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*Warning: The story contains mature content. So read at your own risk.*

First bully, then bodyguard, eventually secret lover, Leo Cohen had a different color of relationship with Zaiden West. All the relationship he had before with Zaiden was easy to handle but once he got into him, it didn't seem easy. After all, he was dating the famous handsome actor, and dating him could cause him everything. Will they be able to overcome the difficulties and get a happy ending?

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The faint sound of a ringtone resounded around the rumpled room. The first two ringtones were successfully ignored by Leo, but on the third ring, he got scolded by high pitch voice, “pick up that damn phone, Leo.” When he didn’t make any move, a loud slap landed on his back, “pick up your damn phone, Leo…” Flinching with the loud slap, Leo flipped to the other side, and with closed eyes, he struggled to reach out for the phone, but he was not able to find it. Abruptly, he got kicked out of the bed. “Eden, seriously?” getting up he roared in anger. Eden pulled his pillow and pressed it on her ear, retorting, “I told you to pick up your phone and let me sleep peacefully.” The phone which had stopped ringing a second began to roar again. He scanned around the room, the clothes scattered all around he was not able to trace the location of the ringing phone. After warily scanning around, he eventually found the phone. It was ringing beneath Eden’s underwear. Steepling the underwear in between his thumb and index finger, he peeled it off and picked up his cell phone. The second his eyes fell on the caller ID, he cursed out, “bloody hell.” Hastily he pressed the answer button then tucking it in between his cheeks and shoulder, he reached out for his boxer. “Hello!” “Are you always this careless or do I have to take it as you are not eligible enough for the job?” a cold voice sounded on the other side of the phone. “I… I am really sorry, Mr. Kai. I was in the shower and didn’t hear the phone ringing,” he lied pulling up his boxer from his feet and tucked it on his waist. “Are you sure you were in the washroom not in the bed?” Kai interrogated, growing suspicious. “Yes, trust me I was in the washroom.” He pulled away the curtains to let his messy room get some sunlight. “Shut that curtains, Bastard. Let me sleep,” Eden growled. Hastily pulling back the curtain, Leo made his way out of the room apologizing, “Sorry about my girlfriend.” Kai inhaled deeply. “I don’t think you can take the job. I better hang up.” “Mr. Kai, no, no, I will give my best. Please, forgive me… please,” he pleaded, dropping on the couch. “Okay, fine, let me ask you a simple question. If you were to choose between your girlfriend and the job, what would you choose?” Leo thought solemnly. He glanced at the room where his love was sleeping and then at the table which was filled with bills. He took one of the bills and took a glanced. “Time is ticking, you are taking this long.” “I will choose what is needed in this situation.” “What do you mean? You are provided two options, just choose one.” He inhaled deeply. “I need a job right now, so I will be choosing job over my girlfriend.” “Great, then be at the company sharp at ten,” Kai commanded before hanging up. Leo got on his feet in the excitement of getting the job, but as he turned towards his room, he was astounded seeing Eden walking out of the room, pulling up her pants and tucking them on her waist. She seemed like she was in a great hurry. “Woah! Slow down, beautiful...” Eden glanced at him with her wide eyes. “No words, Leo. From now on go and hug your job. Don’t come to me.” “What do you mean?” Leo scratched his head in confusion. “You choose your job over me, isn’t it? So what is there to be together? I am calling off this relation,” she announced in an angry tone. “Eden, baby no… You got it wrong.” He approached her and warped his hand around her, but she shoved him away. “Stay away from me.” “I said that just to get the job, Eden. Why don’t you understand? Look over the bills which I need to pay. I need the job, you know it very well…” “Cut the crap. I am leaving. Don't come chasing…” She grabbed her purse and made her way towards the door. She slammed the door behind her. Abesnlty Leo stared at the door unknown, whether to go after her or get ready for the work. He glanced at the wall clock to decide. It was already nine. “Okay, fine let me get a job first. Ninety-nine rose to coax her needs money after all,” he mumbled and marched to his room. Tall and brawny Leo Cohen was a handsome hunk looking like a male model. He had green eyes and a high forehead. But his handsome figure was not all enough to get him a job. After trying numerous jobs, going for more than five interviews, he was finally able to get a job as a bodyguard for a renowned entertainment company. But his bad luck, just on his first day he had to lose his girlfriend and he had no idea what he was going to lose after this.  “DESTINY ENTERTAINMENT” Leo looked up at the billboard plastered on the tall building. It had played a huge role from decads in taking many renowned celebrities to their destiny. Leo carried a big hope that it was going to take him to his destiny as well. “You are finally here.” Kai approached him. “Goodmorning, Mr. Kai!” He nodded. “Goodmorning, follow me. You will be selected by the male artist and if you don’t get selected by him, you will be sent to our female artist,” he announced. “What? Isn’t it lady’s first?” he questioned following him. Kai came to halt and turned towards him. “No, here who is on the trending list comes first.” “Oh!” he nodded his head absently. He was escorted to the waiting room, where another handsome man was already sitting. Leo walked and sat beside him. “Are you also here for the job?” he questioned.  The man turned to him and nodded. Leo extended his hand towards him. “Hi! I am Leo.” The man shook his hand replying, “Burno here.” After their short introduction, the room got quiet. They waited for a while, and in a while, a tall handsome man walked past the waiting room followed by Kai. Leo got up darting at the handsome face carefully. “Why… Why does this face look very familiar?” He thought to himself. High forehead, pink lips, fair and flawless skin, short hair, and blue almond eyes, the man was truly a masterpiece of the god. But he possessed a very cold and solemn face. He seemed to look like it would cost him a huge amount of cost just to smile once. He stood in front of them for a while. Carefully, he glanced at both candidates. Then he turned to Kai saying, “I don't want Leo.” “What? You know him?” Kai was astounded.  So was Leo. “Do I know you?” he questioned. The man turned back to him and gazing at him coldly, replied, “how can I forget you?” Leo gulped hard not getting what was going on. He was not even able to figure out who the person was. “Selection is done,” he said and turned to leave. “What? Are you not going to interview them?” Kai questioned. “No…” he replied shortly and walked away. Kai followed him behind in total astonishment. Leo leaned close to Burno and questioned, “Who… who is that guy?” Burno glanced back at him in shock. “You don’t know the Moon of Destiny Entertainment?” “What moon?” Leo scratched the corner of his forehead. “Yes, he is Zaiden Watson, the most famous artist in the whole entertainment industry. He holds the title “Moon of Destiny Entertainment.” “Really?” Leo raised his brows. Burno frowned. “Are you sure you are going to work for an entertainment company or you got here by mistake?” “I got here due to scarcity of money,” was what Leo wanted to reply but he chooses to stay quiet. “You don’t even know the simple things about the entertainment world. How the hell did you get through the interview?” Burno wondered stroking his imaginary beard. “They asked me about anything apart from the topic of entertainment,” he replied shortly. “God!” Burno frowned and left. Leo plunged back on the couch thinking deeply. “Who is this Zaiden? Seeing his coldness I feel like I have some unfinished business with him. How the hell does he know me?”

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