Melanie is a freshman in campus and when she learns who her roommate is going to be, they both lose it. It's the same guy who was rude at her in the campus park. little does she know she will fall for him. How is it going to be with Matt not sharing his space?

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I grunt and take my shrieking phone from the nightstand. I look at the caller ID and groan. I'm going to kill this guy someday. “I swear I’m going to kill you Raph!” I say burying my face on the pillow in frustration. “Good morning too munchkin. Great to hear your sexy voice this early.” I can feel him smirking on the other end. “You don’t get to call me this early Raph. We are not married. Are we dating?” I turn to look at the ceiling and cover my face with the pillow. I'm still sleepy and my eyes are half-closed. “It’s not that early sweetheart. Quit groaning.” Raph has many pet names for me. He comes up with new names every day. I always complained about all the pet names but I got used to them. “It’s early dude.” I remove the phone from my ears and look at the time groaning more. “It’s 6.00 a.m dude. 6.00 f*****g a.m!” “So who are we f*****g munchkin? Is there an orgy somewhere?” He chuckles on the other end and I can’t help but chuckle. Raph always brightens my mood. He has been my best friend since we were kids. Yeah, just a friend. We are just that. With no strings attached. He has been like a brother to me. Supporting me all along. We hang out together most of the time. I don’t have girlfriends. They always end up betraying you. I'm weird, right? Weirdo is my second name. “If I hear of any orgy I will tell you. So Raph, what’s up? Do you miss me that badly?” “You know I never miss you.” “Cut it please. I know I’m always irresistible and you miss me. Maybe regretting why I’m your best friend and not your girlfriend. I know you want me. Just say it Raph.” I say giggling and he laughs on the other end. “You wish.” I smile and get out of bed to draw the curtains. That’s my relationship with my best friend. “So munchkin, at what time are you coming? Can’t wait to see you at the University.” “I will come in the afternoon. Mum insists on bringing me there but I don’t want that. I'm not a kid. I know my way.” “You know how aunt Emily gets with you.” “Yeah Raph. Let me see how it turns out. So tell me, are there handsome guys over there?” I ask giggling. “You are a freshman darling. Focus on your studies first.” “Okay daddy.” I pull the word rolling my eyes and he laughs. “I know you are rolling your eyes as usual. There are many of them but they are all players. Apart from me of course.” “Here we go again.” I roll my eyes and slump back on the bed with my face down. “I will be waiting for you Mel. Your best friend misses you so much.” “Mel.” Mum calls from the corridor. “I have to go Raph. Mum is calling me. See you at the university.” He hangs up just as mum walks into my room. “Morning darling. So you are awake.” “Morning too mum. Yeah, was woken up by Raph's call.” “I’m so happy you are joining their university. I know he will not let anyone intimidate you.” “I can protect myself mum. I'm so happy though.” “We will miss you Mel.” She says and blinks back the tears forming on her eyes. She caresses my cheek and gulps loudly. “Come on mummy. It’s not like I’m leaving you for good. I will be visiting you during the weekends.” “Your brother said that too but has not visited for the last three years. He is so comfortable in Paris.” “But he always calls. That’s what is important. I'm not going to another town and so it will be easy for me to visit.” “Okay honey. I hope it’s a promise and I’m not going to lose my baby girl to the university.” She says pulling me to her and I feel tears threatening to fall. I sniffle and she holds me tightly stroking my hair. I know how she feels. She has been so overprotective of me since Scott left for Paris. We talk everyday but it’s not the same as seeing someone face to face. I miss him too. Leaving for the university makes them think they are losing me too. Dad wanted me to be commuting everyday. He even promised to have a driver drop me at school and back everyday but I refused. I want to be far from them. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t want to live with them. I do but i want my freedom. Away from their scrutiny. I want to enjoy the campus life. At least for those four years. It was a terrible argument but I succeeded in convincing them. “I'm still taking you there Mel.” “No mum. People will laugh at me.” “Let them laugh but I want to make sure my baby is okay.” I extricate myself from her arms and look at her trying to control my anger. She treats me like a child and I don’t like it at all. “Mum please. I don’t want to argue about it anymore. It’s a university not a high school. I will be okay there. After all, Raph is there and he will help me out. Please mum.” I give her a beseeching look and she smiles. Yes! That’s a yes. “It’s okay baby.” “Yeey!” I squeal hugging her almost toppling her over and she chuckles. “Sorry mum. I almost made you fall.” “No problem baby. I love you so much.” “I love you too mum.” “Get ready. I will be downstairs.” “Okay mum.” She leaves the room smiling. I embark on parking my things. I choose my best clothes and everything I will need and pack them all in a suitcase and some bags. I take one long look at my bedroom and feel some tears forming on my eyes. A tear drops and I wipe it with my palm. I will miss this place. I will miss my bedroom but most of all my parents. I hug my pillow one last and leave the room. “I'm leaving dad. Mom.” I say joining them in the living room. “I will have Jamal take your bags to the car Mel.” Dad says smiling at me. “Separate books and boys sweetie. Study first and all the other things will come after you are done.” Dad says leading me to the car. I'm used to this. Advice every time. The same advice they gave me when I was in high school. When is the right time to date? When I have grown old and unappealing? I nod and smile at him. I'm a bookworm so I won’t disappoint. I don’t have time for boys anyway. “Take care of yourself honey. In case of anything don’t hesitate to let us know. Okay Mel?” “Okay mum. I will call you once I get there.” I hug them and get into the car fighting back my tears. I will miss them. I'm so used to them such that going away hurts. I must visit during the weekends. I start the car and drive towards my new university. My new home. How is life there? Will I meet nice people? Assholes? Raph always tells me it’s fun. How true is that? There is a lot of freedom there but I can’t misuse it. I wonder what type of person I will have for a roommate. I would have wanted Raph to be my roommate but it’s hard. I just hope for the best. I get to the university and park in the parking lot. I dial Raph’s number and he picks on the first call. “Munchkin?” “I’m here Raph. In the parking lot.” “Look for the school park and wait for me there. I will be there in a few.” I hung up and walk towards a board with the sign “school park”. I walk towards one of the bench and sit. There is one guy there but I don’t give much attention to him. “I don’t share my space.” A husky voice says and I turn to see the most beautiful eyes staring at me.

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