Princess Lorainne's Book 3: Third Player Husband (TAGALOG)

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Axel, the famously arrogant, selfish coffee owner, and womanizer football player meets the daring, sexy, and sophisticated type of woman who loves cooking named, Princess Lorainne.


Lorainne Gale J. Rashid-Al

Axel Mohammed Ayad

Rachel Khan

Alek Cayle Peter

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PRINCESS LORAINNE’S SERIES BOOK 3: The Princess’s Third Player Husband Axel, the famously arrogant, selfish coffee owner, and womanizer football player meets the daring, sexy, and sophisticated type of woman who likes cooking named, Princess Lorainne. Starring Lorainne Gale J. Rashid-Al Axel Mohammed Ayad Rachel Khan Alek Cayle Peter Princess’s “What is LOVE? Many people found it already and some don’t yet. My two marriages were kinda hard to forget and very painful whenever I remember them. It was not my dream to have that kind of marriage. I even had gone two marriages but yet, I’m incomplete. So, I can say that marriage is really a lifetime commitment, a relationship that takes two to tango. And not just one. Because if you think that you are just the one who is in a relationship and not the latter then, it is not a relationship, not also a commitment. But rather, a burden, a toy, a cover girl, and just a friend. Love takes one man and one woman who are both ready for commitment and relationship. And right now, I am not interested in any kind of relationship and commitment. I’ve had enough. I’ve been through a lot at this young age. I think it’s time for me to have my ‘me’ time. I will focus on myself rather than sulking all day long. Nothing will happen to me if I keep on thinking about the past. I should move forward and let the past be in the past. And at the same time, focus on my goal, to the things that matter most like my family, and myself. Because I think I am lost of loving myself which I should have. For now, I want to forget Chard or any bad memories I have. My past is hunting me down and there’s only one way to get out of it and that is to move forward and set a goal. And my goal now is to love myself, treat myself right like eating right food because I feel like I am getting fatter so, I will start exercising and eat more veggies than meat. I also need to protect myself from anyone, especially my heart dahil sobrang fragile nito. I should not let anyone in kung hindi ako lang. Not even my parents, Nanny Deli, my best friend Rachel or anyone. Yes, I like to hang out with them but I should set a boundary. Exposing too much is not quite good enough for me katulad na lang ng nangyari sa akin noon whereas Rachel betrayed me, sold me out that she also cheated on me by getting into my husband kahit na kasal kami. I still shouldn’t let my guard down. And now I won’t. Not anymore. One mistake is enough. I won’t let it make it two or it will be shame on me. However, ever since na humingi siya nang tawad sa akin after we fought wala naman na siya ginawang mali or kasalanan to make me regret my decision by forgiving her but still, ayaw ko magpakampante. Unless she do things na talagang magpapa-earn ng trust ko. Next, wala naman ako problema kay Nanny Deli dahil she’s a good friend of mine ever since na bata pa ako. She is taking good care of me and very concern to my well being lalo na kapag wala ang parents ko, she is all I have kapag may ginagawa sila so, I think she’s one reliable person I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Pero still, I cannot have her on my own dahil may pamilya rin siya sa Pilipinas. My parents and other people might not see the problem Nanny Deli is facing but I do. I heard her talking to the phone the other night and saying that she misses her family too and I couldn’t agree more because I am too with my parents because they are always out of town. And that’s why I negotiated with my parents that every Christmas and New Year, Nanny Deli should have her vacation to be with her family and to my surprise they agreed. So every Christmas season Nanny Deli left to be with her family. That is the least I could do for her and I am glad because I got to know her. She is like a second Mom to me and kahit na mahirap siya hindi ‘yun naging hadlang para gumawa siya nang mabuti sa akin o sa ibang tao. She work her arse off which I really admire and I hope she thinks the same thing about me. Maybe some day I will return the generous act she did to me in some ways. Talking about my parents anyways, they are always out and leaving so, we don’t have the best bonding. I and my younger brother too are not close because I barely see him ever since he started studying. We get to see each other every Christmas holiday and New Year but at the end of the day they always leave because they have to fix things as the ruler of the country. It’s their job and I can’t argue with that. And that’s why I don’t like to be the next ruler. I don’t like paper works, meeting and etc. Maybe my younger brother because he is a businessman. Dad actually molding him to be one which I cannot interfere because just like I said I don’t like to be one. I am fine to be as the Princess of Dubai and not the Queen of Dubai. I am fine to be as plain as my life. I will surely be a terrible Queen if I sit down the thrown. And that was the reason why I flew to the Philippines to experience the normal life which I really had. Over all, Philippines is a very beautiful country with their cultures, a lot of islands, languages and all. I like it, to be honest and if I will get to choose my life I would rather like to live in a normal life and not as royalty. Only if I could choose but unfortunately, I couldn’t.”

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