exactly that, up until three years ago when she was nineteen. She started working and got her own place with a trust fund her parents had set up for her. He is still always coming around to make sure she was doing alright but he had been away for a month. He only got back, and it makes sense this is the first place he would stop by. “DEACON!” Penny squealed jumping to her feet, rushing to him, and hugging him. The two of them were remarkably close especially after everything they have been through together. “Hey wee sis did you miss me?” he chuckled hugging her back. I just sat there still and quiet, the same way I always am when he is around. There was something about him that made my confident self, turn into a weak mess. It has been that way since I hit puberty at the age of fourteen. I have had the biggest crush on him and the older I got it became more than a crush. It turned into more of a strong urge…more lust than like. He was gorgeous. It was his eyes and his smile that made me a hot mess. He had the most beautiful hazel eyes and a beautiful smile, that had a slight crook to it. He was the most gorgeous man I have seen but he does not know all of this. Penny does not know, no one knows that. I watch from afar and fantasise about him, he does things to my body. “Of course, I did. Come, come sit and tell me all about your trip.” She said pulling away from the hug, grabbing his write and pulling him over to the sofa. “Hallie,” he said nodding his head at me. “H…H..Hi.” I stuttered out. Damnit! Could I be any more obvious? He never noticed; he never does. To him, I am nothing but his sister’s best friend. Another woman not worth his time. He has been hurt in the past and does not trust woman, but even before that the day he lost his parents he lost part of him. He fell into a life of darkness and depression, but he always tried to smile for Penny’s sake, but I could also tell he was far from wanting to smile. “Well, I will go and let you two catch up,” I said going to stand up. “What? No, stay.” Penny said pouting at me. “OK,” I said. The truth was I wanted to get away from Deacon. I was a feeling flushed and turned on with him only been around me a few minutes. I could never work out why he has this effect on me. I have dated, had boyfriends, had one-night stands and flings but not one of them makes me feel the way Deacon does when he is around me. I shifted on the sofa, putting a distance between him and I. He was like a strange addiction to me and not one thing has happened between us. I know I have no chance with him. I am the complete opposite of the girls he usually goes with. Plus, he would never go near his sister’s best friend, which is against so many rules. “Deacon you want a beer?” Penny asked. “Sure, then we can catch up. I missed you, wee sis.” He said hugging her again before she headed off and got him a beer. I pulled my knees to my chest, hugging my knees. I was feeling awkward being alone with him. “How is life, Hallie?” Deacon asked breaking the silence between us. “It’s alright you?” I said. “Same old...same old. I am curious why you seem nervous every time I am around?” he asked with a hint of a sly smirk. He notices that since when. And there was me thinking he never sensed he made me nervous. “Dunno what you mean.” I shrugged turning away from him to hide my pink cheeks. “Yes, you do. It has been the same since I can remember.” He said shifting slightly closer to me. What is he doing? I slowly turned to look at him, met with him looking straight back at me. “I...I... I.” I started to say but never finished cause I never knew what to say to him. His next move caught me off guard. He placed his large, rough hand on my thigh, and my entire body shuddered underneath his fingertips. I closed my eyes over, a low yelp like sound coming from my lips. “Oh, I get it now...you want me that is why.” He said. My eyes went wide, and I started shifting awkwardly around on the sofa. I know I should deny it, tell him he is wrong, but I could not. My mouth had gone dry, my voice seeming to have disappeared. I had to get away from him. I quickly jumped to my feet, rushing into the bathroom. I closed the door behind me, locking it and trying to catch my breath. Did I really just run away from him? What is the matter with me? I could not take him looking at me anymore. I could not take him touching me anymore. It was making me too weak and pathetic. I splashed my face with some cold water, trying cool it off a little. I managed to calm down after a moment, heading back through. Deacon and Penny were on the sofa chatting and laughing. I decided to take a seat on the chair rather than the sofa next to him. I could see him watch me out the corner of my eye. I refused to look at him no matter how much he was looking at me. “Hallie, why are you sitting all the way over there?” Penny asked. “No reason.” I shrugged, smiling at her. “I know Hallie, so far away come join us?” he said, trying his best not to smirk while he said it, patting the space next to him. I wanted to say no, make an excuse to go home but that would lead to questions being asked from Penny. She knows me better than I know myself and would tell something was off if I left quickly. Instead, I nodded, standing from the chair, and heading over to the sofa sitting next to him. I was nervous again but knew he would not do anything with Penny sitting there.  I sat listening as Deacon told Penny about his trip. I soon felt his fingertips brush up the side of my thigh, all while he was talking to Penny. I swatted his hand away, not comfortable with him doing that with Penny sitting there. I do not even know what he was doing. He has never acted this way towards me, why start now? I am sure he is only messing with me. I am sure the next time I see him he will be back to being his usual self, barely speaking two words to me. I would go back to watching from afar and wondering what his lips would feel like against mine, what his body would feel like pressed against mine. Damnit! There are those feelings arising again. I think it is time I go home. “I am gonna head home, getting tired,” I said. “You can’t drive you have been drinking,” Penny said. “I will get a cab, will pick my car up in the morning,” I said getting to my feet. “I will drop you home, save you having to get a cab. I have only had a sip of the beer so OK to drive.” Deacon said looking at me. Oh God No…please no. I do not think I can handle being alone with him in a car. “Yes, I like that idea better. Deacon will take you home.” Penny smiled, “And then we can all do breakfast tomorrow.” She added. I nodded, not wanting to say no in case that seemed strange to Penny. Well, this could get awkward.    

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