One night stand with the Mafia boss


What starts out as a boring work conference turns interesting when the most gorgeous man Kate has ever seen offers her 1 night of passion.

“One night” he rubbed his pointer finger over his bottom lip mesmerising me. I have never wanted to be a finger so much in my life!

“What?” there goes my heart rate!

“Spend one night with me” he gaze not wavering or changing in any way giving away the fact that he just asked me to spend the night with him.




“Why not?”

“Because you could have any woman out there in the bar that would give you threesomes, foursomes even with perfect bodies no cellulite, no stretchmarks, everything a man could ever desire. They would probably say yes to absolutely anything you asked. Me? I’m a prude, a weirdo with definitely not the perfect body and a lot less experienced than probably every woman out there and I do say no to a lot of thing. Even to someone as hot as you.”

“No! You’re real, they’re not. One night.”

“I am going to regret this but your too hot for me. Way out of my league. I….”

“No! It’s the other way around. Come!” And with that he is standing in front of me with his hand out for me to take.

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Chapter 1-1
And that is another one trying to get to the Adonis in the private area. His tally is now at 8, down from yesterday though. I love watching people, I mean who doesn’t! It’s so interesting and even more interesting as you try and imagine their life from what you can see. Try and put the pieces of their personalities together. I am most definitely not a Quack of any type, just intrigued by others. I was finally enjoying this silly conference I was dragged to. A whole week in Sydney listening to a Sales Conference that has absolutely nothing to do with me or my boss but we were made to feel it would be prudent to be present. Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging around with the Sales Agents as it was always a hoot. You never knew where the conversation was going to go and there was certainly no corporate bullshit or political correctness. The only problem was trying to help rein them in and make sure they attended their sessions and didn’t OD or break anything, or disgrace the company, of course. My boss is the Managing Director of Human Resources and I am her trusty Executive Assistant, EA or her trusty lap dog always at her beck and call. This means my job for the next week was to help the Sales Managing Directors EA keep the peace, help the Event Coordinator with everything she needed, still do my job as the EA with monitoring all emails, phone calls, reports, etc, help with my bosses' presentation for the conference and babysit 250 Sales people here to have a good time. So my normal busy schedule has become a nightmare! That’s why I am sitting in the corner, a strong alcoholic drink in my hand and my laptop open trying to catch up on everything. All the while, everyone else is once again out or in their room partying or bonking at 9 in the evening even though it is only a Monday night. Yes as soon as we all arrived on Sunday night they were straight to the nearest night club or hot bar. At 30 with no boyfriend, no mortgage, no kids and no commitments other than my job and the normal bills, you would think I would be also out enjoying and trying to pick up but I couldn’t think of anything worse! Instead I am sitting at the Bar Lounge of the hotel we are staying at in a booth at the back. I still changed into jeans and a nice top after dinner so I could relax. I learned last night not to wear a skirt thanks to a perv that kept trying to look up it every chance he got after I shot down his invitation to join him. At an Australian size 12, I am a normal size with my long brown hair, that I am terrible at styling, my almost translucent skin, thanks to my heritage, and light blue eyes. I am OK to look at but nothing special. I will get one or two creeps try their luck when I go out but luckily my best friend is stunning, so I enjoy sitting back and normally don’t have to deal with that much unwanted attention. This is the second night I have come down here to catch up on emails, reports and updates to my bosses speech and the second night the Adonis has made an appearance. To the side of the bar is a private area that is roped off with a sheer curtain around it. Both nights the most gorgeous man I have ever seen has come down at 8pm and hid himself there. He looked in his late twenties to early thirties, at least 6 foot 5, dark brown hair that is short on the sides and perfectly styled on the top, olive complexion giving him a Greek or Italian appearance and, from what I have seen light blue grey eyes. His clothes look expensive and tailor-made even though they seem to only just be able to hold what seems to be a well-toned body. I have to admit his broad shoulders even make me swoon, let alone his model-like features. Both times he walks in with about 5 people in toe, the same one goes in with him and the rest stand around, taking up positions around the room. They are obviously body guards. And right on cue, as soon as he appears so do the gold diggers. The room goes from slow and relaxed to a women’s club. Some show up earlier and prepare themselves, but most appear after. I enjoyed just watching the first night but couldn’t help myself with doing a tally tonight. I have my notepad out with the tallies at the bottom. A for Adonis is at 8 women trying to talk their way in. R is for the guard at the roped off doorway as some women have even gone for him, not sure if it was to get to the Adonis, but hey they still tried to pass numbers. He was only about 6 foot but built like the hulk with short dark brown hair, brown eyes and olive skin. His tally is at 3. And I am pretty sure I just saw one woman grab his junk as she whispered in his ear. To his credit, he didn’t flinch or blush, it was amazing to see how he reacted like nothing happened. B1 and B2 are for the guards pretending to relax at the bar. They are on 4 and 3. B1 is just over 6 foot probably about 6’ 2 with light brown hair, brown eyes, broad shoulders but a thinner frame than B2. He is definitely a boxer or has been in a fight or 2 in his life as his nose has a kink half way down. B2 is just a little shorter than B1 from when I saw them walk in. