Hold Me

turning gay

"Can-can you h-hold me?"


* * *

Abandoned at the age of two, Jude grew up in an orphanage—ignored and pushed away for being a male omega.

The only thing he craved in his life was the warmth of love that he never got to experience.

And like everyone else, Jude too hoped he would have his happily ever after when he finds his mate.

But life isn't a fairy tale....

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Chapter 1
Jude looked around the huge ballroom. It was beautifully decorated. Every single thing in the room looked like an art piece. There were white and pink flowers on every table and corner. Dim golden and white lights decorated the ceiling of the huge hall and it gave the room a light golden shade. Every round table had fancy candle holders with long white candles in them. It looked like a fairy tale wedding. Everything was a sight to see. Even though the wedding was planned in a rush and had only a few guests, the Ivanov's didn't hesitate to make it luxurious. The omega smiled at everyone who greeted him as he tugged on his shirt sleeve nervously. He was wearing a lace white shirt with a white silk lining. It was designer clothes, soft and comfortable, but he felt strange wearing something expensive for the first time. Even though the wedding went smoothly, Jude felt nervous for some unknown reason. There was an unsettling feeling haunting him. Everything felt so overwhelming to the poor boy. If anyone had asked him about his marriage four weeks ago, he would have laughed so hard. But here he is, smiling and greeting every guest at his wedding reception. He turned to look at his mate who was busy talking to some of his friends. The omega wondered how he got so lucky as he stared at the alpha. He always dreamed about meeting his mate but he never thought that it would be someone famous as Alexander Ivanov. Alexander is exceptionally handsome. He looked like those men in the magazines. The alpha was tall with broad shoulders and a built body. He had raven hair and icy blue eyes that captivated the omega when the first time they met. Alexander glanced at Jude, making him flustered as he got caught staring. The two of them weren't still familiar with each other as the wedding happened in a rush. At first, Jude was very worried about why Alexander was always silent towards him but then he realized his mate is like that to everyone. "Oh my god, Jude! I can't believe you're finally married, " Iris's voice snapped Jude out of his thoughts. The omega sighed, "Iris, you've been saying that for hours," He rolled his eyes at the girl. "I hope I get a rich mate too because this is awesome," Evan said, looking around in awe. Iris and Evan are Jude's friends and coworkers. Jude worked in a small bakery shop. Growing up in an orphanage, the omega didn't have much education to get him a good job. So he sought work that needed more skills than certificates. Jude didn't have many friends. Nobody in the orphanage talked to him, except for his caregiver, all because he is a male omega. Iris and Evan are both betas and they never once discriminated against the omega for who he is, and Jude thanked God every day for giving him such good friends. "Hey, why are you standing here? Go stand with him!" Iris whisper shouted and gently pushed the omega towards his mate. "No! He's talking with his friends, I don't want to interrupt. That will be awkward." He whispered back. "You guys talked to each other, right? Or is it still awkward between you both?" Iris asked as she quirked a brow at Jude. The omega smiled nervously. "He… he doesn't like to talk much….." He fiddled the hem of his sleeve. "How are you both going to do the dirty tonight when you don't even talk to each other properly? " Evan asked as he sipped his glass of wine. Jude turned cherry red when he heard the words. The omega frantically looked around to see if anyone had heard his stupid best friend. "Stop saying things like that, you i***t! What if someone heard you?" Iris laughed while Evan shrugged and rolled his eyes. " What? Everyone does the dirty on their wedding night, it's no secret." He said and continued to sip his wine. "Jude, you're lucky. That guy is packed with muscles. He looks like he's gonna wreck you tonight." Iris teased the omega who was slowly becoming a living tomato. "You guys! stop saying perverted things," Jude whined and covered his face in embarrassment. "Prepare yourself, hun, you're not gonna be the innocent little Jude when you wake up tomorrow." The girl couldn't help but laugh at the flustered boy. Jude gulped, his face crimson red as he looked at his mate. The alpha was strong and muscular. He has the body of a s*x god. The omega nervously played with his wedding ring. Jude had zero experience in anything s****l-related. He hasn't even kissed anyone in his life. What if he couldn't satisfy his mate? "Jude," The omega looked up as a soft voice called him. He smiled as soon as he saw the owner of the voice. "Nana, where were you? " He asked while he hugged the old lady. "I was talking to your in-laws, dear. They said it was time for you both to go to your hotel so I thought I'd come and see you for the last time today." She chuckled. "I still can't believe you're all grown up now," Jude's eyes watered, "I'm going to miss you so much…" He said hugging her again. Nancy, his caregiver, was the only person who saw Jude as a normal kid in the orphanage. While everyone avoided and bullied him for being a male omega, Nancy always stood up for him. The omega saw her as his own mother. Nancy ruffled his hair." You silly boy, you can visit me anytime! I'm only an hour away!" She tried to cheer up the omega. "Now, stop crying. This is your wedding day, you have to look beautiful." She wiped his tears making him smile. Suddenly, someone cleared their throat making everyone look in that direction. Iris and Evan suddenly stopped bickering as soon as they saw Alexander standing next to them. "It's time to go, " He said to the omega, as he gave a small smile to everyone. Jude flushed as soon as he saw the alpha. "Such a perfect pair… God bless you both." Nancy said as she wiped a tear that fell down her cheek. Alexander thanked the lady with a small smile before taking Jude's hand and walking towards the exit. The pair walked out of the building to see Alexander's parents—Rosaline and Richard—standing beside a limousine. Rosaline hugged the boys tight as soon as they were in her reach. "I'm so happy..… Both of you take care, okay?" She said to the boys while she wiped away her tears. Her mate just watched her with a small smile on his lips. " Also Jude, if Alex gives you any trouble, be sure to call me, okay? " Jude blushed, he glanced at his mate before giving Rosaline a small nod. Alexander only rolled his eyes at his mother. "Mom, stop being so dramatic. We just got married, it's not like we're leaving the country." The alpha said to his mother. Alexander's voice made a shiver shoot through Jude's spine. His voice was deep and raspy, the omega felt like he could listen to it all day. Rosaline gently slapped his son's bicep. "Marriage is an important thing, it makes every mother emotional." She huffed. Alexander chuckled, "Good night, mom. Take care," He said before kissing her forehead. He turned to Richard who smiled at him. Richard gave Alexander a tight hug and patted his back. He looked so proud of his son. Jude silently watched the interaction with a small smile. He wondered how it would have if his parents were here. Would they be happy for him too? He shook all those depressing thoughts away as soon he saw Alexander walk towards the limousine. Jude gave his in-laws a tiny wave before quietly following his mate to the car. Alexander sighed as he flopped down on his seat. He threw his head back before he loosened his tie and unbuttoned a few buttons of his black shirt. Jude blushed as he looked away. Alexander looked really exhausted. It was natural for him to be exhausted because he had to greet almost every guest. Jude on the other hand didn't have to talk much since he didn't have many friends. Alexander sighed and looked at the omega playing with his shirt sleeve. He raked his fingers through his raven hair as his jaw tightened. "Jude," The alpha began making the omega immediately focus his doe eyes on him. "I have something to tell you…." Alexander rubbed his forehead while the omega listened attentively. " Don't freak out or cry," The alpha said and Jude felt his heartbeat increase. What's his mate saying? "I'm not interested in you." What?

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