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes and very olive skin. He has a more rougher appearance and a big scar down the side of his face. I definitely did not want to meet him in a dark alleyway! D is for the guard at the bar lounge doorway. He has been the least lucky tonight with only 1. He seems to be older than the others in I would say his early 40’s. His dark brown hair slicked back to within an inch of its life and the best f**k you face I have seen which is probably why his tally is only 1 and even then I was wondering if the woman was drunk or a sadist! And lastly, T is the guard at the table at the back near me pretending to just be here for a drink. He was stuck with 2 women who he couldn’t get rid of so is still just at 2. T seemed to take lessons from D as his hair also has way too much hair gel in his light brown hair although it could be dark blonde but who would know with that much gel. He was a lot more relaxed with his sleeves rolled up to the elbows showing the dark hair on his arms. His jacket was on the seat next to him as he pretended to be disinterested in everything, but his eyes gave him away. At the start, I nearly grouped another guy in who sat at the other end in a booth pretending to read the paper. He had sandy blonde hair and a nice tan, but his different outfit did confuse me. Not all black for him. I then realised after an hour he wasn’t with them, he was just watching like me. All the guards are in all black suits including black shirts. All are well groomed and look like they spend 60 hours a week in the gym. And you cannot mistake the stoic looks on all of their faces. It has been keeping me well entertained as I finish off the current report. I wonder if the Adonis and his friend even noticed. They don’t seem to. His friend is very good looking as well, but with more a beachy vibe. He looked about mid-thirties with dirty blond hair that is messy on the top of his head, brown eyes and amazing high cheekbones like the Adonis. Seriously, those 2 would have to do modelling in their spare time. I couldn’t help the laugh that left my lips as a group of 3 women tried their luck. They definitely had a game plan, 2 distracted with the third making a run for it into the room. They had only entered the bar about 10 minutes ago but it was obvious their target. They were all poured into tight short revealing dresses or top and skirt ensembles that I wouldn’t dare try. All were primped and made up to the nines, their dyed platinum blonde hair perfect and their perfectly manicured nails and toenails shining with jewels in them. I am not into the whole getting your nails done thing. I let them grow only a little before I file them back or they break off and I file them back to look decent. The last time I had my nails done was when I was a bridesmaid 2 years ago and that was because I had to or my best friend would have ripped my head off. Yeah, she went straight into Bridezilla mode as soon as the organising began. It was comical. I will admit they looked hot even though they had way too much make-up and fake tan on. I was also trying to decide if the one in the blue had fake boobs or if it was just the top of the dress dipping in a way that made them seem that way. Either way, she was using them to her advantage rubbing them up the arm of the guard. It worked for a moment until he noticed the rope being moved then they lost the battle. A simple side step of his massive frame and the one in red was cut off. She got quite angry to start with at being denied, then quickly recovered to try seduction again. Because of that, I still added her name to both A and R’s tallies. The other 2 women I just added to R’s tally even if they were decoys. I think she offered him everything from money, a blow job, a threesome with her friends to even her first-born daughter. Well, I couldn’t actually hear, but I wouldn’t be surprised as she was not giving up and was giving it everything she had. He still didn’t budge though. It was also interesting to watch the others as they kept an eye on the situation as well. B1 and B2 were watching it unfold like hawks. D didn’t care and T was actually quite amused like me but was still watching everyone that entered the doorway past D. I swear it went on for a good 20 minutes before Red huffed and what were clearly her minions followed her and she stormed out. The other women in the bar watched as well while still trying to act as poised and seductive as possible in case A and his friend were watching. Actually, I haven’t given his friend a letter, I will call him F. By nearly 10 I was done and ready for bed. I started packing up my laptop and only just noticed that my notebook was suddenly pulled away.

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